FedEx Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day Mean?

You have got a tracking update saying that your FedEx package is “Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day.”

You might be asking what this actually means at this point. Do you have anything you need to do, or when can you anticipate receiving your package?

FedEx Delivery Schedule Next Business Day indicates that you will get your package on the following business day. Depending on the circumstances, the following business day may be the following day or if it’s a Friday, the following is Monday. 

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FedEx Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day Mean

FedEx Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day Mean?

Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day indicates that the package will be delivered on the next business day that the shipping service level is in effect. The shipment’s quality of service and the location you reside during business hours both play a role in this. 

The “Scheduled for Arrival Next Business Day” update for a regular FedEx package with only a 5-day operating schedule would indicate that you should anticipate the delivery on Monday. 

In real FedEx tradition, this might make interpreting the tracking update complicated. Although FedEx operates in that state seven days a week, not all places may receive the same level of service. Remote and undeveloped areas might not obtain Sunday delivery, in which case Monday will be the next working day.

What’s the estimated delivery date for my package after “Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day”?

FedEx means precisely what they say when they announce that your shipment has been placed into a vehicle and will arrive shortly; the box is on a bus and is traveling directly to you.

FedEx occasionally has delivery-related issues, particularly when dealing with customers who need their packages right away. The entire package delay issue might be caused by a variety of factors, such as a bus breakdown or an unexpected issue that cannot be prevented. 

When anything is accidentally scanned, even if it hasn’t yet boarded a bus, a message is sent to you, although the delivery date hasn’t yet arrived. When a package arrives, these messages are very important. Pay attention to them to avoid missing them.

Can I do anything after a “Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day”?

Stay updated on your tracking information to check whether a precise delivery date has been added recently. By doing so, you’ll be able to plan ahead and eliminate a lot of the unpredictability.

Additionally, you can call FedEx customer support, although they might not be able to tell you where your box is exactly and if delivery will take place that day or the next working day.

The use of FedEx Delivery Manager could yield better results. This will provide you with additional information and allow you to have more control over the delivery if you have previously signed up for it.

How Do I Keep Tabs On My Package?

Monitoring a delivery delivered by FedEx is quite easy. Every package must have a Transportation Control Number, according to an unbreakable FedEx requirement.

No other undelivered package at that same moment can share the number that is associated with your item; it must be unique. You may track the movement of your shipment using this number as it travels from one location to some other.

Whenever a package’s label is generated, the Transportation Control Number, or TCN, is available. 

You may follow your order till it reaches your door by entering the tracking number as soon as it is sent to you through email or text and entering it in the FedEx tracking area on their website.

Due to the sophisticated monitoring system, you can keep an eye on your delivery around the clock and receive updates on its movements. 

You continue to receive notifications for it while it crosses international borders, arrives in your state, and arrives at your door.

When FedEx says that delivery isn’t scheduled for the next business day, what does it mean?

There may be a delivery exception mentioned in the communication, followed by a statement that no attempt has been made to deliver your shipment the next working day. 

This indicates that your package hasn’t been loaded into a vehicle that is attempting to reach your location for an unexplained cause.


If particularly specified, they generally imply that a package will be delivered the following business day. When you give a shipment to the associates for delivery on the same day, it will be delivered later that day.

No scheduled delivery doesn’t mean out for delivery. In the case of the scheduled delivery, the shipper, the carrier, or the recipient all agree on a specific timeframe within which the delivery will take place. 

The following day, excluding weekends and holidays, is referred to as the “Next Business Day” or “NBD.”


A FedEx tracking update that states “Scheduled for Delivery Next Business Day” should be straightforward to comprehend. Literally, it indicates that the product will be delivered on the next service business day. 

The following business day may be the following day, or if it’s a Friday, your shipment may arrive on Monday. We are aware of Monday through Friday as the standard business days. 

The numerous FedEx service levels, the fact that different geographic regions aren’t always completely supported, and the possibility of inaccurate tracking. I hope you found this post helpful. 

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