Hey Readers,

We will post updates here on Geekzowns Updates page to let you know what we are doing to improve the content as well as future updates as soon as they become available.

On 10-15-2022 – #GZUPDATE1

We are upgrading our server to speed up the loading of our website so that users won’t experience any problems when reading the posts.

On 10-17-2022 – #GZUPDATE2

We are adding tracking options to Geekzowns so that users can track their courier and know the latest updates, such as where the package is, when it will be delivered, etc.

As it is still in beta, there may be a few issues in using them, but we are working on it. Will update the post once it becomes available to everyone. Visit this page to learn more about USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL .