Does USPS Require Signature – All You Need To Know

The United States Postal Service (USPS), often known as the Post Office, or Postal Service, is an autonomous agency of the executive part of the U.S. federal government that is in charge of providing postal service in the country, including its connected states and its outlying territories. 

Being specifically authorized by the US Constitution, it is one of the few governmental bodies.

You may be wondering – Does USPS require a signature?

  • Do you have to sign for USPS packages?
  • Does USPS make you sign for packages?

We will clear all your doubts in this article, so continue reading this entire article.

Does USPS Require Signature

Does USPS Need a Signature?

A client signature is required during delivery if anyone sends it with signature confirmation. This Signature Confirmation is often used for more costly items as it is prone to exploitation or other damage. Any family member will be eligible to sign on behalf of the recipient if required. 

If there is no one to receive the package in the house of the receiver then the USPS carrier leaves a notice.

The next planned delivery slot or the nearby Post Office address from where they can pick up their package are also included in this notice to the receiver.

USPS will attempt delivery a second time and a third time. After many tries, packages that are still undeliverable are kept at the local Post Office for 15 days before being sent back to the sender.

Why Is USPS Signature Confirmation Beneficial?

With delivery confirmation, both sender and the recipient will experience more security and satisfaction. For high-value and delicate shipments, this is exceptionally advantageous.

Susceptible items, such as those containing alcohol or medications, can be delivered safely with the USPS Signature Confirmation.

How Can You Identify If Your USPS Shipment Needs A Signature?

Suppose the shipper does not notify the receiver beforehand that a signature will be needed. In that case, the receiver may not know that a signature is essential to accept the delivery. 

Follow the standard tracking procedures for your USPS shipment to determine whether a signature is necessary.

You can find out if your shipment needs a signature by tracking it. Although USPS will alert you in advance, checking your tracking data for clarification is better. 

How Do Confirmation Services Work?

Like regular mail, confirmation service requires a signature upon delivery, so somebody at the household must be available. The package cannot be left in a mailbox by the delivery person. Anyone in the house must sign the document while receiving the delivery package.

Mandating signed delivery confirmation is meant to minimize fraud. While sending important documents or other expensive items, many individuals use it.

Does The Signatory Have To Be The Receiver?

No, the signatory does not need to be the designated receiver. However, they must be present at the address listed on the postal address.

Additionally, the receiver must be an adult (18 years or older) and a responsible individual. They will be required to provide proof of identity featuring a clear photo. The postal carrier must identify the recipient before delivering the parcel. 

To decrease the probability that someone won’t be able to present identification proof whenever the package is delivered, it is essential to inform the receiver in advance. So that they could plan accordingly and ensure the delivery passes without a hitch.

The Signature Confirmation Service: How To Add It?

The inexpensive way to add the service to the shipment is online. However, you can also do it at your nearby post office.

If you do it online while making the payment for your shipping label, you will notice a box titled “Extra services.” You have two choices in this section: “Adult Signature” and “Signature Confirmation.”

You need to select one option for checking out with the shipment. Please take note that including an “Adult Signature” will cost you much more money than “Signature Confirmation.”

When you’re not buying your label digitally, inform the USPS staff while placing an order in the post office that you want to include Signature Confirmation, and they will put it in your mailing label and add the cost to your total.

The Adult Signature Service: What Is It?

Adult Signature ensures that anyone younger than 21 cannot sign for the shipment. The receiver must be at least 21 years old and carry valid ID proof or any other form of picture identification. 

A receiver who is not 21 years old will not be permitted to sign for these items since the mailman will not deliver them to someone who cannot present this ID.

Businesses frequently use this method to prevent children from obtaining restricted items. For example, adding the Adult Signature service to the package may be necessary for things like alcohol, prescription drugs, and weapons.


If your package needs a signature, tracking information will be forwarded to you. Check the UPS tracking page if the email contains no information indicating that a signature is necessary.

You can authorize the carrier to deliver packages without requiring the receiver to sign as long as you remove the USPS signature confirmation requirement.

The next planned delivery attempt will be mentioned in a notice that the USPS delivery team will leave at your house, along with alternatives for picking up the item at the closest Post Office.

No, you must procure this service at the Post Office or online at prior to shipping.


The USPS will not usually request a signature for each item they deliver. For significant deliveries, clients can opt for the Signature Confirmation service. A certain level of pleasure is offered for a little fee by using this service.

Additionally, USPS provides more targeted signature services, such as Adult Signature Required, to guarantee that the item is actually delivered to trustworthy people.

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