USPS Says Delivered But No Package – what to do?

Having one eye on the mailbox and the other on the tracking can be a bit of a challenge when you’re impatiently waiting for your online order. You suddenly notice that the tracking information has changed to “Delivered” But nothing has arrived!

USPS Says Delivered But No Package is a very rare problem for people expecting their package but not getting it. It is also a very annoying and frustrating issue. 

There are several reasons why this happens, and the following post explains all the things about it and what to do.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Why Does USPS Say Delivered But There’s No Package?

The USPS says delivered, but there’s no package due to USPS scan error, accidentally delivered to the wrong recipient, or there has been wrong info. However, if none of the reasons is for your package’s disappearance, you should contact your local post office to find out where it is.

If the local post office has no answer, it’s time to contact customer service because they are the only ones who can really see where your package is.

You can either contact USPS customer service by phone or through their live chat system.

Why Is My Package Not Here But It Says Delivered?

When the USPS Says your shipment is delivered, but there is no package, There is a higher possibility that your shipment is marked as delivered by mistake or due to a technical error.

So, wait until the next day, you’ll surely see your package. You just have to be patient and keep your eyes out for it.

If you do not get your package or any alert the next day, I would suggest you contact the mail customer support right away as they can only share the exact information about the shipment.

Additionally, contacting the mail carrier will be helpful since they can identify if a package has been lost within a reasonable time frame,

The reason is that mail services sometimes share packages with another courier to deliver them.

This could be because that area may not be within their reach, and the third party delivered it to any other address because they weren’t familiar with your preferred delivery address.

Moreover, Make sure your mailbox is not filled with packages. Check the bushes, under the stairs, and anywhere else a package might have been left.

It may also be worth checking with your neighbors to see if they have received a package addressed to you since sometimes mail carriers mix up the apartment and building numbers if they are unfamiliar with a route.

What Should I Do If my USPS package says delivered, but it’s not here?

There might be an issue with the tracking system, so I suggest you wait until the shipment’s expected delivery date. I’m sure you’ll get your package soon.

In the meantime, you can look around your property and speak to your neighbors. If your package has not been found after two business days, contact the USPS post office in your area.

In order to find out what’s going on with your route, you can contact the post office head or manager of the post office in order for them to proceed with the request and contact the mail carrier.

Nevertheless, if USPS is unable to assist and the package still hasn’t arrived after 5-7days, contact USPS and file a Missing Mail claim. 

Alternatively, you can call USPS Customer Care at 1-800-275-8777 to complain about it.

The process starts the moment you file a Missing Mail claim, which prompts postal officials to examine every step your package took between dropping off and being delivered.

It is often the case that packages are lost because they were scanned but didn’t end up on a vehicle for delivery, or they were overlooked in some other manner.

Therefore, complaining about the missing mail can resolve the issue more quickly, and there is a higher probability of the package getting to where it needs to go.

Does USPS Mark Packages As Delivered Before Delivering?

USPS doesn’t mark any shipment delivered before delivery; however, sometimes it happens due to technical errors or scans errors. 

The delivered status occurred when a delivery guy marked delivered instead of accepted or something else tracking status, this happened by mistake, and the tracking got updated immediately. This is why the delivered status shows on the tracking.

The status of a package in the package tracking system might read “Delivered” or “Delivery Attempted” even if no action was taken if a carrier scans a package as “Delivered” somewhere other than the delivery point.

Even though these things are uncommon, they do occur, and the USPS audit reports show that the delivered tag appears before delivery, but the package gets delivered on time.

So do not worry and contact customer support during this time; you will receive your shipment shortly.

How To Prevent The Situation:

If you want to avoid situations like this, the best thing you can do is check your tracking number and watch the tracking history so that you will be forewarned about any potential problems.

The other way to avoid situations like this is to sign up for USPS email or text message alerts. This will let you know when a package has been delivered rather than just making other deliveries go by.

Ask For Signature: If you are concerned about the package being stolen or lost, you can ask for signature confirmation. This way, it will be clear that a particular delivery person has made a successful delivery and signed off on this process.

Tracking is essential because you don’t want to be in the dark about your package if something gets lost or delayed in transit. This will help to track USPS packages so that there will not be an issue with delivery.

If you want to track your packages, you can use the official tracking option USPS gives. This can help you track your shipments and check the status of your packages.



It means your package was scanned as delivered incorrectly by a carrier or it got lost in transit, follow up with your local post office to find out where it is.

If you believe your merchandise was lost or damaged in transit, call customer service and request a refund. They are the only ones who can tell the correct information about it.

It’s possible that your package was marked as delivered by mistake or due to a technical error; try to wait for an update on your tracking, or contact the post office to know about your package.

The US Postal Service is one of the most secure carriers globally, so packages are almost never lost or stolen. It is possible that your package was delayed or there has been a tracking issue; get in touch with them.

No, the sticker from another country will not affect you getting your package. The US postal service is an international carrier, so this happens frequently.

You can look around your property, speak to neighbors and inform them of the situation. If there is nothing, contact customer support to know the exact information about the package.

The package label may indicate that it is sent by USPS but does not contain any tracking information. Please get in touch with customer support to obtain your tracking number.

First, try to make sure that the package is lost by making inquiries with your local post office. If you still have no luck in locating your parcel, go ahead and file a claim.

The US Postal Service tracking website updates in almost real-time, so all packages are accounted for on their official site.

Final Words:

I hope that this article was helpful to you, and now you know USPS Says Delivered But No Package – what to do and how to find out your package if it’s missing, if it was marked as delivered or if it’s stuck at the post office.

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