Does FedEx Take USPS – Yes, But…

You might be wondering does FedEx take USPS. Both FedEx and the US Postal Service have distinctive histories. For transporting mail and small items both domestically and abroad, they are a well-liked courier.

FedEx is a top supplier of same-day delivery and superb item tracking. The United States Mail Service, or USPS, is a federal corporation and the primary postal service in the country.

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Does FedEx Take Usps

Do FedEx and USPS work together?

Since complimentary USPS boxes like Priority Mail belong to the USPS, using them to ship with other carriers is prohibited. Any boxes with a logo from another carrier will not be sent by USPS. Whether the FedEx Office was where you bought the package. 

Given that they are both subsidiaries of the same business, FedEx Office utilizes the same logo as FedEx, the delivery corporation. However, USPS will return your shipment to you after saying that they are unable to dispatch it.

Despite the fact that outside of their contractual relationship, FedEx and USPS do not share delivery obligations, FedEx occasionally manages USPS shipments that have ended up in their hands. USPS mail will probably be kept by FedEx until they can pick it up.

If you wish to drop off a USPS shipment at FedEx but still need USPS to pick it up for you, USPS won’t be able to assist you with this requirement. FedEx is not obligated to deliver a USPS package that was inadvertently placed in a FedEx drop box.

The two shippers, however, cannot be used simultaneously or handled as such. The United States Mail Service, or USPS, is a federal corporation and the primary postal service in the country.

Can A USPS Label Be Delivered By FedEx?

A shipment with a USPS label will most probably not be delivered by FedEx. FedEx is a business performing the Postal Service’s work for them and won’t bring in any money. In the best outcome, FedEx will deliver the box to USPS, causing a slight delay for your receiver.

Can FedEx ship or deliver via USPS?

For the final step of delivery, SmartPost normally uses USPS service. However, this isn’t always the case. FedEx drivers will occasionally deliver packages personally if they are already close to the intended recipient, and doing so would be quick and simple.

But USPS vehicles transport the bulk of SmartPost parcels. The FedEx SmartPost service is straightforward. 

Customers or shippers do not benefit from time savings or additional benefits from it. Clients might not even recognize the distinction between ground and SmartPost services.

FedEx SmartPost is thought to be 20% less expensive than regular FedEx ground shipment. You could think that it occupies a small portion of the land.

How much time does FedEx SmartPost require?

This is a longer delivery timeframe. Shippers should allow two to five more days for transit times beyond what is typically allowed for ground shipment, which in certain situations might quadruple them.

The fact that there is a lengthier wait than UPS SurePost, FedEx’s main rival and provider of comparable hybrid service, should be noted.

However, slower travel delays aren’t always a negative thing. Customers might not mind waiting a few more days for a product that isn’t urgent as long as they are aware of what to expect.

Furthermore, consumers can trace their parcels on each leg of the voyage thanks to SmartPost’s unified tracking with FedEx.

What Happens If You Accidentally Put USPS Package In FedEx Dropbox?

FedEx is not beholden to USPS; that means they do not have to deliver packages meant for USPS that were mistakenly stored in a FedEx dropbox when they are meant for USPS.

In spite of this, there are anecdotal instances in which FedEx has delivered packages on its own initiative.

Other possible outcomes include:

  • As soon as FedEx receives a package meant for USPS, they alert USPS and hold it for USPS to pick up.
  • Depending on your FedEx account, they might even contact you to let you know about the mix-up (if they have your contact information).
  • If a box ends up at the wrong address, don’t worry – FedEx isn’t going to just throw it out.

As a result of this, you must keep in mind that FedEx and USPS are not interchangeable shippers, and they are most certainly not the same thing.



The FedEx SmartPost tracking number is 20 digits long. Once the package has been handed off to USPS, the consumer may simply follow it on the USPS website by prefixing the 20-digit number with “92.”

All U.S. States and territories are served by FedEx SmartPost delivery. SmartPost does not pick up parcels in Alaska, Hawaii, or the U.S. territories, despite the fact that it delivers outside of the 48 adjacent states.

The savings provided by FedEx SmartPost are more advantageous to a retailer’s company the more merchandise they ship. Since residential fees are eliminated, it’s also an excellent solution for businesses that ship a lot of packages to residential locations.

Only FedEx packages can be handled at a FedEx location. FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, and FedEx Ground Economy are used to make these deliveries. If an online shop provides you with a return label for a different delivery method, you cannot return your items to a FedEx location.

In fact, FedEx and the USPS have a partnership that allows them to offer hybrid shipping services to their customers- FedEx SmartPost and the USPS Global Express Guaranteed Service, both of which are available simultaneously.

As long as the box is properly labeled and accompanied by the correct postage, the Postal Service should accept a FedEx box just like any other box.


The US Postal Service’s mail is not frequently handled by FedEx. Even though the two companies do not share delivery duties beyond what is specified in their contract, FedEx regularly manages USPS mail that has ended up in their custody.

USPS mail will probably be kept by FedEx until they can pick it up. The uncertainty surrounding the two shippers and their alleged adaptability is most likely a result of their current relationship. I hope this information was helpful to you.

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