Free PO Box For Homeless – Easy Way to Get

Considering the population of homeless persons scattered across the country, it may be challenging for them to receive regular mail delivery. 

You may be interested to know how they can use it. To learn how it operates, continue reading the article, as this article will clarify all your questions regarding the PO boxes for the homeless.

Free PO Box For Homeless

What is a PO Box?

A PO Box is a postal address where mail can be delivered. It is frequently used by organizations or people without a permanent address. Renting a PO Box is possible from the post office and other private businesses. 

The price to get a PO Box fluctuates according to the location and size of the box. A person who travels around a lot or does not want their home address to be made public can take advantage of PO Boxes.

Additionally, it can protect mail from rip-off and environmental deterioration. Postal boxes are intended for receiving mail; they cannot be used for sending it. A PO Box should have the correct structure for mail addresses.

Is a free Po box available to homeless persons?

The USPS provides free PO boxes for homeless people who lack a permanent address. This facility requires applicants to complete an application and present proof of identity. 

The regional postal employee then approves the applications. General Delivery will be available to someone who doesn’t become eligible for a free PO box.

This service assists the homeless community by providing them with a postal address where they may receive letters and packages. 

Additionally, it gives them a location to pick up their postal service, which is often challenging in the absence of a fixed address.

 The USPS PO box program is one method the federal government helps those who are homeless. 

Why did one get a free PO box rejection?

The following are several reasons why someone’s request for a free USPS PO box can be rejected.

The post office administrator won’t grant your request if you don’t fulfill the criteria for making one. For instance, the Post Office will probably be less preferable to grant permission if you don’t have a communication link.

If your ID is lacking and the postmaster doesn’t recognize you, you might also be refused a card. The Post Office may also reject an application if there are no accessible PO boxes at that location. 

You must fulfill these criteria:

  • You should hold a legitimate ID. 
  • Without a legitimate ID, the Postmaster can attest to your identity because they are familiar with you.
  • The Post Office can contact you as needed because you have a legitimate point of contact.

You must provide identity and offer at least one communication channel, such as a relative’s contact number, your employment status, a shelter, or other charitable organization. If your request for a PO box is granted, you will be issued a key and informed of the times you can access your box.

What Happens If A Homeless Person Isn’t Eligible For A Free PO Box?

It’s not the end if a homeless individual cannot qualify for a free PO box. The Postmaster could arrange for General Delivery as an alternative. Nevertheless, a wide range of people with diverse lifestyles utilizes the service of general delivery. 

General Delivery allows the USPS to keep mail for customers to collect at the post office. The main drawback of employing General Delivery instead of a PO box is that PO boxes are open 24/7, as General Delivery is only obtainable between regular office hours. 

People who are homeless and lack a regular schedule or lack of transportation may find this problematic.

The address of a neighbor or relative might be used as a postal address for those who are homeless and require one. They can use this individual as their “mailbox” and have them pass any mail they get to them. 

For those without daily accessibility to transport or who prefer not to depend on the kindness of others, this might be a suitable option.

Benefit from the free PO Boxes.

Providing free mail delivery to the homeless has several benefits. Many homeless persons frequently find themselves unable to acquire the information they require to secure benefits like health care services, shelter, employment, and direct assistance. 

Many homeless people would be able to send and receive emails with the presence of free PO boxes. 

The US government may get information about the number of homeless individuals by encouraging them to utilize email. Since many homeless people do not have a fixed address, it is difficult to follow them. 

However, some vital information about the homeless person or their guardian might be recorded using the free PO Boxes. Even if not everyone, a significant portion would be utilizing the free PO boxes. In this manner, the government can monitor the homeless through the USPS.


While creating a location for individuals to send mail, a post office box can often be used in place of a street address; however, it cannot be used when someone wants to provide their identity to the government.

A P.O. box is only a postal address; it is not an actual address. Senders may ensure that your postal mail arrives by using a P.O. box.

As per USPS policy, a P.O. box may only have one principal account holder. Even if you have the option to grant others access to your box, only one person will be primarily responsible for it.


Receiving mail at a specific location is one method for homeless people to keep in touch with family and friends. Numerous factors can contribute to homelessness. Whoever wants to interact with people should be allowed to do so regardless of their purpose. 

The USPS acknowledges and deals with the problem of homelessness in the country and how it may influence people’s access to daily conveniences that others overlook.

The Postal Service is assisting in balancing the competitive landscape and making them available to possibilities that others take for granted daily by providing them a mailing location.

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