How Long Does USPS or Post Offices Hold Undeliverable Mail?

Sometimes mail carriers don’t deliver some packages due to incomplete addresses. In this case, USPS holds Undeliverable Mail for some days before they return it to the sender. So the question is, How Long Does USPS Hold Mail Before Returning To Sender?

First of all, you need to know when this happens, sometimes the postman won’t be able to deliver the package or envelope because of the income address or, may he find the mailbox but he isn’t able to fit that package, in this case, he returns the package to the post office.

And he tries redelivery of the package on the following days [second day] if this attempt does not work and the postman leaves a PS Form 3849. Basically, this form is the notice that postman tries to deliver your package, but he could not be able to do that,

After that receiver has to fill the form with all the information and leave that in the mailbox, this form is required to request for redelivery of the package.

The main question is How Long Will The Post Office Hold My Mail Before Returning It To The Sender, don’t worry, you’ll get to know all the information in this post.

How Long Does USPS Hold Undeliverable Mail

How Long Does the Post Office Keep or Hold Undelivered Parcels?

As I said earlier, the receiver has to fill PS Form 3849 for redelivery, or the receiver can visit the post office to collect that package within the time frame. When any unsuccessful delivery happens, the postman brings that package/envelope back to the post office. The post office holds that package for 15 days before Returning It To The Sender.

There are two situations when a package returns to the post office, such as –

  1. Firstly, the postman tries to deliver the package, if No one found there, and he knows that someone is living at that place, then the mail carrier will try to deliver that package in the next business; even if there’s no one there, then the delivery man will leave the delivery notice and bring back mail to the post office.
  2. If the delivery man knows from people nearby that this person isn’t living here or may couldn’t available next time to receive the package, then he will leave the notice in the first attempt of delivery.

Note -Next time; the customer [receiver] can only request the carrier for redelivery of that package.

There are two scenarios when a package returns it to the sender, such as –

  1. If the sender address is written on the package/envelope, then the mail returns it to the sender after held for 15 days in the post office. if the local post office won’t be able to find that place or address, and then the package will be gone to the lost mail department.
  2. If the sender address has not written on the package/envelope, then the mail item will be counted as dead mail, and the post office team will destroy it due to privacy concerns. It only happens when the post office team isn’t able to find the address of the sender.

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Final thought 

If you were not available at your home in the upcoming days when the package’s delivery happens, you’ll have the option to hold that package and receive it yourself from the post office. If you have not submitted the request for hold a mail then,

You can fill the PS Form 3849 [ if you had received it at your home/mailbox] and collect your mail yourself within 15 days. After that, it will return to the sender.

I hope now you’ll know everything about How Long Does USPS Hold A Package or How Long Will The Post Office Hold My Mail Before Returning It To The Sender. If you’ve any questions, let me know in the comment section.

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