Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

If you’ve purchased a car battery from Walmart within the last 90 days and are experiencing issues with it due to faults or incorrect fitment then don’t worry – they have got your back! Simply bring in both original packaging along with proof of purchase (receipt) for either an exchange into another model that fits better or receive cash refund instead. Alternatively, store credit could be given too if desired by customers at their discretion upon return. This is yet another example of how much value Walmart places on customer satisfaction when shopping there! So rest assured knowing that even if things may not go as planned initially; Walmart has always got solutions waiting just around every corner for all its valued patrons out there who shop regularly with them!

Curious about returning a battery? Want to know more about locations and policies without receipts? Keep reading! We’ve got all the information you need.

When Can You Return Car Batteries to Walmart?

Customers of Walmart can return their car batteries under specific conditions. These usually involve:

  • If your car battery is showing a reading of 12.45 volts or less then it means that its holding only about three quarters charge – not enough to power up efficiently! If this happens frequently you may need to replace the battery altogether since it could be faulty or damaged beyond repair.
  • On another note if customers find themselves struggling with issues like poor fitment into their cars mounting system or having an unused product on hand which has yet been installed they can rest assured knowing they have options available within ninety days from purchase date: either opt for full refunds or exchanges without any hassle whatsoever! So don’t let these minor setbacks dampen spirits; take advantage of our flexible policies today and get back behind those wheels quickly!

If you have your receipt, then the refund will be processed through the same method that was used for purchasing the battery. However if you don’t possess it anymore then an in store credit would suffice as a substitute.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty – How Long?

The length of your warranty will depend on the type of car battery you purchased. Generally speaking each battery comes with two separate guarantees. Make sure to review these carefully before making any decisions about which product is right for you.

The initial warranty offers a complimentary replacement service while the second provides a prorated one. Both options are available for your convenience and peace of mind.

A battery warranty with a lifespan of five years provides coverage for unexpected occurrences. The first three years offer free replacement (with an additional fee if the cost has increased) while subsequent protection extends over two more years through prorated replacements. This comprehensive approach ensures peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your devices’ power supply.

Does Walmart Buy Old Car Batteries?

Walmart does not offer direct compensation for old car batteries; however, purchasing a new battery typically includes what is known as core charge (comparable to bottle buyback programs).

The core charge is intended to incentivize individuals to bring back their old batteries when purchasing new ones. This measure seeks to promote responsible disposal practices and reduce waste generation.

By returning your old battery to Walmart and buying a new one you can avoid paying the core charge again potentially saving between $5-$20 on purchasing your fresh battery. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to save money while upgrading their vehicle’s power source. So why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Claiming Your Walmart Car Battery Warranty

To claim your battery warranty at Walmart Auto Care Centers head to the customer service desk. This is where you’ll find assistance with any questions or concerns regarding this process. Don’t hesitate – visit today!

Walmart has got your back when it comes to battery replacements. Simply verify the purchase date of your device and they’ll provide a free replacement as long as you are still covered by warranty. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Does Walmart Replace Car Batteries?

Walmart Auto Care Centers are the only place where you can have your car battery installed by Walmart. As long as you purchase it at a nearby store they will install it for free without any additional charges. This is an excellent opportunity to save money on installation costs while ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly.

If you did not purchase your battery at Walmart there is a $10 installation fee. This applies regardless of where the item was acquired from.

Walmart Battery Return Policy

Walmart’s return policy extends to household batteries as well. You can bring back the batteries within 90 days of purchase if they are still in their original packaging. This allows for easy returns and exchanges should you need them. So shop with confidence knowing that Walmart has your back!

If you have a receipt, refunds will be issued using the same method as your initial payment for batteries. This ensures that all transactions are completed smoothly and efficiently.

Without a receipt you can still receive store credit for refunds over $25. For purchases under this amount cash is the preferred method of reimbursement.

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