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Do you want to do shopping from the Walmart store but don’t know enough about the mode of payment accepted by the store or Does Walmart Take Apple Pay or not?

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The ease of shopping for a range of things under one roof, from groceries to household basics to gadgets, is undeniable. 

You might be curious, though, if this accessibility extends to mobile payment alternatives and if Walmart supports Apple Pay.

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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at any of its stores. Instead of using their wallets, customers can purchase items from the registers and self-checkout aisles using Walmart Pay on their iPhones. MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, and Checks are also accepted by Walmart.

Apple Pay uses NFC technology to apply associated credits to purchases. Walmart somehow doesn’t accept NFC technology. Shoppers could then use Walmart Pay to make purchases at the checkouts and self-checkout aisles using their iPhones.

 Walmart only takes MasterCard, Visa, Checks, PayPal, Amex, and cash as forms of payment.

In the era of e-commerce, possessing first-party data is priceless. Walmart may collect additional data and create customized offerings based on each client’s purchasing habits by keeping them in its payment system.

Even though consumers may enjoy the benefits of using one wallet to pay for various purchases online and in-store, they are giving up their privacy in exchange. 

In other words, Walmart can easily build a whole picture of your shopping history by tracking your transactions. If you buy diapers, you may start receiving diaper offers. If you buy a lot of Apple devices, Apple will start sending targeted ads about their products. 

When it comes to mobile wallets, transparency is very important for customers.

A mobile wallet is a modern, convenient payment method where you can store your credit cards, bank credentials, and other items that would get you through checkout without the need to carry them around.

Plus, these wallets often integrate with loyalty programs and offer rewards points when you use them. 

Why Isn’t Apple Pay Accepted at Walmart?

The processing fees are one of the critical reasons Walmart does not accept Apple Pay.

Even though Apple maintains that its innovation is free to use. But this isn’t precisely correct for Walmart.

The charges will be made on their behalf by the cardholder. As a result, based on the card used via a digital wallet, Walmart must pay varied processing fees. Based on the card, the processing cost can be pretty high.

In principle, accepting Apple Pay at Walmart would diminish profits. Walmart aims to profit as much as possible from every purchase.

Walmart aims to be successful with its digital wallet. They make it extremely difficult to use any other digital wallet in their store to minimize competitive pressure for their digital wallet.

Walmart is attempting to brand everything it can. It draws customers increasingly to its store by getting its name out there.

A digital wallet like Walmart Pay is a unique way for the company to promote its brand awareness.

Is it possible to pay using your iPhone at Walmart?

You can use Walmart Pay to conduct contactless purchases by downloading the app to your iPhone. Both Android and iPhone versions of Walmart Pay are available for download.

Take your products to the checkout, then scan the QR code once the final amount appears to utilize the Walmart Pay app.

After scanning the QR code, you’ll be sent immediately to the app, where you may pay with your debit or credit card.

If you have Walmart Plus, you can use Scan & Go to speed up the checkout process. Scan & Go lets you scan QR codes as you add goods to your cart, then complete and pay by scanning a QR code at the point of purchase.

How easy is it to use Walmart Pay?

The process is quite simple. First, you download the Walmart Pay app to your iPhone. The next step is to connect a debit or credit card and then scan the QR code at checkout. 

After that’s done, you can pay by simply standing in front of a scanner or by tapping the pay button with your phone.

Walmart is hardly alone. Most brick-and-mortar retailers have not yet embraced digital wallets, but that could change soon.

Is Apple Pay accepted at Walmart?

No, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay for online or store transactions, but you can pay with Walmart Pay or Venmo. Walmart Pay works with debit and credit cards, Walmart Gift Cards, and other mobile wallets.

That isn’t to say you can’t pay with your iPhone at Walmart. Download and install the Walmart app to pay with your iPhone at Walmart online or in-store. After that, connect your cards and then use the touch-free pay to secure payment feature.

Is it possible to use Walmart Pay on an Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize Walmart Pay on your Apple Watch to make purchases. Walmart, on the other hand, has released an Apple Watch software that allows you to mark products from your wishlist without having to use your phone.

Allowing Walmart Pay on an Apple Watch to accept payments could be a beta test towards something more significant in the coming. 

Apple sold roughly 3 million smartwatches in 2020 alone. As a result, there is a sizable market of customers who like electronic payments.

Advantages of Walmart Pay

Many individuals are getting more aware of what they contact in public settings to avoid picking up infections. As a result, contactless digital payment solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

 When inserting your credit card pin, you don’t have to handle currency or press any buttons. To scan the QR codes on buying things, you merely need to tap your phone.

If you use a digital wallet on your phone, you can buy stuff even if you leave your credit or debit card at home. Often people don’t forget to bring their cellphones with them.

It would help if you didn’t have to stand in line for a cashier to provide you change or verify your card information when you pay with an app, which could save you extra time. 

Also, it means paying and leaving the store more accessible. Using Walmart Pay App also saves you money on transaction costs that other electronic payments firms would charge you.

Disadvantages of Walmart Pay

As it’s a digital wallet, most merchants require a credit or debit card to use Walmart Pay. If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to use the app. 

Walmart Pay can only be used at participating stores within the United States, like Walmart online and in-store.

How to Install Walmart Pay App on iPhone/Android?

You can download Walmart Pay from the Apple Store or Google Play app store. Then you’ll need to open the app and connect it with the payment method that you want to use. This is an easy process, which takes only a minute or two. 

You’ll be able to use the next second. Then you can begin shopping. 

At the end of the transaction, you’ll get a notification that you can swipe on your phone to complete the process.

How safe is it to use Walmart Pay?

The company has stated that The security of your payment information is their first priority. They’ve made it very easy for you to add new cards and delete old ones. You can also control which payment card is used at checkout.

Additionally, all cards are verified with the bank or financial institution that issued the card. When you download the app, the company will send an SMS or email to verify your account. So all I can say is it is safe and safe to use.


No. Walmart presently accepts just Walmart Pay as a form of mobile payment, with no intentions to support Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any other digital payment option.

Yes, Walmart supports PayPal transactions. You can pay using your PayPal account directly on the Walmart website or app, but you’ll require a PayPal Cash Card to buy from a store.

Apple’s digital payment methods include Apple Pay and Apple Cash. In your Apple Wallet, you may access both. You can set up one or both, depending on what you desire. Apple Cash can be topped up with a cashback, Messages payments, or Apple credit card cashback. Apple Pay, on the other side, accepts debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, and Apple Cash as payment methods.

You cannot get cashback with Walmart Pay when buying at Walmart’s retail stores. If you attach a rewards credit card to your account, you can get some money back using Walmart Pay.

As of 2022, Walmart will accept Venmo as a mode of payment. Get the Venmo application and scan the Barcode at the checkout counter to pay in-store. Venmo may be used online by first accessing PayPal and then Venmo from the PayPal site.

Walmart currently has no plans to accept Apple Pay. Walmart may decide to shift to Apple Pay if the Walmart Pay app is no longer available. 


Even though Walmart does not accept Apple Pay and has no plans to do so in the coming years, Walmart Pay still has many benefits and is secure.

If you’re a regular Walmart customer, install the Walmart app to take benefit of the features and quick checkout options that Walmart Pay provides.

As Walmart Pay is a great choice for people who have apple pay or something that Walmart does not accept. The mobile wallet is easy to use, simple and secure, with low fees.

This was all about Does Walmart Take Apple Pay. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to write your comment in the comment box given below.

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