Checking the Balance on a Target Gift Card Made Easy

You stumble upon a Target gift card in your wallet but how do you determine its value? Don’t fret – even if the amount isn’t displayed on it directly there are ways to quickly access this information. In just seconds flat! Keep reading for an easy method that will allow you to see what remains available on your Target gift card before making any purchases at their storefronts.

Important Facts To Know

Don’t let uncertainty about your gift card balance ruin the joy of shopping at Target. Visit and enter in both your card number and access code to get an accurate reading on how much you have left to spend!

Access your Target account and navigate to “Gift cards” for an up-to-date view of the balances on all saved gift cards. This feature is user friendly and allows you to keep track of funds effortlessly.

Curious about your gift card balance? Call 1-800-544-2943 and provide the necessary information such as your card number and access code for an update on both recent transactions and current funds available. With this quick phone call you’ll have all the answers at hand!

If you’re unsure about the balance on your Target gift card ask an employee at one of their stores to perform a scan using a cash register. This quick and easy process will provide accurate information in no time!


Head over to Targets gift card balance page for more information.

Head over to and log in with your Target account details if you have one already set up. Otherwise creating a new profile is necessary before proceeding further for checking the balance on gift cards issued by this retail giant.

To create your Target Account simply click on “Create Your Target Account” and provide the necessary information such as name, email address and password. This will complete the process of creating an account with ease!

To access your account, simply input the card number and corresponding access code into their respective boxes.

This will grant you entry to all available features within the system. Remember not to share this information with anyone else for security purposes.

To activate your gift card you’ll need to locate the 15 digit number and eight digit access code printed on its reverse side. Type these values into their respective boxes using dashes where necessary for accuracy. Activating your card is simple when following this straightforward process!

To reveal the card and access numbers, simply remove any gray strip by gently scratching it off with a coin. This straightforward process ensures that you can quickly gain access to what you need without delay or difficulty.

Gift card holders can easily check their balance by clicking on “Check Balance.” This feature displays the amount available for use.

Before finalizing your transaction double-check that the numbers are accurate. Once you’ve clicked through to the next page, the site will display any remaining balance on your card. Don’t forget this important step!

To avoid overspending on your credit card its important to keep track of how much you have left. Write down the balance on the back of your card so that it stays fresh in mind and helps prevent unnecessary expenses.

If you encounter an error or message stating “Scopes don’t match” double check that all numbers were entered correctly. If this issue persists try verifying your balance through phone or in person channels for accuracy.

To check the balance of saved gift cards in your account settings, simply navigate to your account settings. This will provide you with an up-to-date view on how much credit remains available for future purchases.

To access your Target gift cards, simply log in and click on the icon next to “Your Name” located atop right corner of screen. From there select “Gift Cards” from left side menu options; this will display all saved cards along with their current balances for easy reference.

For those who prefer online shopping adding a gift card to your account is easy. Simply click “Save a new gift card” and you’re good to go!

By Phone

To access the gift card support line dial 1-800-544-2943 at any time of day or night.

This automated system allows you to check your cards balance with ease and convenience. With its availability around the clock there’s no need for delay when it comes to managing your finances effectively. Don’t hesitate – call today!

For an easy way to check your gift card balance simply press “1”.

When the automated voice presents options, choose the first one to receive information about your gift cards remaining balance and last five transactions. This feature is an excellent way of keeping track of spending on a particular card.

If you encounter difficulties with your gift card such as loss or theft wait patiently for alternative solutions. Don’t rush into making any hasty decisions without considering all available options first. Take a deep breath and listen carefully to what is being presented before taking action. Remember that patience pays off in situations like these where careful consideration can lead to positive outcomes.

Input the 15-digit card number.

To locate the number starting with “04” on your card, turn it over and examine its backside. Once you’ve found this digit string use your keypad to input each character carefully until all digits have been entered correctly. Don’t forget to press the pound sign (#) when finished entering in your card number.

Discover the gift card number by removing the gray strip on its reverse side.

Enter your gift card’s access number to receive an audible update on its balance.

To access the funds on your gift card simply locate its 8 digit access number situated beneath its respective serial code. Once found enter this figure when prompted and confirm with a press of “#”. The automated voice will then inform you about any remaining balance left over for use. It couldn’t be easier! So go ahead – start spending today!

To avoid losing track of your gift card balance, make sure to jot down the amount as soon as you hear it. This will help ensure that you don’t overspend or underutilize this valuable resource. Keeping a record is key for responsible financial management and can prevent unpleasant surprises later on. Remember: knowledge is power!

If you’re curious about the most recent transactions on your gift card or need a reminder of its balance stay connected with us. We can provide both services in one call. Simply let us know what information you require and we will be happy to assist!


If you encounter technical difficulties while checking your Target store balance visit a physical location for assistance.

When encountering an “Scopes don’t match” error online or struggling with phone line issues regarding your gift card balance, seek out assistance from a cashier or service desk representative. They will conduct a scan of the remaining funds on hand and provide you with accurate information about how much money is left for spending purposes. This straightforward approach ensures that no time is wasted in determining what purchases can be made using this form of payment method.

If you encounter any issues while redeeming your card, don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply dial 1-800-544-2943 for assistance. We are here to help!

If you’re encountering issues with your credit card not recognizing its balance for purchases despite knowing it has one dial the support line immediately. The menu options presented will guide you towards selecting what best suits your situation so that a representative can assist in resolving any problems encountered quickly and efficiently. With their expertise they are equipped to provide effective solutions tailored specifically for each individual case at hand. Don’t hesitate – call now!

When contacting a representative, its important to have your card number and access code at hand. You may need to provide this information or recite it over the phone. Be sure not to forget these details as they are essential for accessing certain services or accounts.

If you have the original receipt, consider replacing your gift card.

This could be a wise move to ensure that everything remains in order and accounted for. Don’t hesitate – take action today!

Losing a gift card can be frustrating but fortunately Target has you covered. If your card is lost or not scanning properly simply bring it along with its original receipt to any nearby store for assistance. They may have the ability to replace the access number and issue a new card on site if necessary. However in case this isn’t possible contacting 1-800-544-2943 directly will allow them assist further by requesting replacements promptly . Don’t let losing track of something valuable get in between enjoying what matters most – shopping at Target!

If your gift card was partially used the replacement will have any remaining balance. This means that you can still use what’s left on it after someone else has made a purchase with it beforehand.

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