Customs Status Updated DHL – What To Do Guide

Did you receive a message “Customs Status Updated” from DHL? Are you confused? Don’t be stressed. 

Customs clearance is one of the main obstacles to international transportation. If your cargo is controlled improperly, you can end up paying additional fees, or your package may be delayed at customs, delaying delivery. 

Since DHL is a large international carrier that handles millions of packages daily, they have found out how to make these requirements simple. 

The DHL customs staff are well-versed in all the many rules you can encounter and can provide a wealth of advice to make this tedious procedure easier.

This article will clear all your queries. So continue reading this post. 

Customs Status Updated Dhl

What does Customs Status Updated mean?

Customers of DHL are informed that their item is undergoing customs clearance via the Customs Status Updated message. This may occur when the shipment departs the home nation or arrives at the target country. 

This might happen for a variety of reasons. However, they are all related to unforeseen setbacks. Customs may take longer than anticipated to examine your box and clear it for the next stage of its journey.

In what way does custom inspect?

The responsible customs office receives and pre-inspects the customs declaration. The products won’t be approved for clearance if there is any basis for a complaint.

As soon as the shipment is submitted and the declaration is approved, the data’s integrity is confirmed, and the products are eligible for a customs check. The customs certificate is given out when the inspection is complete.

When everything is said and done, the items are given to the declarant and are free to be imported or exported and depart the Customs Union. If there are any applicable customs duties, they must be paid before the items may be released.

The kind and quantity of the package and the working time of the customs department determine how long a customs clearance requires. By assuring the declaration is precise and genuine, you may help to accelerate the process.

Does DHL Charge Customs Fees?

DHL will charge you for customs clearance. However, certain factors will determine how big those fees are. You must first speak with the carrier to determine how DHL defines tariffs and shipment taxes. 

Most of the time, this will depend on pre-set government tariffs for the specific goods you’re sending.  Extra charges can be incurred if you want DHL to pay customs in your favor.

What Documents Do I Need?

Customs documentation of some sort is required for all foreign exports. Some of it will be pretty simple, but you may need to deal with more comprehensive documentation for significant, high-value, or commercial shipping. 

You must first confirm that you are using official DHL papers. Use the right international commerce terminology or trademarks while trading or exporting products. 

Completely and precisely provide the sender’s details. Subsequently, give the receiver all the relevant data. The waybill should be filled out and printed. 

The pertinent shipping details, such as the number of items and the weight of the cargo, must then be provided. A thorough and comprehensive overview of the products is also required.

Once that is done, insert the relevant product codes.  Once that is done, input the shipment’s overall value. You must also give a justification for the export. Last but not least, make a full declaration by signing it and including the date.


DHL’s extensive array of customs brokerage services guarantees that shipments will traverse borders without difficulty or delay.

It typically takes 3 to 5 business days. The shipment of goods to customs will be delayed, however, for the reasons listed below.

Customs releases the consignment and allows it to proceed to its final destination when any unpaid taxes and tariffs are paid. A shipment may pass over the border while being kept “in bond” in a warehouse run by some transportation firms until it is cleared.

Normal customs clearance takes less than 24 hours. However, occasionally, package inspection might drag on for days or even weeks.

Since U.S. Customs lacks the capability to track shipments, you must use the courier service you are using to receive or send the package to track it. On their websites, most couriers offer a tracking option so you may follow your item. Utilize the tracking number you were given when you sent the package.


Several processes are involved in customs clearance, and many formal requirements must be fulfilled throughout. It’s critical to be knowledgeable about adhering to all conditions and avoiding penalties altogether. 

You have learned the ins and outs of customs procedures if you ship cargo to several places worldwide. 

You could have to pay additional taxes or have your packages detained at customs if you aren’t doing it correctly.

With its broad selection of specialized services, DHL Customs can significantly reduce the burden associated with this procedure. I sincerely hope you found this helpful information. 

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