[Explained] Accepted At USPS Origin means?

Did you receive the Accepted At Usps Origin status while tracking? Not sure what it means? Don’t worry, here you’ll find all the details which you need to know about this tracking status, so make sure you read this post to the end.

USPS is one of the most popular postal service providers known for providing awesome customer service. Thousands of pieces of mail are shipped to them and get delivered. 

In some cases, when tracking, we see different tracking like this one; Which makes us wonder what it is? What does it mean?

Does the same thing happen to you? Please read this entire post to get all the information you need regarding Accepted At Usps Origin. Here we go.

Accepted At USPS Origin means

What is USPS Origin Facility?

A mail piece originates at the post office, from which it is introduced into the mail processing stream. Lastly, they will print a barcode at the bottom of the letter that will allow it to move to its destination.

After completing all the processes, the package will be sent to a sorting facility where they will decide the route, and at that point, it will begin its journey. The USPS origin facility is the place where all the procedures get completed, and the package starts its journey.

What does Accepted At Usps Origin means?

Whenever you see Accepted At Usps Origin on a tracking page, that means that USPS has accepted the package/parcel from the sender and has taken it to the USPS origin facility. As soon as all the procedures have been completed, the package’s tracking status will get updated.

Please update the tracking page after a while to get an idea of where and when the package has arrived.

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Final thought

With this knowledge, you now understand the Accepted At USPS Origin Facility means and tracking status in detail. If you have any questions regarding the package/mailbox, contact customer support.

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