Does Kroger sell mail stamps – Yes, But…

You will need a stamp whenever you want to mail a letter or parcel, whether domestically or internationally. Is Kroger a place to buy stamps? 

You might be thinking. Continue reading this page to learn everything in depth. Supermarket chains and multi-department shops are run by The Kroger Company, an American retail business, all over the country. 

Leading retailers like Kroger have teamed with the United States Postal Service to provide stamps so customers can purchase them conveniently. The lengthy visit to the postal service is no longer necessary.

Does Kroger sell mail stamps

Does Kroger Sell Stamps?

The majority of Kroger locations also carry additional mailing supplies in addition to the US forever and first-class stamps. Due to a collaboration between Kroger and the USPS, you may purchase stamps from a variety of self-service kiosks located around the shop. 

The USPS kiosks are in front of Kroger stores, next to the pay registers. You will need to inquire at customer service or one of the checkouts, and they’ll kindly fetch you several stamps. Each is good for First-Class shipping of a 1-ounce letter and is sold in sheets or books of 20 Forever Stamps.

How to Purchase Stamps at Kroger Stores

While stamps are offered at every Kroger location, they might not always be in the same place. The customer service counter and, particularly, the self-checkout kiosks close to the cash registers are frequent locations to locate stamps. 

Postage stamps are available at Kroger in books of 20 or 30, and you may save money by purchasing a lot of stamps and booklets. 

You can inquire about the availability of stamps the next time you visit a Kroger store. You’ll likely obtain all the stamps you want because the majority of retailers do. Moreover, you should verify beforehand as some businesses don’t provide this service.

What are the stamp prices at Kroger?

Postage stamps are supplied by Kroger for the same price as in US Post Offices. Due to the fact that Kroger offers its stamps in booklets, buying a book of stamps there as opposed to a single stamp elsewhere might result in financial savings. 

Kroger offers discounts to consumers who purchase significant amounts of stamps, but since they sell stamps in booklet form, you may save a little money. 

For $9.80 plus tax, Kroger offers a book of 20 first-class forever stamps, saving you around $0.06 for each stamp. 

Therefore, to save money on your purchase, the upcoming time you go to a Kroger grocery store to buy postage stamps, make sure to get one complete booklet.

Benefits of purchasing stamps from Kroger

The majority of individuals find Kroger to be the more convenient place to purchase stamps. The following are some benefits of purchasing stamps from Kroger.

  • The cost of the stamps is the same as what the USPS charges. In addition to purchasing your stamps at a Kroger location, you may buy various writing instruments, envelopes, packing tapes, and other mailing supplies.
  • You presumably have a hectic schedule. Without needing to make a separate visit to the post office, you may purchase all of your stamps while you are out shopping.
  • You can also use the weighing machine at Kroger if you want to mail a large letter or package. This can help you establish the weight of your letter or package and, in turn, how many stamps you need to purchase before mailing it.
  • Customers may purchase conveniently at Kroger, thanks mainly to the variety of accessible payment methods.
  • Nearly 3,000 Kroger outlets may be found in 42 states, and the majority of them are open continuously or until late at night.
  • Every time you purchase an item, such as stamps, you may take advantage of the Kroger rewards program and use your points to buy whatever you want when you return.


Stamps are available almost everywhere that sells groceries, including Walmart, pharmacies like CVS, and Walgreens. But only in large quantities, and in the form of booklets, are these offered. Online retailers like Amazon and grocery store websites also sell stamps.

Mail stamps are available at Kroger. Kroger charges the same amount for stamps as the USPS. In the Kroger shop, you may purchase stamps at a checkout desk or from an automated machine.

Envelopes are available at Kroger. Envelopes come in various sizes and are frequently located in the office supply department.


In addition to offering first-class forever stamps at the majority of its shops across the country, Kroger also sells seasonal stamps at a few. First-class eternal stamps in booklets of 20 are offered for $9.8 apiece; they are not sold separately. 

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