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Best Buy is a household name when it comes to electronics stores with an impressive revenue of $47 billion in 2020. However, do you know which other companies are vying for market share? Take some time to learn about the competitors who pose a threat to Best Buys dominance within this industry.

Are you searching for an alternative to Best Buy? Look no further! I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 23 stores that are worth considering. including their features and benefits. Keep reading to discover all about them!

Best Buy faces stiff competition from Walmart, Amazon, Target, Costco and Office Depot as well as Sam’s Club. However wholesale retail stores pose a significant threat due to their ability to purchase goods at reduced rates which allows them to offer lower prices than Best Buys regular pricing structure. Nonetheless Amazon remains an unparalleled competitor with its global reach that surpasses even what other companies like Best Buy can achieve.

Curious about which other stores are competing with Best Buy and how they compare in terms of revenue? Look no further! We’ve got all the impressive details you need to know.


Walmart poses a significant challenge to Best Buy as it offers an extensive range of electronic items such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers.

Walmart sells appliances comparable to Best Buy but the latter has a much larger selection of electronics and appliances.

Walmart’s revenue for 2020 was an impressive $559 billion with over 11,000 stores located across more than two dozen countries! This makes it one of the largest retailers in existence today. With such extensive reach and resources at their disposal Walmart is truly a force to be reckoned with within the industry.

Walmart is not only the largest retail store but also one of the most recognized companies in existence. Its name carries significant weight and influence across various industries worldwide.


Target is a formidable competitor to Best Buy as it offers electronics and appliances at lower prices. This makes Target an attractive option for those looking for value without compromising on quality.

Target’s revenue in 2020 surpassed $93 billion thanks to its extensive network of over 1,800 stores worldwide and an online e-commerce website that allows customers from anywhere on the globe access. This has made Target a global powerhouse when it comes to retail shopping experiences!

Target and Best Buy both carry a wide range of electronic products and appliances but if you’re looking for better deals than Target is the way to go. They offer more savings than their competitor which means customers can get even greater value out of their purchases. Don’t miss out on these opportunities – shop at Target today!


Amazon is undou a major player in the e-commerce industry and has become one of Best Buys primary competitors. With its extensive product range and unparalleled customer service Amazon poses an ongoing challenge for other companies operating within this space.

Amazon offers a diverse range of electronics including their own lineup. This means that you can find incredible deals on all your tech needs! Don’t miss out on these great savings by shopping at Amazon today.

Amazon has established itself as the go to online retail platform for all consumer needs with its net income reaching $21.33 billion in 2020 alone. This achievement solidifies their position atop the e-commerce industry and demonstrates why they remain a top choice among shoppers worldwide.


Competing against Best Buy can be challenging for any retailer but Costco has found a way to do so successfully. With their extensive selection of household appliances and electronic items at affordable prices they’ve become an attractive option for many shoppers looking for value without sacrificing quality or variety.

Costco’s revenue for 2020 was a staggering $163.22 billion thanks to its ability to attract members through both physical warehouses and e-commerce platforms. The company has successfully managed this feat by providing an unparalleled shopping experience that keeps customers coming back time after time. With such impressive numbers it is clear why Costco’s membership model continues to be so successful today.

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Office Depot

If you’re looking for office supplies, Office Depot is the place to go. But did you know that they also compete with Best Buy in terms of electronics? So if its tech gadgets or home appliances you need, don’t forget about this retailer!

In 2020 Office Depot generated a revenue of .7 billion from its extensive network comprising over 1,400 stores worldwide. This achievement is testament to the company’s unwavering commitment towards delivering exceptional services and products globally. With this success under their belt they continue on their mission to empower businesses with innovative solutions that drive growth and productivity.


Staples is a well known household name when it comes to electronics and office supplies. With over 1,067 stores located throughout the United States they have proven themselves as a reliable consumer electronics company that people can trust. Their reputation speaks for itself!

