Sending a FedEx Package – The Basics

Important Information To Know

  • To ship your item securely, first package it in a mailing envelope or box. Then use an online platform to generate and print out the shipping label. This will ensure that everything arrives at its destination without any hassle.
  • When it comes to selecting a delivery method for your package consider how quickly you want it delivered. This will help determine which option is best suited for your needs.
  • For your convenience you can either drop off the package at a nearby FedEx location or schedule an easy pickup from home.

To ensure successful shipping of the item, it is crucial to confirm that it can be transported.

Opt for packaging to ensure the item is secure and protected during transit.

Transporting hazardous or dangerous materials like chemicals and medicines may not be possible. Lithium ion batteries require special labeling before they can be shipped safely. For a comprehensive list of prohibited items as well as guidelines for transportation visit

Complete the shipping label and any additional required documents.

When it comes to packing supplies for shipping purposes, there are several options available at your disposal. Visit a nearby FedEx store or browse online retailers that offer mailing envelopes, standard corrugated cardboard boxes and shipping tubes in various sizes. These materials provide ample protection during transit while ensuring the contents remain intact upon arrival. Bubble wrap is also an effective option when additional padding is necessary. Securely close all packages using either built-in glue strips (envelope), tape across seams (box) or reinforcing ends with extra tape (tube). With these tips in mind you can rest assured knowing that your items will arrive safely at their destination without any damage caused by rough handling or mishandling during transportation.

  • It’s a good idea to put a copy of the completed shipping label inside the package, if possible.

To ensure that your label is easily visible and accessible, it’s important to place it on the largest flat surface of the container.

When sending a package domestically with FedEx you’ll need to provide both the sender and recipient names, addresses along with their phone numbers. You should also include an accurate description of whats inside your parcel as well as its value – all while keeping track of how much it weighs. To make things easier for yourself choose between filling out forms by hand at any nearby store or using online resources like the official website where everything can be done digitally before printing off labels from home.

  • When filling out forms online, ensure that you have an accurate scale to measure the package. This will help avoid any errors or discrepancies in your submission.
  • International package shipping requires filling out customs forms that include two essential pieces of information: the export control classification number and harmonized system code. which can be found using a tool available at . This step is crucial for ensuring your shipment reaches its destination without any delays or complications due to incomplete paperwork.

Choosing a Delivery Service

To ensure timely delivery of your package, it is essential to determine the desired time frame.

When it comes to domestic package delivery options there are several choices available for you. These include same day delivery, next business day delivery as well as two or three business days’ worth of transit time if required along with ground shipping that takes between one and five working days depending on the location being served by this mode of transportation.  As far as international shipments go – fastest possible delivery guarantees arrival within just a single workday while International Priority ensures safe passage in under three days maximum; lastly those who prefer cost-effective solutions can opt for Economy which typically delivers goods after traversing through multiple countries overseas routes spanning up to five business days at most! All these modes offer varying levels of speed & affordability making them suitable for different types of cargo requirements worldwide. so choose wisely based on your needs. 

  • To ensure that your package is signed for upon delivery, simply choose the appropriate option when selecting a shipping service. This feature will provide added security and peace of mind during transit.

To safeguard against potential losses or damages it is advisable to invest in insurance.

When it comes to shipping items valued at less than $100 through FedEx you can simply declare their value on the label and rest easy knowing that they’ll cover up to $100 worth of replacement costs if necessary. without any additional fees required! However for more expensive goods requiring insurance coverage above this threshold point – which is set at $100 or higher- there will be an extra charge levied based upon each item’s declared value: namely $0.90 per every hundred dollars spent towards its purchase price when declaring such details during checkout .  As part of filing a claim later down the line something should go awry with the delivery process along the way; make sure have all relevant documentation ready showing proof-of-value for said lost item(s) beforehand so as not delay resolution timeframes unnecessarily. hence why being thorough from the start helps avoid hassles later on!

  • In the unfortunate event that FedEx damages or loses a package you sent, providing them with your purchase receipt and filling out an online claim form at is essential for obtaining compensation.

Cover the shipping expenses.

The cost of shipping depends on several factors such as package size and weight along with the delivery service chosen. In store payments can be made through cash, check or debit/credit card options while online purchases require either an electronic funds transfer before printing out labels or using a debit/credit card for payment purposes only . To determine rates for specific packages head over to now!

Choosing a Delivery Service

Determine the speed of delivery for your package by setting a timeline.

Domestic package delivery options abound with same day, next business day or two to three days being among them. while international shipments offer the fastest possible (one day) and priority choices that take between one to three days along with economy alternatives taking upwards of five days . 

  • To ensure that the package is signed upon delivery, you can choose to require a signature when selecting your preferred shipping method. This option will guarantee added security for both parties involved in the transaction. Don’t hesitate – take advantage of this feature today!

Invest in insurance to safeguard against potential losses or damages.

If you’re shipping items worth less than $100, simply indicate their value on the label and FedEx will cover up to $100 in replacement costs if necessary. The insurance premium for more expensive goods is set at a rate of $0.90 per every hundred dollars spent on coverage. In case you need to file an insurance claim later on providing proof-of-value documentation becomes crucial as it serves as evidence supporting your claims about what was lost during transit.

  • If you’ve sent a package through FedEx and it has been damaged or lost, don’t worry – they have your back.! Simply provide them with the purchase receipt along with filling out an online claim form at This will help ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently by their dedicated team of experts. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance during this process!

Pay the shipping fees to ensure timely delivery of your package.

The cost of shipping your package depends on several factors such as its size and weight, along with the delivery service you choose. In store payments can be made using cash or check while online transactions require debit/credit card payment or electronic funds transfer before printing out labels. To determine specific rates for individual packages visit

If you’re pressed for time consider dropping off the package at a later point.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to ship packages without leaving your neighborhood or workplace then FedEx has got you covered. With both online payment options and physical store locations available throughout the country there are plenty of ways to get started with shipping through this trusted carrier today! Simply visit to find nearby stores or head over to if drop boxes better suit your needs – either option will help make sending parcels effortless in no time at all!

If you’re pressed for time or simply prefer not to deal with the hassle of picking up a package yourself consider arranging for it to be picked up instead

FedEx understands how important it is for you to have a hassle free shipping experience.. That’s why they offer two convenient options when arranging pickups from your home or office – by phone and online! Simply dial 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) and say “Schedule a pickup” or head over to where creating an account with FedEx will allow access to scheduling services. With these easy steps taken care of, rest assured that all aspects of the delivery process are in good hands!

Utilize the tracking ID number on your receipt to keep tabs on where your package is at any given moment.

Tracking your package is easy with FedEx. Simply input the reference number located atop your shipping receipt into for an up to date status report on its whereabouts and previous locations along its journey.

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