Amazon’s Acquisition of Ring – All You Need To Know

Amazon has expanded its brand line-up by acquiring several companies over time. Audible, Book Depository and other businesses have been added to the mix. These acquisitions demonstrate Amazon’s commitment to growth through diversification.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring has left some customers wondering if they are now the sole owners. To clarify this matter I have conducted extensive research and gathered valuable information that will help answer your query. Keep reading to find out more!

Does Ring Belong to Amazon?

Amazon acquired Ring in 2018 and has since been the parent company of this security system provider. The acquisition cost between $1.2 billion – $1.8 billion but Amazon saw great potential in integrating it into their lineup of innovative technologies. Today customers can easily install these devices within their homes while receiving efficient assistance from Amazon’s team. With such an advanced level of protection at hand homeowners feel more secure than ever before!

Interested in learning more about why Amazon acquired Ring? Curious as to who originally owned the company or have other frequently asked questions regarding the Amazon Ring? Keep reading this article for valuable insights and information!

Amazon’s Acquisition of Ring – The Facts

Amazon did not create the Ring brand; instead it was developed by Jamie Siminoff who invented Doorbot which later became known as Ring. This device has since become a popular choice for home security systems across America and beyond. Its success is largely due to its innovative features that make monitoring your home’s entrance easy and convenient. With Amazon’s acquisition of this product line they have continued to improve upon what made it so successful in the first place – simplicity, affordability, and reliability.

Jamie Siminoffs appearance on Shark Tank didn’t go as planned when he rejected an investment offer for his product The Doorbot. However this setback did not deter him from pursuing success with Ring – a rebranded version of the original concept that has since become widely recognized in households across America today. With determination and resilience at its core, Jamie’s journey serves as inspiration to anyone seeking their own path towards entrepreneurship.

In 2018 Amazon acquired Ring as its parent company and now owns all products and services under the brand name including doorbell systems, Always Home Camera devices along with other creations by Ring. This acquisition has allowed for greater integration between these technologies resulting in improved functionality for users. With this merger comes a new era of innovation within home security technology that promises to revolutionize how we keep our homes safe from harm.

The History of Ring

The Ring security system was first introduced to the public as Doorbot in 2013. The innovative product received funding through Christie Street and raised an impressive $364,000 USD from supporters. This initial success paved the way for its eventual evolution into what we know today – a popular home security solution that keeps families safe while providing peace of mind.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring came after the company had already raised over $200 million in investments and was estimated to be worth between $1.2 billion – $1.8 billion by 2018. This successful venture highlighted Rings potential as a leading player within its industry. The deal cemented Amazon’s position as an innovative tech giant with unparalleled reach across various markets worldwide.

Amazon’s Acquisition of Ring – The Reasoning

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring was driven by their desire to bolster both sales in the technology category and establish a stronger foothold within the smart home business market. The move is expected to bring significant growth opportunities for Amazon as they continue expanding into new areas.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring was a strategic move to enhance the capabilities of Amazon Key, which lacked audio and voice recognition software. By integrating these features into their security system they aim to provide customers with an even more comprehensive solution for home protection.

Amazon has enabled customers to use their Alexa/ Echo voice assistant in conjunction with the Amazon Ring security system. This allows for easy access through voice commands without needing any additional devices or apps. The convenience and ease of use make this a popular choice among homeowners looking for added protection.

Amazon has made a strategic move by acquiring Ring – an innovative company that offers both camera and audio equipment. The integration of these features into their security system will provide additional protection for customers who use Amazon’s products. This acquisition demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing top notch services while staying ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring was not only about expanding their smart home technology offerings but also boosting sales in the tech department on This strategic move demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to providing customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. With more options and innovative products available than ever before shoppers can rest assured that they are getting top quality items at competitive prices when purchasing through this trusted e-commerce giant.

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring was driven by a desire to enhance both their e-commerce sales and reputation as a trusted provider of home security solutions. This strategic move has positioned the company at the forefront of innovation in this space. With its unparalleled expertise Amazon is poised for continued growth and success.

The Functions of the Amazon Ring

The Amazon Ring is a cutting edge home security system that utilizes an innovative doorbell. With this device installed in your abode you can rest easy knowing that both motion sensors and cameras are working tirelessly to keep watch over things while keeping intruders at bay. The convenience of having everything integrated into one streamlined unit makes it simple for anyone to set up quickly without sacrificing any functionality or effectiveness. Its the perfect solution for those who want peace of mind when they’re away from their homes but don’t have time for complicated installation processes.

Customers who install the Ring will benefit from constant monitoring of their homes with real time alerts for any approaching individuals. This feature ensures that they are always aware of visitors before receiving a doorbell push or knock on the door. With this technology at hand homeowners can feel more secure and confident in their safety measures.

The Ring doorbell is designed to be connected with a customer’s WiFi network for optimal functionality. This enables the device to transmit real time video footage and other important details directly into the Ring app. With this innovative technology users can stay informed about their home’s security status from anywhere they have internet access.

Customers can now receive security footage of their front door area from anywhere as long as they have access to an internet connection. This feature provides added convenience and peace of mind for those who want constant surveillance on their property. With this technology at hand homeowners no longer need worry about missing important moments or events that occur outside their homes while away. The ability to monitor activity in real time allows them greater control over what happens within the vicinity of their residence.

Amazon Ring Installation

Amazon has made it even easier for customers to get their hands on the Ring by offering installation services through Amazon Home Services. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing your new security system is installed correctly and working properly from day one. Don’t miss out on this convenient option!

Customers who wish to have Ring installed must schedule an appointment with Amazon Home Services through This allows them the flexibility of choosing a time that fits their personal timetable.

Customers can choose to install Amazon Ring themselves by following the instructions provided on its Help Center page. This gives them greater control over their security system while still receiving support from experts if needed.

The Pros and Cons of the Amazon Ring

Amazon Ring has received positive reviews for its versatile security camera options, user friendly installation process and cost effective pricing structure. The initial purchase of the device is competitively priced while regular monitoring fees are kept low making it an attractive choice for homeowners looking to secure their homes without breaking the bank.

Customers have observed that while they can monitor their Ring system at any time through the app, it is not always dependable when alerting them to an approaching figure on their property. This has been noted as a potential drawback of using this type of security measure.

Customers who neglect monitoring their cameras may not always be alerted to someone approaching their door. This oversight could potentially increase the likelihood of attempted break ins at home. Therefore it is crucial for customers to stay vigilant and monitor their security systems regularly.

While the Ring may not always be able to provide quick alerts, its security system is generally trusted for preventing intruders from entering homes. Customers should keep this in mind when considering their options.

The Success of the Amazon Ring

Amazon’s acquisition of Ring has led to significant success for the company. The Amazon Ring is now a popular choice among consumers due to its innovative features and reliability. Its no surprise that this product continues to gain traction in todays competitive marketplace.

The Ring has experienced remarkable growth since being acquired by Amazon. With its compatibility with Alexa and increased accessibility to consumers it generated over $5 million in sales beforehand but now boasts even greater successes. This expansion is a testament to the brands ability to adapt and thrive within an ever changing marketplace.

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