Does Publix Sell Stamps – Yes, But…

Do you want to discover if Publix has a local store where you can buy stamps? Do you have any doubts regarding whether Publix sells stamps or not? 

Even though there are numerous places to get stamps, you might be curious to know if Publix, your preferred grocery shop, has them.

We all require stamps from time to time, especially if you pay your bills in person rather than online and use a check or money order.

You will find instructions on how to get stamps at a Publix shop nearby in this post. Find out whether it does, where to get them, and other information by reading on!

So let’s get started.

Does Publix Sell Stamps

Does Publix Sell Stamps

All of Publix’s stores do provide stamp sales But they only come in booklet form, and they cost $11. Additionally, the stamps frequently have the same design, such as the USPS Forever stamp with the flag motif. At Publix, simply proceed to the customer service desk to start buying if you require a stamp.

The only option to get stamps from Publix is to buy a booklet because they don’t offer individual stamps.

Although getting a booklet for clients to use is less time-consuming, it may appear inconvenient if you just need one stamp. Nevertheless, it is the ideal approach for shops like Publix to sell stamps.

Purchasing Stamps at Publix

American supermarket company Publix Super Markets, Inc., sometimes known as Publix, was founded in the country.

Usually, you can buy stamps at the register as you’re checking out. However, some of the bigger Publix stores may offer stamps from the Customer Service Desk instead, despite the fact that most stores keep the stamps near the register.

Unexpectedly, having access to Publix’s product section is one of the most important advantages of buying stamps there. The amount you pay for postage when shipping a letter or package depends on how heavy the item is.

 As a result, you might need to use many stamps if you’re shipping a bulky envelope. To find out how many stamps are needed, weigh your envelope on the scales in the produce area of Publix. The checkout staff will then assist you in doing so.

How much do stamps cost at Publix?

If you’re concerned about how much postal stamps will cost at Publix, don’t be. The cheapest pricing on a variety of stamps and envelopes may be found at Publix. You may purchase book stamps there to receive discounts. 

However, the prices and offers may change from time to time. To find out about the newest deals, you must go there.

As an alternative, you may also search for Publix coupons. Check to see whether the coupons are current and have a good success rate. Prices are frequently maintained the same as what you would pay for USPS.

Usually, a book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps costs $11.60 (plus tax), however, Publix typically sells its booklets for less money. Purchasing the reduced book of stamps at Publix will save you a few cents for each stamp (as opposed to purchasing a single stamp) because each stamp is $0.58. 

Buying the book might thus be a wise investment if you utilize stamps on a frequent basis.

The usefulness of Purchasing Stamps at Publix

The benefits of buying stamps at Publix include the following:

  • Following the purchase of stamps, Publix offers the most savings, at a cost of $1.20, when compared to other supermarkets.
  • More original stamps are available at Publix than its rivals, according to USPS verification.
  • The business has locations throughout several states in the US and is open even on the weekends from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • They are conveniently located near the cash register. If you can’t find them there, you must go to the shelves.
  • The Publix staff may be able to answer your questions. According to reports, they assist consumers gladly.

How Can I Locate the Nearest Publix?

Since Publix is well-known in the US supermarket industry, it is simple to find in any part of the country. Navigate to Publix’s official website and select “Location Finder” to find the store that is closest to you.

You must enter the state and the zip code for your neighborhood. You’ll see the location of the closest Publix in a little while.

Use the Toll-Free hotline in this instance if you have any questions concerning the stamps, their costs, or if you have any complaints. +1 800-242-1227. You’ll get the information from a Publix helpline employee.

Working Hours at Publix

Publix Super Market is open every day from early in the morning 7:00 AM until late at night 10 PM. You can visit there at any time during these hours to purchase postal stamps. 

Publix operates throughout these regular business hours. The number of visits rises on holidays like Christmas and other events. Consequently, on certain days, Publix is open until late at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Publix does not currently provide stamps for purchase online; they are solely available in-store. If the stamps are a need, it is frequently worthwhile to phone ahead and make sure the store has any available before going down there because there is a potential that they may be out of stock when you purchase in-store.

No. The individual stamps are not sold by Publix. The USPS is the best source for individual stamp purchases.

Postage stamps will be sold at almost all of the major grocery shop chains. At the very least, a book of stamps is sold at every large chain shop, including Publix and several others.

The cost of a single Forever stamp will be 55c. One Firs tClass letter can be sent with this stamp. There is no discount offered when purchasing stamps in bulk, therefore ten stamps would cost $5.50 and twenty would cost $11.


Publix is an international supermarket that stocks a variety of goods, not just a department store that sells just one sort of item. With all health goods and meals, it watches after the well-being of its clients.

The primary drawbacks are that there are just a few outlets and that they only offer stamps by the book. Even if stamps have an unlimited value, buying 20 of them when you only want to send one letter can be rather inconvenient.

Additionally, even though stamps have an indefinite worth, they could still be lost or forgotten.

Ultimately, there is a surplus of food supplies at its grocery shop. Postage stamp slots have just been added to these two areas. Online ordering allows for same-day delivery of all goods. 

Don’t rush to the post offices anymore; instead, use Publix, the biggest center and supermarket, to get your stamps. Using the simple Publix Store Locator, you may discover the closest Publix location.

I hope this answers your query regarding whether Publix sells stamps.

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