Staples boasts over 330 stores in Canada and four locations under the name OceanOB2B in Brazil. This impressive reach allows them to serve customers across multiple regions with ease.

Staples revenue in 2020 was .6 billion which puts it on par with Best Buy as a competitor. However its popularity and profitability remain far behind that of the latter company.


As one of the world’s most popular online e-commerce auction websites eBay is a go to destination for those seeking cutting edge tech gadgets and other electronic items. With frequent updates on new products its easy to find what you need quickly and efficiently through this trusted platform. Whether you’re looking for something specific or browsing general categories there’s always something exciting waiting at eBay!

In response to eBays dominance in the electronics market Best Buy has taken an unexpected step by launching its own store on the platform. This move highlights just how significant a threat eBay poses for traditional retailers like Best Buy who are struggling to keep up with changing consumer habits and preferences.

While eBay offers a vast selection of products at competitive prices, it is important to note that as an auction website you may end up paying more than what you would typically find elsewhere. So before making any purchases on this platform make sure to do your research and compare costs with other retailers like Best Buy or similar stores. This will help ensure that you get the best value for your money without breaking the bank!

 Ingram Micro 

Ingram Micro is widely recognized as a leading wholesaler of tech products. Their reputation precedes them in the industry and they continue to be one of the most trusted names when it comes to sourcing high quality technology solutions for businesses worldwide.

Ingram Micro has a global presence with locations in the United States, South America, Asia and Europe.

Ingram Micro has over 120 warehouses that sell and ship their products globally making it a formidable competitor to Best Buy for all kinds of tech items. With such extensive reach across multiple markets Ingram Micros presence is felt far beyond just one location or region. Its clear why they are seen as an industry leader in this space!

Ingram Micro’s 2020 revenue was .1 billion and they consistently maintain an inventory of over 114,000 items available for sale to customers. This impressive feat demonstrates their commitment towards providing exceptional service while staying competitive in the marketplace. With such a vast selection at hand Ingram Micro is sure to meet all your shopping needs!

 Alibaba (China)

Alibaba is a well known Chinese company that operates one of the largest e commerce websites worldwide. Recently they opened up their platform to allow American suppliers access as well. This move has expanded opportunities for both parties involved in this partnership.

Alibaba’s decision to open up its market has led it into direct competition with Best Buy for tech products. This move brings about new challenges and opportunities as both companies strive towards dominance in this highly competitive industry.

Alibaba has seen tremendous growth in recent years with a revenue exceeding $109 billion and availability across over 200 countries worldwide. This success story is one that continues to inspire entrepreneurs around the globe!

Radio Shack

Although Radio Shack has experienced a decline in size over time it still maintains an impressive number of stores – approximately 500. This makes them direct competitors with Best Buy and ensures that they remain relevant within the marketplace. With such stiff competition between these two companies, customers can expect to find high quality products at reasonable prices when shopping for electronics or other items sold by both retailers.

Radio Shack has expanded its inventory to include a variety of electronic products such as laptops, cameras, smartphones and desktops in order to compete with Best Buy. With this move they aim at providing customers with an extensive range of options for their tech needs.

Radio Shack’s revenue in 2020 reached $20 million, representing a significant increase compared to the previous year. This achievement is noteworthy given the challenging economic conditions faced by many businesses during this time period. It demonstrates Radio Shacks resilience and ability to adapt quickly amidst changing circumstances. The company should be commended for their efforts towards maintaining financial stability despite difficult market conditions.


Dell has established itself as a leader in the consumer electronics market by offering an extensive range of products including computers, electronic items and other goods across over 800 countries worldwide. With its commitment to excellence Dells reputation continues to grow globally.

Dell has established itself as a major player in the cloud storage and systems market with an impressive revenue of $92.15 billion in 2020. This achievement cements their position among leading vendors within this industry segment. With such successes under its belt Dells future prospects look bright indeed!

