Is The Post Office Open On Black Friday 2021?

There are times when the delivery date of our packages coincides with Black Friday, and some people wish their package could be received sooner, so they search, Is The Post Office Open On Black Friday?

Are you one of them? If yes! Then you’ve landed in the right place.


Black Friday is one of the most famous days in the USA. Almost all retailers and online shipping platforms offer huge discounts on their products on Black Friday to attract customers. Black Friday falls after Thanksgiving.

California and many other states observe these days as holidays, so most schools and offices are closed, and state workers celebrate the mini-vacation by taking these days off. However, Black Friday is not a national holiday.

People often want their packages to arrive faster during this small holiday, and they also want to know If The Post Office Is Open On Black Friday,

or Does The Mail Run On Black Friday? since the delivery date occurs around this time. But No need to worry; we will let you know all information through our posts.

Black Friday 2021 usps

Is The Post Office Open On Black Friday

The most asked question is, Is The Post Office Open On Black Friday?, or Is the US postal office open the day after Thanksgiving? The answer is yes, all post offices are open during Black Friday.

You can send any package anywhere or if your packages coming from If your packages are coming from somewhere, you can expect your packages to be delivered during Black Friday, not Thanksgiving Day.

Does Mail Run On Black Friday

When it comes to “Does The Mail Run On Black Friday? then yes. The postal service operates on Black Fridays but not on thanksgiving. Because Black Friday is not a national holiday and the delivery and working hours will remain the same.


below you can see all the holidays observed by USPS and their date. It will make it possible for you to send mail anywhere and to receive it without interruption.

Moreover, it will allow you to do your work as you already know when a holiday is.

Here is the list of USPS holidays 2021

Date Week dayHoliday
January 1FridayNew Years Day
January 18MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Day
February 15MondayPresident’s Day
May 31MondayMemorial Day
July 5MondayIndependence Day [observed]
September 6MondayLabor Day
October 11MondayColumbus Day
November 11ThursdayVeterans Day
November 25 ThursdayThanksgiving Day
December 24FridayChristmas Day [observed ]

You can check out this post to know more about USPS [United States parcel service] holidays.

Working hours of USPS during black Friday?

Because Black Friday isn’t a holiday for USPS, there are no changes to USPS’s delivery hours and working hours. The postal service operates normally.

Additionally, there are no changes for employees or customers. During these days, you can send your package anywhere and also expect it to be delivered.

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is the post office open on Black Friday?

USPS post offices will be open on Black Friday since this is not a holiday for USPS. And the Black Friday working hours will be the same as usual.

Final thought

This post is all about Is The Post Office Open On Black Friday? I hope you’ll now know all the information. You can also check out the USPS .com to know more about holidays and other details.

If you’ve any doubt or questions, let me know in the comment section. I would love to assist you further.

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