Missent USPS – Lost or it’ll arrive? 2022

Have you received a Missent USPS tracking status and are wondering what it means and what you need to do next? In order to find out all about USPS Missent Package, there is no need to go anywhere; read the entire post.

There are thousands of parcels that USPS handles every day, and it delivers them within a short time, but sometimes when a package is in transit, the tracking shows “Missent,” which gets confusing for all of us since it is a new status, and sounds like the package has been stolen.

In spite of this, that’s not the point at all, and there’s nothing you can do from your side. Make sure you read the whole post to find out what’s going on.

What Does Missent Mean USPS?

Your package got loaded into the wrong truck and is headed to the wrong location, as indicated by USPS’s “missent” tracking notification. Usually, this happens when a package is placed on the wrong conveyor belt or in the wrong bin. However, The issue usually gets sorted out within a day or two.

There are two possible scenarios, the following:

1. A mistake was made in loading the package onto the truck, and it ended up in the wrong city. In this case, you will get a notice that your package is “missent” but still find it on your delivery calendar or tracking app. You have received a Missent USPS tracking status and should be able to track it down with UPS or similar services. The carriers will locate your item and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

2. The truck was supposed to be in a region and ended up in another. In this case, the carriers will return your package to the sender or drop it off at a local post office. Your local mail carrier will deliver the item if they are able to find it. The best case is the courier will deliver it to you within a day or two.

How Long Does A Missent Package Take To Arrive?

Sadly, it’s extremely difficult to estimate this since it depends on how far the system got off track before the error was spotted.

There is a good probability that it will be delayed by only a day or two if only it was transported to the next town before it was noticed, or it might not be delayed at all if USPS was able to quickly reroute it. 

It is, however, possible that it will take several days to get back to the point where it should be if it has traveled several states out of its way.

Another factor to consider is the original method of shipment. If your order was shipped with priority shipping, you would usually experience a delay of between one and three days at most. However, if your order was sent with low-priority shipping (such as media mail), the delivery may take much longer. 

If you have your tracking number ready, you will usually receive a notification from USPS within minutes.

Why Do Packages Get Missent?

There could be a variety of reasons why packages end up being missent, but most of the time, it is the result of human error. 

There are several cases where the wrong package or piece of mail is put in the wrong bin or on the wrong conveyor belt, and then it is loaded into the wrong truck.

It is unlikely that this truck will be going to your area, leading to the “missent” notification.

There is good news in this case if you are receiving a “missent” notice, that means USPS has caught the error before it is delivered and notifies you that the package will be taken back to the facility so that it can be picked up by the correct truck the following day.

Are Missent Items Ever Found?

If you see a missent notification, then yes, because the tracking status missent is showing because USPS has found that your package was going to another place.

So wait till your package reroutes and delivered to you. There could be a significant delay or maybe not. Keep an eye on the tracking; you’ll get to know everything about it.

What Do I Do If My Mail Was Missent?

It is essential to be patient when you get a missent mail as it may take a while for your mail to arrive.

There is a good chance you have received the ‘missent’ notification, which means you have been made aware of the error, and USPS is doing everything they can to correct it.

There is a higher chance that tracking will be updated within 1-2 business days. When tracking is updated, you will know where your order is and how soon it will be delivered.

When the USPS postal worker who mismanaged your package picks up the package from its incorrect loading location that it was on their truck, they will place it aside and continue their route as usual. Then they will return the package back to the facility where it was initially delivered to.

Getting in touch with the post office is a good idea if it has been longer than that. Using the tracking number, your local post office can look up your package and find out where it is and the expected delivery time frame.

Does The Missent Notification Mean My Mail Was Delivered To The Wrong Address?

There is a possibility that missent mail can be delivered to the incorrect address, but this is probably not what the notification means.

According to USPS’s “missent” notification, the package was placed on the incorrect truck, but the mistake was detected before the package was delivered to the wrong place.

There is a possibility that this can delay the delivery of your package by about 1 to 2 days, but it does not mean that it has already been delivered to the wrong location.

When USPS performs a “missent” check on a package, it is best not to panic, as it means they have caught the mistake before it can make any drastic changes and that they are actively working to address the issue.

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“Missent” comes from the term misdirected, defined as being “delivered to an incorrect address.” If your package is misdirected or incorrectly loaded onto another truck, it is considered to be “missent.”

If the “missent” package is delivered to a random address, USPS will contact that residence and inform them that someone has delivered a package to their incorrect address.

It usually takes one day for your parcel to be rerouted after being sent as “missent.”

It usually takes one to two days for your package to be rerouted after being sent as “missent.”

The mail carrier will attempt to contact you first before hand-delivering a “missent” package.

If you receive a “misdirected” package notice, it means your item has been placed on the incorrect truck. USPS is working to fix the issue; there is nothing to do by your side.


If you’ve recently received a “missent” notice, this does not necessarily mean your package was lost or that it was delivered to the wrong address. It just means it was loaded on the wrong truck, but it gets noticed, and they are working on it to get it back.

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