FedEx Stuck on Label Created – what to do?

It irritates both the sender and the recipient when FedEx is stalled on “Label Created.” The receiver starts to doubt if the package has really been sent. 

When you’re the sender and properly sent the shipment through FedEx, you might be puzzled why there haven’t been any more updates. Continue reading to find out more.

FedEx Stuck on Label Created

FedEx Stuck on Label Created, Why?

The FedEx tracking system immediately detects a shipping label when a shipper makes a FedEx order and labels online from their home.

This means that when a label is created, a tracking number for the package is also generated. The box won’t really enter the FedEx delivery system until then. Thus the subsequent tracking update won’t happen.

This will happen when the shipper either delivers the box to a FedEx partner or outlet that is appropriate or passes it off to a FedEx driver during a scheduled pickup.

FedEx often picks up items within one or two business days, depending on the delivery directions. But it’s likely that they deviate from the timetable at busy times.

The shipment could have been dispatched, but the shipper’s system has still not scanned it; it will be scanned when it gets to the destination.

Reasons Behind FedEx is Stuck on Label Created?

Your package may remain at “Label Created” in one of two situations: FedEx has not physically scanned the box or updated the tracking since the shipper has not yet turned the package over to them.

  • FedEx received the box from the sender after an initial scan went wrong or took too long.
  • The most frequent problem leading to a FedEx stall on the “Label Created” scenario, despite all of FedEx’s efficiency efforts, is a missed scan.

This indicates that while the package is, in fact, headed for you, it has not yet been scanned with the intention of updating the tracking information.

What should I do if a FedEx package is stuck on Label Created?

It is advised that you must be patient if your shipment has only been stuck on the Label and made an update for one or two days. 

As previously mentioned, it will usually take several days for the tracking to update if the initial scan is delayed or missing.

You can only wait a bit longer, particularly if you believe the merchant, so do that. However, forum members cautioned against calling FedEx directly as their help was unable to provide information on the label shipment status.

You will be losing your precious time by getting in touch with FedEx or the shipper at that period since everything is functioning as it should. The shipper should be your first port of call if several days go by with no apparent improvement.

In this approach, you can verify that the box was delivered on time to FedEx and that the issue is with the carrier. By calling FedEx customer care, you may then request that the shipper investigate the issue.

On the other hand, the shipper may clarify that the update has been around for so long because they were late in delivering the goods. You should hold off on getting a new update in this situation.


The package has been paid for and is awaiting the carrier’s first “in-transit” scan if the tracking status says “Label Created,” as you may have noticed. After the seller has left the box with the carrier and the shipment status has moved to the “Label Created” stage, occasionally, it might take another 1-2 business days for the status to change.

Between pickup and delivery, there are many scans of the packages. While a shipment is traveling to its destination, it’s common for it to go more than 24 hours without an update due to the variable scanning frequency.

Contact your shipper to confirm the tracking number is accurate if there have been no scans for the entered tracking number. You should get in touch with us if it has been more than 24 hours.


A FedEx shipment is not unusual to get stopped on “Label Created.” Frequently, packages with missed first scans penetrate the FedEx delivery system.

As a result, the item remains trapped on the label update until later in the shipping process. The cargo may be moving forward normally at this period.

Therefore, your first course of action should be to get in touch with the shipper if a few days go by and you don’t receive anything further. They might inquire about the matter with FedEx to learn more about what transpired.

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Originally posted 2022-11-27 11:00:00.

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