Po Box Address Example – all you need to know

In most cases, creating a PO Box nowadays is easy and quick. With the proper knowledge, addressing mail to a PO Box is also reasonably straightforward.

There isn’t much difference between mailing mail to a PO Box and any other address, but you will need to understand the PO Box number before you can address anything to a PO Box.

To help you complete the process without any problem, we have broken both of these down in more detail below.

You will grasp how to obtain a PO Box for yourself and adequately address mail sent to PO boxes once you have read the detailed content below.

So let’s get started.

What is a PO box?

A post office box is a specially addressed, locked box on a post office’s property. In general, people and businesses rent post office boxes from the post office on a schedule varying from monthly to yearly, and the rent price varies based on the size of the box. 

Rural PO boxes are typically more expensive than those in the central business district. In the past, the rental rate in the United States was the same everywhere. 

However, there are now seven fee groups that a postal facility can be in according to its location. 

In addition, some customers are eligible for free box rentals, typically because the Postal Service does not provide carrier-route delivery to their addresses.

How to write a PO box address?

A PO box rather than a specific postal address is often required to deliver mail. You can exclude both the street address and the building or flat number in this case.

Follow these instructions to write a PO box address:

  • The first line should always include the recipient’s full name.
  • You must have the prefix “PO Box” on the second line. Write the box number after adding a space.
  • As for conventional addresses, you can insert your location, province shortened version, and Postcode.

When referencing a PO box number, never include the apartment number or the street address. Otherwise, you may do it on two different lines, but only one may be mentioned.

PO Box Address Example:

Example of a PO Box Address: Post office box addresses always begin with “PO Box” and are followed by the specific box number, which is often a 2 to a 5-digit number. When entering PO Box addresses, the US Postal Service asks that all punctuation be left in. 

Write “PO Box” instead of “PO Box,” for instance. Managing your PO Box address format is simple, especially since your new PO Box number replaces your physical address or street address.

Suppose your address was something like this before you got your PO Box:

  • Samuel Johnson 
  • 123 Main Street
  • Anytown, USA 09863

Your new PO Box address will now appear as follows:

  • Samuel Johnson 
  • PO Box 3674
  • Anytown, USA 09863

Simply substitute the PO Box number you have been handed for your previous street address or postal address.

Filling Out the Required Mailing Information

Discover unidentified PO Box numbers:

Lookup any unclear PO Box numbers. With a fast online search, you should be able to find the physical address of the person or organization you’re attempting to contact.

If a PO Box number is not publicly available, you can access it by calling Directory Assistance or filling out a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request form.

Legible writing:

Check if your handwriting is legible after you’ve completed addressing the letter. Information written by hand should always be printed.

Start over with a new envelope if you’re not sure if your address will be readable to someone unfamiliar with you.

Give your return address.

In the top left corner of the envelope or parcel, write your address. The return address size should be similar to or a little smaller than the delivery address. If not, it can be interpreted as the delivery address.

Specify the location where people can find you most efficiently.

Examine all flaws:

Check to be sure all of the information you’ve provided is accurate before you mail your letter.

It’s crucial that you correctly enter any numerical information.


PO Boxes will only have a Box number, not a name. However, you can use a post box from The UPS Store and make that street address your registered office.

The USPS does not provide physical addresses. A street addressing service, on the other hand, uses the Post Office’s address and omits the Box number in favor of adding the unit.

On the first line of the address, write the recipient’s first and last names. Put the name of the firm or organization you are writing to immediately after the recipient’s name. The PO box number must be indicated by writing “PO box” + a 2–5 digit number.

Write the PO Box number where you would typically write the street address when mailing a letter to a PO Box. The recipient’s name should be written in the first line of a speech, followed, if appropriate, by the firm’s name.


A post office box, also referred to as a postal box or a PO box, is a lockable, individually addressable box situated on a post office’s property.

Sometimes it’s necessary to send to a PO box rather than a specific mailing address. Here, you can entirely skip the street address and the building or apartment number.

Managing your PO Box address format is simple, especially since your new PO Box number merely replaces your physical address or street address.

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