Does FedEx Deliver To Po Boxes – Explained

Products and services are delivered through FedEx within the US and abroad. Nevertheless, FedEx PO box shipping clients frequently misunderstand what the shipping offerings entail and its restrictions and guidelines. 

Direct US Post Office hosting of PO boxes results in quicker delivery times than those for direct mail.

The benefits of FedEx delivery to PO boxes for individuals and businesses are numerous. The topic and issue of whether FedEx can deliver to a PO Box will thus be covered in today’s post. 

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Does FedEx Deliver To Po Boxes

Does FedEx Offer PO Box Delivery?

FedEx is usually not allowed to ship to PO boxes since they are USPS features, although there are exceptions. With its FedEx SmartPost delivery choice, FedEx can deliver to a Post Office box.

This specific service uses USPS for the last step in the shipping procedure. FedEx SmartPost can deliver packages to PO boxes anywhere in the USA and all US territories and military DPO, FPO, and APO addresses.

How does FedEx SmartPost work?

FedEx SmartPost is a cost-effective and effective way to deliver small packages throughout the United States, including its territories.

Before transferring any parcels to USPS for final delivery to your customer’s PO box location, FedEx SmartPost handles the initial step of transportation. This shipping option has no additional fees for Saturday or private deliveries.

Particularly for eCommerce SMBs (small and midsized businesses)  trying to reduce shipping costs and turnaround times for small items, FedEx SmartPost is an excellent solution.

Nevertheless, a few prerequisites exist before you start shipping using FedEx SmartPost. For instance, before delivering your items using FedEx’s SmartPost service, you and the seller must sign an agreement.

Determine Which Services to Use for FedEx PO Box Shipping

You should constantly explore shipping choices that optimize cost savings and shorten delivery times if you are an eCommerce business owner with a growth mindset. These and more are available through this FedEx PO box delivery service.

FedEx SmartPost provides a cost-effective and trustworthy solution to mail small packages to clients who have PO boxes by utilizing USPS for last-mile delivery to locations across the U.S., including PO boxes.

What Takes Place When a FedEx Package Is Sent to a PO Box?

While attempting to deliver a FedEx box to a PO box, you typically get an error notification when completing the mailing label online. Most of the time, this stops mail packages from being delivered to PO boxes.

The shipment can still be delivered even if the recipient does not get an error notification and is addressed to a PO box. A USPS representative will instead handle the last stage of the delivery because FedEx will use its Ground Economy service. It’s also crucial to remember that this information only relates to domestic PO boxes.

FedEx adheres to several limitations while delivering to PO boxes.

  • They don’t pick up packages sent from beyond the contiguous United States.
  • FedEx does not promise money-back options.
  • They don’t offer shipments in the evening.
  • No money should be collected following delivery.
  • They don’t transport dangerous products.
  • FedEx does not offer such features as proof of delivery signatures.

Receive the appropriate PO Boxes FedEx

It would help if you always searched for efficient and affordable offerings as an online retailer. All of your demands will be met and more with FedEx delivery services. It is cost-effective and dependable to deliver tiny packages to potential clients. FedEx has quick access to several shipping options.

Some people may not get to use FedEx PO box delivery. This service isn’t for you if you’re hoping to get anything delivered quickly. This might be a less expensive option for businesses that want to ship many goods to customers. 

Do not hesitate to inquire about PO Box delivery options at the FedEx location closest to you.

Receiving FedEx deliveries at a virtual address

Many individuals are now using virtual addresses to get their mail and parcels. Real street addresses are virtual addresses, where all correspondence is gathered before being processed and transferred to your electronic mailbox address.

There will be a scan of the outside of every package or mail addressed to you. You can obtain that file from any computer or phone because it has been uploaded to your account. US Global Mail can open and scan an envelope for you.

FedEx makes deliveries to a PO Box in certain circumstances

FedEx can occasionally, though not frequently, make deliveries to PO boxes. One instance is the designation of certain post offices as competitive offices.

If the PO box number is not utilized, parcels can be delivered to PO boxes at these locations without incurring any fees from the post office. Additionally, since PO boxes are more expensive, USPS permits FedEx and other third-party providers to deliver there.

Giving rivals access means that USPS doesn’t suffer any financial loss.


Due to USPS restrictions, FedEx and UPS cannot deliver packages to PO boxes.

The fundamental distinction between FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS) is that FedEx is a commercial courier service, whereas the USPS is a government organization.

The license will determine if you can, though. FedEx often forbids the shipment of alcohol. However, whether they are wholesalers, dealers, distributors, or manufacturers, they may only be sent if the client and the consumer are licensed.

You may choose whatever shipping package you like unless you use FedEx One Rate. If a box has already been used, ensure the previous address is entirely hidden. Additionally, FedEx vendors will offer complimentary packaging materials and shipping advice.


A locked mailbox in a post office, a PO Box, is usually referred to as a “postal box.” Those have historically been utilized to receive mail for consumers located far away.

FedEx often cannot deliver to your USPS PO box since these boxes are USPS property, and FedEx is not authorized to access them. Although not explicitly forbidden, this is not allowed.

FedEx Smart Post intends to deliver packages to PO boxes in every part of the country and additional locations with the assistance of USPS.

FedEx’s shipping services serve the US states. Additionally, the professional’s transport PO boxes to military APO, FPO, and DPO locations.

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