Does UPS Deliver To Po Boxes – All You Need To Know

An American multinational corporation, United Parcel Service, provides a wide range of specialized services. Its extensive shipping and logistics assistance list include inventory control, e-commerce delivery, freight shipment, package delivery, and more. 

UPS provides the services and know-how to handle any operation, whether managing a company’s supply chain operations or shipping a box across the nation.

Consumers, however, appear to be seeking clarification on one aspect of UPS: whether or not they deliver to regular PO boxes. 

So read this article to know everything about UPS delivery to PO boxes. This article discusses UPS’s delivery choices, focusing on PO box deliveries. It explains what they are and whether they deliver to PO boxes or not.

Does Ups Deliver To Po Boxes

Does UPS Offer PO Box Delivery?

PO boxes cannot receive deliveries from UPS. UPS is a private company, whereas PO boxes are federal property; thus, only USPS has accessibility. The USPS program Street Address seems to be the only option to send to a PO box while using UPS, as it allows you to address the shipment as a street address instead of a PO box. 

It appears that someone must first purchase postage on the things if UPS is going to deliver them to a PO box, and UPS does not intend to provide it. PO Boxes cannot accept packages sent by other providers; they are only for the Postal Service’s purposes.

Military mail is serviced by a separate, specialized postal system, which enables UPS to deliver packages directly to the site rather than dividing them up among several PO boxes or addresses.

Such addresses are either Army Post Office, which stands for Army and Air Force facilities, or Fleet Post Office, which stands for Navy sites and ships.

Does UPS deliver to PO Boxes located abroad?

Unfortunately, UPS does not deliver to PO boxes located abroad. Both people and corporations can use UPS’s extensive range of shipping services. However, it does not deliver to PO boxes since the shipment must pass through customs when UPS sends it abroad. Additionally, actual addresses are required because customs cannot ship items to PO boxes. 

However, UPS does deliver to foreign military PO boxes. This is so that military postal officials may grab and circulate mail sent to a post by handing it to the security officers.

Therefore, UPS will be allowed to transport your package to an APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) location.

Which shippers can deliver to a PO box?

Since PO boxes, like mailboxes, are government property, only USPS is authorized to handle deliveries to them. Nevertheless, by using the Street Address service, UPS may deliver to some PO boxes.

Unfortunately, not all USPS PO box locations participate in this scheme. Accepting UPS packages and placing them in the appropriate PO boxes is entirely up to the attending administrator at each station.

For this reason, contacting your PO box location is usually recommended before sending a UPS shipment; otherwise, the USPS clerk may reject the parcel.

Why will UPS not deliver to PO Boxes?

UPS won’t deliver packages to PO boxes for a few different reasons. First of all, UPS and the Postal Service are separate businesses. There are differences in their regulations and processes, and UPS won’t guarantee to deliver products to a Post Office box.

Moreover, PO boxes cannot be used to receive packages from other providers; they are just for the Postal Service’s purpose. Individuals and businesses can have UPS shipped to their mailboxes if they use Private Mail Boxes instead of PO Boxes.

How can a UPS delivery be made to a PO Box?

UPS delivery to a PO box may be accomplished in several ways. While placing an online order, you should first give a precise street address. UPS needs this information to locate your PO Box and ship your package.

You may also buy with businesses using SurePost, a shipping service. Delivering shipments to USPS PO Boxes is a United Parcel Service (UPS) service; therefore, if you know whether the firm ships to PO Boxes, just inquire if they utilize SurePost. The delivery of your UPS shipment to your Post Office box should be made without issue if you implement these instructions.


Only USPS is permitted to deliver packages to any place of residence in the nation, including PO Boxes kept within Post Offices.  UPS has a firm policy that prohibits them from providing items with a PO Box address.

Consequently, USPS focuses on sending letters and more miniature goods at a reasonable price, whereas UPS specializes in transporting large products internationally.

Although UPS and USPS are sometimes confused, they are two completely separate organizations with distinct legacies.

FedEx SmartPost provides delivery service to PO boxes; however, only USPS offers to ship to PO boxes as USPS handles the final delivery step.


Since USPS, a government agency, owns and operates PO boxes, making them federal property, UPS does not officially deliver to PO boxes.

This is due to several factors, including the fact that UPS does not serve PO Boxes since it is not connected to the Postal Service. Moreover, a PO Box does not satisfy UPS’s need for a postal address for delivery.

Although there are techniques to get around that, if you need to utilize UPS and have a PO Box, you have two options when completing a transaction or purchase: either give an exact street address or go shopping with businesses that use the UPS SurePost facility. 

Furthermore, several USPS PO box sites have the Street Address scheme, which enables PO box places to be acknowledged in a manner that will be received, dropped off, then carried by a USPS staff into the relevant Post office box.

By implementing these instructions, you must guarantee that your UPS cargo arrives at your PO Box without mishap.

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