Inspect Element on Mac – Easy Tips for Different Browsers

Are you struggling with inspecting elements on your Mac? Don’t worry! This geekzowns article provides an easy solution for all web browsers. Learn how to inspect any element quickly and efficiently using this simple method. Whether you use Safari or Chrome – its never been easier than now!

What You Need To Know

To enable the developer tool in Safari, press “Cmd + Opt + I.”

Press “Ctrl + Alt + C” on Chrome.

In Firefox, press “Ctrl + Shift + I.”


Open Safari Preferences or Settings

Once you launch Safari (the app icon looks like a blue compass with a red and white needle) click on the Apple menu to access its settings. Choose either Preferences or Settings depending on your version of macOS for customization options.

To use the “Inspect Element” tool in Safari, you must first enable it. This is an essential step to take before proceeding with any other actions. With this feature enabled, users can gain greater control over their browsing experience and make adjustments as needed.

Click the Advanced tab for more options.

Located to the far right of your window lies a cluster of gear icons. This is where you’ll find what you need.

To enable the Develop menu in your Android 7 device’s menu bar simply click on “Show Develop menu in menu bar” and check its corresponding box.

This feature is a must have for developers who need quick access to their development tools while working on projects. With this feature activated you can easily navigate through different menus without having to switch between apps or windows constantly. So why wait? Activate it now!

Once the box displays a checkmark, you can proceed to the next step. Don’t uncheck it if its already been marked off.

Inspecting a page is crucial.

To effectively inspect an element on a webpage, it is essential to approach the task from three different angles. This will help you gain deeper insights into its functionality and performance. So when faced with such situations don’t hesitate – take action now!

Show Web Inspector in Develop > Show Web Inspector OR

Inspecting an element on a webpage can be done through either right-click or ctrl-click. Simply select the desired option from the drop down menu and proceed with your task at hand. This feature is available across most modern web browsers for ease of use.

Press Command + Option + I on your keyboard.

To close this window, simply click on the X located in the top left corner of the toolbar. This will bring an end to your current session and allow you to move onto other tasks or activities. Don’t forget – clicking that little button is all it takes!


To inspect a site of interest, simply navigate to it.

To access elements on a particular page use the address bar. This will take you directly to where you need to be. With this feature at your disposal navigating through websites has never been easier!

Examine the page.

There are several methods you can use to achieve this:
The rewritten text should be between nine and twenty seven words in length.

To inspect a page quickly and efficiently use the Inspect feature. Simply right click or ctrl click on it to access this function.

Press Command, Option and Control Keys Simultaneously

Once you’ve completed your work in the Web Inspector window, simply click on its toolbar to close it. The small X will do just that for you.


To access the feature you’ll need to click on the icon depicting a fox encircling a purple-blue ball.

Its simple and easy!

To inspect a site of interest navigate to it.

Head over to the page containing elements that pique your interest. Take a moment to observe them closely and analyze their features in detail.

Examine the page.

To achieve this, there are several methods available:
The rewritten text should be between nine and twenty seven words in length.

Inspecting a webpage is made easy with just one click. Simply right-click or ctrl-click the page and select Inspect OR. This feature allows you to gain access to valuable information about any website quickly and efficiently. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Try it today.

Press Command + Option + I.

After completing your work, close the Web Inspector window by clicking on its toolbar’s small X or pressing Cmd + Opt + I. This will bring an end to this session.

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