Apple Store

Apple is a major player in the consumer electronics industry and currently holds fourth place among retailers. Best Buy leads this market segment by some margin which makes it an important competitor for Apple to consider when developing its strategies. The two companies are closely matched with regards to their offerings and customer base – making them direct rivals.

Apple took a bold step by opening Apple Stores to sell their products directly instead of relying on retailers like Best Buy or Walmart. This move allowed them greater control over the customer experience and helped establish brand loyalty among consumers. It was an innovative approach that paid off in spades for Apples bottom line.

Although Apple has expanded its footprint with 272 stores across America and Canada, it remains a formidable competitor for Best Buy. With such extensive reach into the marketplace both companies are vying to capture consumer attention through innovative product offerings and exceptional customer service experiences. The battle between these two giants is sure to continue as they strive towards dominance in this highly lucrative industry!


While Best Buy is known for its extensive selection of electronic items and appliances Kohl’s should not be overlooked as a competitor. With similar product offerings both companies are vying for market share in this space. Consumers have options when it comes to where they shop – so which one will come out on top? Only time will tell!

Kohl’s boasts an impressive revenue of $15.03 billion in 2020 and operates over 1,100 stores across the country. This makes them a formidable player within their industry. With such extensive reach it is no wonder why they continue to be successful year after year.

Kohl’s is a great place to shop for electronic items like headphones because they frequently offer significant discounts through their sales. These deals make it more affordable than shopping at Best Buy and allow customers to save money while still getting high quality products. If you are looking for value without sacrificing on quality then Kohl’s should be your go-to store!

Game Shop 

GameStop was once a prominent player in the video game market known for its consumer electronics offerings. However, over time it has experienced significant decline.

Despite facing competition from online retailers GameStop remains a popular destination for gamers looking to purchase video gaming consoles and games. With over 4,800 stores worldwide its clear why so many people continue to choose this trusted brand above all others.

GameStop’s revenue for 2020 was $6.466 billion, which is lower than what they used to earn annually but still allows them to compete with Best Buy in the marketplace. Despite this decrease GameStop remains a formidable player within their industry. Their ability to adapt and thrive during challenging times demonstrates their resilience as an organization. With continued effort towards innovation and growth strategies that align with changing consumer needs GameStop will continue to be successful moving forward into the future.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a formidable competitor for Best Buy due to its vast selection of electronic items and household appliances. Its similarities with Costco make it an effective alternative option for customers seeking affordability without compromising on quality or variety. With both companies vying for market share in this space, only time will tell who emerges victorious as the go-to retailer for all things tech related!

For those looking for significant savings on their purchases, Sam’s Club is an excellent option. However keep in mind that you must be a member to shop at this wholesale store. Don’t miss out on these great deals!

Walmart owns Sam’s Club which generated a revenue of 3 billion in the year 2020. This highlights its significant presence within the retail industry.

With over 600 locations in the United States alone and additional stores scattered across China and Mexico it has a notable international presence. Its clear that this company is committed to serving customers around the world.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a members only establishment that offers an extensive range of tech and electronic items comparable to Best Buy. Its similarities with Sam’s Club and Costco make it a formidable competitor in the marketplace. With its vast selection, BJs Wholesale Club has become one of the most sought after shopping destinations for electronics enthusiasts looking for great deals on high quality products.

BJ’s Wholesale has a strong presence in the United States with over 229 locations generating revenue of $13.191 billion last year alone. This impressive figure highlights their success and continued growth within this competitive industry. As they continue to expand across America we can expect even greater things from them in years ahead!


Lowe’s is a formidable competitor for Best Buy due to its extensive selection of household appliances available in over 2,200 stores across the United States. With such vast reach and offerings Lowe’s poses as an unparalleled threat within this industry. It remains essential that both companies continue innovating their products while maintaining high quality standards if they wish to remain relevant among consumers who demand nothing less than excellence from these brands.

