Updating Wi-Fi on Alexa – A Simple Guide

Moving your Alexa or Echo device to a new location? Or perhaps you’ve just purchased an updated router and need help connecting it with ease? No worries! Changing Wi Fi settings on Amazon Alexas mobile app is quick and easy. This geekzowns article provides detailed instructions for changing both network names as well as passwords from any Android, iPhone or iPad device seamlessly. With these steps at hand you can rest assured that all devices are connected securely without interruption in service quality.

Important Facts To Know

If you’re looking to adjust the Wi Fi settings on your Alexa device, simply use the mobile app available through both phone and tablet. This convenient feature allows for easy accessibility when making changes from anywhere at any time. With just a few clicks or taps away you can have complete control over how your smart home operates seamlessly within its environment. So why wait? Start optimizing today!

To change your Alexa’s name, go to the Devices section in the Alexa app. Select your device and navigate to Status > Change.

Join your Alexa device to a Wi Fi network by placing it into Setup mode and selecting the appropriate option on screen. Tap your device for further instructions if necessary.


Open the Amazon Alexa app on your device.

Accessing Alexa on your phone or tablet is simple. Just tap the blue icon with “Alexa” written in lowercase letters. If you don’t have this app yet, head over to either Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone/iPad) for an easy download process.
The rewritten text should be between 37 and 111 words long: Use your smartphone or tablets capabilities by tapping into Alexas features through its distinctive blue icon featuring lower case lettering that reads ‘Alexa’. However if you haven’t downloaded it yet then simply navigate towards either Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple’s App Store (for iPhone/ iPad owners). With just a few clicks away from accessing all of what makes up this incredible virtual assistant! So why wait? Start exploring now!

The versatility of this method extends to all Alexa enabled smart speakers and devices such as Echo or Echo Dot. This means that you can use it regardless of which device you have at home. With its ease of accessibility across different platforms the possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your daily routine with voice commands.

To alter the Wi Fi network on your Android, iPhone or iPad you’ll need to turn on Bluetooth and be close by to your Alexa device. This simple step will allow for seamless connectivity between devices without any hassle!

Tap Devices.

For those who use the Alexa app regularly there is a handy feature located at its base. Its represented by an icon that resembles a house with switches inside – easy to spot!

Echo and Alexa – Tap Into Their Potential

The app’s first tile is located at the top left corner.

Tap away.

Choose the Alexa device that you want to modify its Wi Fi network name or password.

Tap Status.

The tile at the bottom of the menu is what we’re talking about. It deserves your attention!

Select “Wi-Fi Network” and then tap “Change.”

Looking for a wireless option? You’ll find it under the “Wireless” header near the top of the menu. This feature is worth exploring if you want to streamline your technology experience.

To begin setting up your Alexa device, place it into Setup mode.

This will allow you to customize its settings and features for optimal performance. Don’t forget this important step!

To set up your Echo device using the Alexa app, you’ll need to place it into Setup mode. This can be done by pressing and holding down on its Action button (the circle) for approximately 15-20 seconds if your device has a round shape or else press Volume Down and Microphone Off simultaneously for around twenty seconds instead. Follow these steps carefully so that everything goes smoothly during setup!

Choose your Alexa device.

The process of naming your device as “Echo Dot-4BW” is completed. The next step involves scanning for Wi Fi networks by Alexa. Once done, a list containing available networks will appear near you.
To make it easier for users like yourself to navigate through these options and select the best one for their needs; each network comes with its own unique name or identifier. This helps ensure that no two devices are confused when connecting online together. With this feature in place; finding reliable internet connections has never been simpler!

To connect to the Wi Fi network simply tap on it.

If you’re seeking to join a hidden Wi Fi network, simply tap on Add Network and manually input the SSID. Once connected enter in your password for access to this new connection.

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