How Long Post Office Forward Mail

You’re nearly willing to relocate; just ensure that you set up USPS mail forwarding. Your sole option for receiving letters, bills, parcels, and other vital mail at your new residence or place of work is to forward your mail.

When will USPS begin to forward mail? How do I forward USPS mail? What is the process for USPS mail forwarding? To find out the solutions, keep reading.

How Long Post Office Forward Mail

How long does USPS forward mail?

The vast majority of USPS mail, including First-Class, Priority, and First-Class package services, is forwarded for 12 months. USPS only sends publications like journals and newspapers for a maximum of 60 days.

If you wish to keep your subscriptions, you only have a few months to update these media providers with your new address.

Flyers and circulars are examples of marketing mail that USPS often does not forward. Upon receipt of the Change of Address Form by USPS, mail forwarding begins seven to ten business days later.

Your USPS mail may be easily forwarded. Filling out the form online is the simplest method to accomplish it. All you have to do is visit the USPS website and locate the form. Choose whether to forward to a person, family, or company on the form.

Which Options for Mail Forwarding Are There?

Whenever you initiate this procedure with the USPS, you will initially have three choices for mail forwarding to choose from:

Your mail can be sent methodically over a certain period of time with a temporary change of address. If you opt to proceed this way, USPS mail delivered via marketing or package services won’t be forwarded.

Your mail will stop being forwarded after a certain period of time and subsequently be delivered to the primary address mentioned.

If you choose one of the alternatives for a permanent change of address, everything that would have been sent to your old address will now be forwarded to your new location, thus changing your postal address as it is on file.

The Premium Forwarding Service Residential Service offers a weekly drop-off of the entirety of your mail through Priority Mail. However, there is an additional charge associated with this option.

Additional fees must be paid to prolong the services for up to 12 months and occasionally longer.

In addition to the three forwarding options, you may further dissect the situation as follows:

Use the Individual Forwarding service if you simply want to forward mail from one person at one address rather than another.

If you want to have all of the mail for a single family at a single address, everyone with the same last name, effectively forwarded to a new location, you may use family forwarding.

Companies are urged to use a Business forwarding service to ensure that any mail that might have been sent to an old location is forwarded to the new one.

What is the process for USPS mail forwarding?

Mail forwarding, as previously noted, is a service that, after a move, forwards all of your mail to your new address. Your forward order is added to the national address database so that when mail or package is sent to your old address, the information that you’ve relocated to a new location is recognized at the source. 

Your mail will then be printed with a barcode for your new address. The mail forwarding service lets the USPS detect your misplaced mail and immediately reroute it to your new location.


The Post Office recommended that you make preparations in advance. It’s advised to give yourself two weeks, even though mail forwarding could start three business days after your request is made.

The forwarding time may be prolonged by the Post Office in certain situations by an extra year. The client must demonstrate that financial hardship would result if prolonged forwarding is not allowed to be eligible for this extension. 

If you’re temporarily moving, it’s easy to have your mail forwarded. Mail can initially be sent for a period of 15 days to 6 months, according to USPS. Customers who prefer to continue forwarding mail should prolong the temporary forwarding period if they intend to reside at their temporary address for some time greater than six months.

By using the common COA form, USPS will forward your First-Class Mail® without charge. However, there is a one-time $1.05 identification cost if you complete the form online. For its Premium Forwarding Service Residential, the USPS levies a one-time setup cost of $21.90 and a weekly service fee.


To prevent losing mail that is sent to your old address, register your change of address with USPS for a mail forwarding service. With this service, USPS can find your misplaced letters and reroute them to their new destination.

A quick and straightforward approach to guarantee that you keep receiving all of your First-Class mail after relocating is through USPS mail forwarding. 

You just need to fill out the Change of Address form after that and wait for your mail to come. Even more significant service is adaptable, enabling a permanent change of addresses up to 12 months in the future and a temporary change of addresses up to 6 months in the future.

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