USPS Tracking Number Not Working

A lot of people have been experiencing issues with USPS Tracking not working. We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to track your shipment, but do not worry.


We will discuss everything related to it in this post, including what happened, what to do, and more.

Let’s say that you’ve entered all details correctly, right? If the USPS tracking number is still not working, then there must be something wrong with the information being entered on the USPS side.

Or, it could be another issue altogether. So let’s identify what is causing the problem and what to do.

USPS Tracking Not working – What Went Wrong?

The USPS tracking info will be only as accurate as USPS update it. If the USPS has a problem updating this information via USPS update, then the USPS tracking number not working is going to happen – there’s no way around it.

Also, If the USPS tracking number is not working, then USPS tracking info will be wrong at the USPS end.

So USPS updates may have a problem updating USPS tracking info, or USPS might not be able to properly identify your package in the first place.

USPS Tracking not updating x
USPS Tracking not updating

Here’s More

First, check your tracking number with the tracking number you received from the USPS. Please also check the email you get from USPS after shipping your package because sometimes they send an incorrect tracking number due to an error. It is rare, but occasionally it happens.


As long as you are still waiting for the tracking number after submitting your package, it means they are still processing it, so wait until 24 hours, and then you will start getting tracking updates.

What to do

To check this out, go to USPS – Track & Confirm, find your mail piece by using any criteria you want (it doesn’t matter), and fill in all details exactly as they appear on the label. Now click the “Track Details because USPS tracking number not working” link to USPS.

If everything is perfectly fine and there are no issues in anything, contact customer support and let them know about the issue. They may ask you a few details about you to verify.

Customer support is the only one that can provide you with accurate information. After giving all the info, they may tell you right there or may call you after some time.

You can also wait 24-48 hours and recheck the tracking info. As I said before, maybe they have not started the processing yet. That’s why it is not working.

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