Subway Stock – Can You Buy It?

Subway is a fast food franchise that has gained worldwide recognition for its popularity and success. With over 41,000 stores scattered across the globe it remains one of the most well known brands in this industry. The brand continues to attract customers from all walks of life due to their high quality offerings at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for sandwiches or salads – Subways got your back!

Given Subway’s impressive track record many people are curious about whether they currently trade on the stock market or if they have any plans to go public in the future. I’ve done some digging and found out everything you need to know!

Subway on the Stock Exchange

Subway is not listed on any stock exchange as it remains privately held by Doctor’s Associates Inc. This company was established by Subways founders Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck who continue to own the chain today. There are currently no plans for an IPO or public offering in sight from this private entity.

Curious about Subways position in the stock market? Interested in purchasing their shares or learning more about this topic? Then continue reading for valuable insights!

Subway on the Stock Market – Past and Present

Subway has remained a privately held company since its inception due to Doctor’s Associates Inc. owning all stock shares and controlling the business from day one when it was founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck (the owners of Subway). This unique approach ensures that decisions are made with long term goals in mind rather than short term gains driven by external investors or shareholders.

Subway and Doctor’s Associates Inc. are currently owned by the DeLuca family following Fred DeLucas’ passing in 2015. The company remains under their control to this day.

Subway’s legacy has been passed down through generations, making it unlikely that they will ever enter the stock market. This means that this iconic business is set to remain a staple in our lives for years to come.

Doctor’s Associates Inc. – Corporate Structure

In 1967, Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck established Doctor’s Associates Inc., a company that would oversee the expansion of their restaurant franchise after opening its first location in 1965. The pair had already recognized the potential for growth with their unique concept – offering freshly made sandwiches at an affordable price point – and sought to capitalize on it through strategic management practices under this new corporate structure. As more locations opened across America throughout subsequent decades they continued refining operations while maintaining quality standards ensuring customers received consistently delicious meals every time they visited Subway. Today we know them as one of America’s most beloved fast food chains thanks largely due to these early efforts by two visionary entrepreneurs who saw something special before anyone else did.

Doctor’s Associates Inc. has remained committed to preserving Subways legacy by maintaining ownership of the company and managing its franchises through their own entity. This dedication ensures that future generations can continue enjoying delicious sandwiches at this beloved fast food chain.

Subway’s corporate structure includes Doctor’s Associates Inc. and other entities that work together to achieve the company’s goals. The teamwork between these different parts of Subways organization is crucial for their success in providing quality food products and services worldwide.

Franchise World Headquarters, LLC manages franchising operations for Subway. FWH Technologies, LLC owns and licenses the chain’s point-of-sale software.

Subway International B.V., Subway Franchise Systems of Canada, Ltd.

  • Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, Ltd. and Subway Franchisee Advertising
  • Fund Trust, B.V., and the Subway Franchisee Canadian Advertising Trust
  • Subway Franchisees and Subcard Loyalty Scheme Management in European Countries

Subway – Will They Go Public?

Currently Subway is unlikely to become a publicly traded company. However it remains possible though not probable at this time.

Subway is currently owned entirely by Doctor’s Associates Inc., a private company made up of family and other representatives from the foundation. All shares and stocks are held within this entity, making it an exclusive enterprise.

Subway has faced financial challenges in recent times due to the impact of COVID 19. Nevertheless there is still potential for them to go public at some point down the line. The road ahead may be tough but with careful planning and strategic decision making Subway could emerge stronger than ever before. Only time will tell if this iconic fast food chain can make a successful transition into being listed on stock exchanges worldwide.

In April 2021, rumors surfaced that Subway would be sold and made public. a claim which was swiftly denied by Elisabeth DeLuca (the widow of co-founder Fred DeLuca). The matter has since been put to rest.

Subway has always been adamant about preserving its independence from larger corporations or other overseers. This stance remains unchanged despite recent events.

Subway has taken proactive measures to prevent a takeover by implementing an anti-takeover protection scheme. This movie demonstrates their commitment towards safeguarding the company’s interests and ensuring its long term success.

Subway Stock – Can You Invest?

Thanks to modern technology and innovative apps like eToro, Robinhood or Acorns anyone can now easily participate in the stock market by purchasing shares. These platforms make it simple for individuals with varying levels of experience to invest their money into companies they believe will perform well on the market. With such accessible options available today theres no reason why you shouldn’t consider joining this exciting industry!

Unfortunately for investors looking to buy shares in Subway there is currently no option available as the company remains privately owned. This means that acquiring any number of stocks or bonds from this popular fast food chain isn’t possible at present time.

Doctor’s Associates Inc. holds sole ownership of Subway stock, making it impossible for the company to be sold or shares distributed on public markets. This arrangement ensures that only those with access can invest in this private venture.

Competitors to Subway on the Stock Market

Subway’s private ownership and lack of public trading on the stock market make it less appealing to investors looking for profitable opportunities in the competitive food industry. Instead they often turn their attention towards other companies that offer more transparency through publicly listed shares.

Subway faces stiff competition from several fast food chains that are listed on the stock market. Some of these competitors include:


McDonalds is a colossal fast food enterprise that has made its mark in over 120 countries and territories with more than 38,000 restaurants. Its global reach makes it one of the most successful companies worldwide. The company’s growth can be attributed to their commitment towards delivering quality products at affordable prices while maintaining high standards for customer satisfaction. As they continue on this path McDonald’s remains an industry leader in innovation and excellence.

McDonalds has shown that it can adapt to changing markets and trends with ease. This ability has enabled the company to achieve higher sales figures while also rewarding shareholders through increased dividend payouts. The success of this approach is testament to McDonald’s proven business model.


Dominos has established a significant presence in the pizza delivery market share with some estimates indicating that they may hold close to half of it. This achievement speaks volumes about their popularity among customers who continue to choose them over other options available.

During the pandemic period of 2020-21 Dominos experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for pizza delivery services. To meet this need they implemented a strategy known as “fortressing” which involved opening additional stores within established markets. This approach has made investment opportunities with Domino’s highly attractive. With their strong position and strategic moves during these challenging times it seems that now is a great time to consider putting money into this company if you are looking for long term growth potential.

Shake Shack:

Although Shake Shack is a smaller brand they have immense potential for growth. With their popularity and strong reputation within the industry there are endless opportunities available to them as they continue expanding.

Shake Shack has experienced significant growth in online sales over the past year with around 2.4 million new customers joining their ranks during this period. This impressive expansion makes it an attractive investment option for those looking to capitalize on its potential. As such, if you’re considering putting your money into a promising company – look no further than Shake Shack! With so much promise and opportunity ahead of them they could be just what you need to grow your portfolio effectively.!


Chipotle has faced a significant decline in its customer base but is now thriving and expanding with plans to fill 20,000 job positions while increasing their minimum wage. This growth will lead to further expansion making it an investment worth considering for those looking at long term gains. With Chipotle’s upward trajectory comes increased opportunities for financial success.

Restaurant Brand International is a stock that encompasses three well known food chains – Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Hortons. With approximately 25,000 locations worldwide this company has established itself as an industry leader in the restaurant sector. Whether you’re looking for burgers or coffee there are plenty of options available through RBI!

Investors seeking a diverse portfolio should take note of this companys three major brands. With each brand experiencing success in different markets the company is an attractive option for those looking to experiment with new ideas while minimizing risk. Considering investment? Look no further than these innovative companies!

For those interested in learning more about Subway we suggest checking out our posts on who owns the company, how it compares to Mcdonald’s and whether or not its considered an ethical business. These articles provide valuable insights into this popular fast food chain.

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