How To Address An Envelope/Package

Have to send something but don’t know How To Address A package or envelope? Don’t worry; this post will guide you to do this process with ease, as well as it will tell you everything about addressing a parcel.

When mailing something, shipping labels are necessary, which is why you have the know-how to label your shipment effectively. 

Please continue reading to learn how to write a package’s address, where to put the recipient’s and returning address on the box, and what information they include.

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Address An Envelope/Package

Addressing a package appears to be a straightforward process, but even the slightest error might cause issues later. When a shipment is handled wrong, the shipping service will typically return it to the sender, causing delays. 

This is incredibly challenging when sending anything that must arrive on schedule.

Your recipient’s full name, shipping address, city, state, and postal codes are required. Based on where your cargo is going, the format may differ.

Once you’ve figured out what to write your address, take these actions to ensure that your package arrives quickly.

Create a shipping label

To understand where parcels will be delivered, computers often scan them and evaluate the address. They can read printed labels more easily than handwritten ones, which might facilitate delivery on time.

Make sure to include a return address

Provide your full name with the address. The delivery carrier should return it to you if any problem occurs with the delivery.

Use the proper placement

On the larger side, write the recipient’s address boldly, and insert the return address in the upper left corner. Place the shipping label on the broadest side if you’re adding it.

Content summary

You’ll need to type almost everything you’re delivering and a clear overview of each in this box. This is required to ensure that all items are transported correctly, and it may also be valuable throughout the claim process.

Barcodes. Every package has its barcode in addition to the tracking number. Please place the barcode on a level surface of the packaging so it can be detected conveniently. 

Use a smudge-proof pen to write. If you’re writing straight on a package, write out a label with a pen, a black Marker is a great option. Never use a pencil or a gel pen in transit since it can easily wipe off or vanish.

Make sure your handwriting is legible. As much as feasible, write your material clearly and concisely. It should be read clearly.

Don’t use any punctuation. Punctuation might cause the systems that scan shipments to malfunction. Commas and symbols should all be left out.

Before sending, double-check everything. Before you ship, double-check everything to make sure it’s all correct, readable, and structured correctly.

How to write the address on a courier parcel?

Sometimes when we are sending a package, we get confused about how to write the address on the parcel or where we should write it. Here is a guide that will help you to accomplish this goal.

The first step is to choose a side of the package to write on.

The second step is to center the recipient’s details on the package.

Leaving the largest flat side empty is essential for attaching the shipping label. Regardless of whether you write the recipient’s address on the package, shipping labels are still essential when shipping. So keep a space for it. 

Moreover, Make sure there’s sufficient space above and below the window to fit all the details of your recipient. 

Finally, make sure you have sealed the package properly. You can do this by sealing the packaging along its edges with tape or glue.

In order to make sure that you have done everything correctly, it is a good idea to check your work against a sample image below.

How to write a shipping label?

There is usually a printed shipping label that has a barcode that makes it possible to track the package as soon as it has been shipped. 

For the purpose of avoiding damage to the labels, it is best to place them in a pouch to prevent them from being damaged when they are placed on the largest flat side of the package.

Usually, the courier company that is in charge of shipping the packages provides these labels as part of its service. 

Depending on the service you choose, you may need to print the shipping label and attach it to the package, and in other cases, the courier driver will be able to bring it along with them on collection day. 

What is the best place to write the return address on a package?

The shipping label should be placed on the flattest side of the package, and the recipient’s address should be in the center. 

On the same side that you have the recipient’s address, it is wise to simply write the details for the return address in the left upper corner of the package, just below the address for the recipient.

As for the information in the return address, it is advisable that you simply write your name and your full address in a manner that it is clear.

It is important to note that you should not write any other unnecessary details on the package, since this can only bring about problems. 

What Should You Know About Address Formats for Shipping?

A data collection referring to an actual shipment address is known as an address format.

An address format includes the recipient’s name, home number, street number, city name, postal code, and country name.

Order fulfillment is a critical step in the eCommerce procedure. However, you must confirm that your shipping information is precise to ensure that you do this efficiently.

A postal code, also known as a zip code, is one of the most important parts of an address format.

It’s a numerical number that provides more information about the destination address. The following details can help you choose the right shipping format.

How to make sure that the package gets delivered safely?

There are many things that you can do in order to ensure that your package will get delivered safely without any problems. 

  • You must confirm that the package is sealed correctly before sending it. 
  • Ensure that all of your package’s information is complete and readable.
  • When you’re writing the address, make sure to write it in large, clear letters.
  • Use consistent capitalization so that your address is easy to read.


You can either write by hand the location and return addresses on the package or use a tag or printed sheet of paper attached to the pack’s front.

If you have a delivery address to a house, you can send your package without a name or put any name on it. The courier may be unable to locate you if you live in an apartment and the box has your address but a different name.

The shipping address can be written by hand, but you’ll still need a carrier barcode, which the carrier must generate. Handwriting mailing addresses can take a long time, depending on the sales volume you’re completing.

You don’t even need an actual name. The only thing you’ll need is the address. Any courier will deliver at this address. Don’t put the customer’s last name on the shipping label if it isn’t on the packing slip.

Suppose you don’t have a printer where you can print shipping labels. Your shipping label can be printed at your local public library, an office supply store, or any other location that provides printing services. 


Writing a shipping address is not difficult, but there are some rules that you have to keep in mind. If you follow them, your packaging will be safe, and most importantly, your package will reach your recipient in due time.

So, now you know how to write the address on a package. Ensure that you follow the guidelines so the recipient receives your package well. 

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