Restarting Your Computer Using the Keyboard

If you’re unable to use your computers mouse or trackpad due to technical difficulties or other reasons, don’t despair! There are alternative methods for rebooting your PC or Mac using only the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts like Alt + F4 on Windows and Control + Eject on macOS can be lifesavers in these situations. This article by geekzowns will showcase how easy it is to restart your computer without relying solely on a mouse or trackpad.


To use the Alt key, simply press and hold it down.

You can choose to do this with either the left or right side of your keyboard. This feature is a handy tool for many tasks in computing.

The F4 key can unlock a wealth of functionality on your keyboard.

By holding it down you’ll gain access to an array of options represented by the row of F keys atop your device. Take advantage of this feature and explore what it has in store for you!

Achieving a university level readability requires careful consideration of language and style. To effectively communicate the importance of closing active applications and windows including browser windows use this key combination. By doing so you’ll ensure that all necessary tasks are completed before moving on to other activities.

Certain laptop models require users to press and hold the Fn key in order to utilize function keys (Fn + Alt + F4).

This feature varies depending on model type. Be sure to check your laptops manual for more information about this capability.

To close all applications, simply repeat the above process. This will ensure that everything is shut down properly and efficiently. Don’t forget to do this every time you finish using your computer or device for optimal performance.

To close all browsers and applications simultaneously, simply press Alt + F4 until they’re no longer visible on your screen.

This will ensure that none of them remain open or running in the background.

Press ↵ Enter to Restart

If “Restart” is not already selected, use the directional arrow keys on your keyboard to select it from the drop down menu. This will initiate a system restart.

If all applications and windows are closed on your computer, a window will appear. This is an important notification that should not be ignored. Take action immediately to address any issues or concerns associated with this message.

Once you’ve chosen this option your computer will restart without the need for a mouse. This feature is particularly useful when working on complex tasks that require both hands or if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking buttons with a mouse.

If the previous steps have not been successful in restarting your device try utilizing various key shortcuts. This may be an effective solution for you. It is worth mentioning that using different combinations of keys can sometimes yield positive results where other methods fail. So don’t hesitate to experiment with this approach if necessary.

To shut down or sign out of your device use the following steps: First, press Win + X on your keyboard.

Then navigate through the options using arrow keys until you reach Shut Down/Sign Out and hit Enter. Finally, move to Restart with arrow keys and confirm by pressing Enter. This will initiate a restart process for your device.


To perform this action, simply hold down the Ctrl key.

Utilizing the Ctrl key on either side of your Space bar can prove beneficial. This technique is worth considering if you’re looking for an alternative way to navigate through text. With practice it could become second nature!

To turn off your device, simply press and hold either the Power button (without a Touch ID sensor) or Media Eject button (with a Touch ID sensor). This will initiate shutdown procedures.

A dialogue will appear prompting you to choose between restart, sleep or shut down. Utilize your keyboard arrow keys and select “Restart” before pressing Return.

If you have a Touch ID sensor, pressing the Power button won’t function.

Another keyboard shortcut can be used to accomplish a task.

Force Mac Restart with Ctrl + Cmd+ Power or Ctrl + Cmd+ Eject Media

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