Does UPS Do Money Orders – A Detailed Guide

If you want to send money to someone quickly, safely, and easily, money orders are the best solution.  

A money order is a request to pay a certain sum of money. It is a more reliable transaction than a cheque since it calls for the cash to be prepaid for the exact amount stated on it.

A private company in Great Britain introduced the costly and ineffective money order system in 1792. The system’s popularity and use substantially increased once it was sold to a different private corporation in around 1836, which also reduced the costs.

 After observing the system’s effectiveness and profitability, the Post Office decided to take control in 1838. The money order system became moderately economical as fees were progressively decreased and use expanded.

Now you may be wondering whether UPS sends money orders.

So do you want to know more about this service? 

Continue reading this post to understand more about UPS money orders because we covered everything in this post.

Does UPS Do Money Orders

Does UPS Do Money Orders?

UPS does not provide money order facilities in its UPS retail locations, even though it provides local and worldwide shipping services for people and corporations. 

This is because UPS is a logistics and shipping firm. While it does offer some financial services, it is not a banking and financial organization mandated to provide money order facilities.

Why Doesn’t UPS Sell or Accept Money Orders?

UPS does not buy, sell, or transfer cash since it is not a bank or a financial firm.

Banks, financial institutions, money transfer representatives, third-party institutions, or entities that assist in the transfer of securities—are the most common locations that provide money order facilities.

A further central factor behind UPS doesn’t provide money order facilities is that there is not that much of a market for such, and without a demand, there can be no financial gain.

Many businesses currently provide money order facilities; therefore, there isn’t a market opportunity for UPS to make money.

Where Can I Buy Money Orders Lowest prices?

The cost of a money order ultimately depends on where you are, what business you’re at, and whether you’re an associate or not. According to the USPS, money orders cost $1.25 for amounts up to $500 and $1.75 for amounts between $500 and $1,000. A retail bank may charge up to $5 for them.

Another excellent example of how prices vary is Walgreens, which offers money orders at specific stores for $0.65 and at others for up to $1. Therefore, if you want to determine the exact charge before using it, call and confirm from the firm. 

Various Money Order Service providers

Money orders are available in many different sources. Money may be sent through several services, including Money Gram, Western Union, USPS, Walmart, and others.

Furthermore, you can use your bank to make an order. Therefore, you should not worry about safety while placing money orders through banks. Money orders are offered by the organizations mentioned above and many credit unions.

Several establishments offer to encrypt them as a great alternative to cash and cheques. Always carry identification when you purchase if you’re transferring a significant amount because it will probably be requested.

Have Money Orders Ever Been Offered by UPS?

Money order services are not something that UPS offers. UPS was initiated as a shipping and delivery business and has made good progress internationally.

Throughout decades, they expanded their offerings, but delivering money orders was never one of those.

UPS doesn’t seem to implement such a service since it exists in a different firm. It seems they made the right choice to refuse money orders, given the challenging trading and the congested marketplace.

Perks and Drawbacks of Money Orders

The convenience of utilizing a money order is undoubtedly a benefit. You may purchase a money order without a bank account and it is feasible to access it. 

The drawbacks are minimal, yet they can be enough to make you want to avoid using this service. Before using a money order, you must pay a charge, which is not necessary while using a cheque. Money orders can commonly be misused if lost and improperly filled out.

Errors to Avoid while using money orders

There are missteps to avoid while utilizing a money order, even though it appears simple and easy to use. The most crucial step is completing the order and accurately spelling out the recipient’s and payee’s names. 

The order may be canceled if you fill out the wrong information or misspell someone’s name. Don’t ever end up leaving any fields empty on demand, and don’t overlook getting the receipt for the process. Always compare prices for a money order to obtain the best deal.


Customers can choose from three primary product and service categories at the UPS Stores nationwide: packing and shipping, mailboxes, and printing/document services.

The answer to whether UPS and USPS are the same is no. Although UPS and USPS run entirely different businesses, they provide services for sending packages domestically and abroad.

The fastest and safest option to send a significant sum of money could be through a wire transfer to your bank.

Final Thoughts

Money orders are not sold or honored by UPS. Since it is not a financial institution, there is almost no need, which may put employees’ security in danger.

However, there are many more businesses where you may sell or cash money orders, including banks or other funds transfer businesses.

 UPS doesn’t have any immediate intentions to accomplish this service. Consequently, you should visit other companies or organizations that provide money order services if necessary.

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