Lowe’s impressive revenue of $72.148 billion in 2020 places it as the second largest home improvement retailer. This achievement demonstrates their continued success and growth within this competitive industry. With such notable figures Lowe’s remains a top choice for customers seeking quality products at affordable prices.

Lower’s has established itself as a household name with over 18 million customers per week in both the United States and Canada. Its presence extends beyond borders thanks to its multiple locations across North America. This speaks volumes about Lower’s commitment towards providing quality products that resonate with consumers worldwide. With such impressive figures, it comes as no surprise why people keep coming back for more!


Newegg is a leading online electronics store with customers all over the world. The website offers an extensive range of products that cater to various needs and preferences. From laptops to smartphones, Neweggs got it covered!

While it does compete with Best Buy in the electronics market head on, this company has proven itself as a formidable contender.

Neweggs online presence allows it to reach a broader audience and offer greater convenience than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This makes shopping with Newegg an attractive option for many consumers who prefer the ease of browsing from home or work.

Newegg is a one stop shop for all your electronic needs. From household gadgets to smart home devices and laptops/tablets/computers/parts – they have it all! Don’t waste time searching elsewhere when you can find everything under one roof at Neweggs online storefront.

Newegg has established itself as a prominent player in the technology and electronics market with an impressive revenue of around $2 billion in 2020. Its growing popularity among consumers worldwide is testament to its affordability and commitment towards providing high quality products at competitive prices. If you’re looking for tech or electronic items on a budget – look no further than Newegg!

MediaMarkt (Germany)

MediaMarkt is a formidable opponent for Best Buy in Germany but its reach extends beyond the country thanks to its strong presence on e-commerce platforms. With an extensive product range and competitive pricing strategy this retailer has become a popular choice among consumers worldwide.

Mediamarkt is a one stop shop for all your electronic needs. From video game systems to coffee machines and household appliances they have it all! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find everything you need in one place.

MediaMarkt has continued to thrive despite the challenges posed by COVID 19. With a revenue of over $750 million in 2020 it remains one of the largest e-commerce businesses around today. Its success is testament to its resilience and adaptability during these turbulent times.

AliExpress – A Chinese Based Company

AliExpress is a China based e-commerce website that offers customers worldwide the opportunity to purchase items from its vast selection. With this platform you can access products from all over the globe with ease and convenience. So why wait? Start shopping today!

Similar to eBay, this platform enables businesses from all over the world to list their products for sale. With thousands of electronic items available on site shoppers have endless options at their fingertips.

Alibaba Group has made it possible for customers to purchase appliances through their website. With such a vast selection available this is an excellent option for anyone looking for high quality products at competitive prices. Don’t miss out on what could be your next favorite gadget!


Although Sears may not have as many stores across America compared to its heyday, it remains a formidable opponent for Best Buy when it comes to electronics and appliances.

Despite having only 32 stores left Sears still managed to generate an impressive .26 billion in revenue for the year of 2020. This achievement is truly remarkable considering how much competition there now exists within today’s retail industry.

Overstock is a popular e-commerce website that offers an extensive range of products at discounted prices. As such it poses as direct competition to Best Buy in the electronics and tech market.

Overstock’s revenue in 2020 was an impressive $1.1 billion despite not investing heavily into advertising or marketing efforts. This achievement highlights the power of offering quality discounted products and services through a straightforward online platform. It goes to show that sometimes simplicity is key when it comes to success!

Mini in the Box

Mini in the Box buys products from Chinese wholesalers and then sells them to consumers at a discounted rate. This makes it an alternative option for shoppers who want affordable items without compromising on quality – much like Best Buy does with its own offerings.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of products at competitive prices then look no further than this wholesale supplier. They offer everything from electronics and gaming consoles to tablets and smartphones – all at an affordable cost!

Mini in the Box has expanded its reach to over 50 countries and offers language support on their website for global consumers. This allows them to engage with customers from all around the world. With this approach they are able to make shopping more accessible than ever before!

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