What Does Shipment Exception Mean- The Truth

Today’s society expects online consumers to receive their orders as soon as possible. People are not very happy when the order is faulty or when the delivery is delayed.

You may have previously checked your tracking status and seen that it had been marked as an exception with a delayed delivery date.

While shipping companies will attempt to guarantee that the specified dates deliver products, there are several circumstances in which this is not always feasible.

One of the most crucial factors for potential eCommerce clients is prompt delivery. As an online retailer, you thus make every effort to fulfill customer expectations. However, unforeseen delays might lead to a delivery exception regardless of how much effort and care you put into your delivery procedure.

When a shipment experiences an unforeseen circumstance affecting its delivery date, it is said to have a delivery exception. Your customers may become irate if they get a carrier delay notification. Customers then come to you for assistance.

Understanding what delivery exceptions are and how they operate is crucial to managing them.

Read this article to learn how to handle delivery exceptions, the causes of these problems, and how to make the delivery process more pleasant for consumers.

What Does Shipment Exception Mean

What does delivery exception mean?

When there is a delivery exception, it signifies that there was an unforeseen reason why your shipment was momentarily delayed during transportation. Adverse weather, a natural calamity, a car problem like a mechanical problem, or other circumstances might be to blame.

 A delivery exception doesn’t always indicate that your package will be late because the shipping companies strive to deliver every box as quickly as possible.

You will receive a tracking number for your shipment from carriers like UPS and FedEx because of delivery exceptions.

Various Sorts of Delivery Exceptions

Delivery exceptions vary significantly from one another. Delivery exceptions can take many forms, and carriers handle each one differently.

Damaged labels and wrong addresses

Wrong shipping addresses or damaged labels cause errors in delivery. Make careful to double-check your address before sending to prevent this. Problems might arise with even one incorrect number in a zip code or apartment number.

Delivery times might be extended by carriers often returning items with incorrect addresses to the dispatch center or sender.

Deliveries and pickup

When the carrier cannot locate the pickup location or the address for a planned delivery, there are delivery exceptions. Several circumstances can result in pickup problems.

For instance, delivery cannot be accomplished because of a wrong address, inclement weather, broken labels, or the absence of the receiver to sign for the package.

Damage and Loss

Accidents sometimes occur, despite the safety precautions taken by shipping firms. Carriers sometimes decide to delay delivery rather than continue with the product when incidents happen during transportation.

Shipment losses might happen periodically, much as damages. You’ll get a loss exception if a shipping firm discovers that a package is missing and cannot be delivered.

Holiday breaks

The increased volume of deliveries during holidays frequently results in delivery exceptions. During the busy season, double-check that all shipment details, such as shipment size, specifications, and pick-up timings, are accurate.

The most excellent method to prevent delivery delays during these times is to be detailed.

What does a UPS delivery exception entail?

UPS is relatively consistent when it comes to delivery codes. When there is a delay with a shipment in the UPS network, delivery exceptions are invoked. When the business plans to try the delivery, you’ll receive changes in the tracking status to reflect updated delivery dates. 

You must be most aware of the “Exception: Action Required” status since it indicates that you or the sender must give more details, including the delivery address.

When a UPS delivery exception happens, UPS promises to give you a thorough explanation of the cargo details.

What does a FedEx delivery exception entail?

FedEx will give you a code, refer to delivery exceptions as status exceptions, and provide further details if necessary. It’s significant to observe in the tracking data that a status exception explains the most recent anomaly in the scan activity section. 

The information should also clarify in addition to the code. For instance, you’ll also be informed that the shipment was returned because it couldn’t be delivered before night and that a second effort will probably be made the following delivery day.

What does USPS Delivery Exceptions entail?  

According to USPS delivery exceptions, incorrect addresses and holidays are the most frequent causes of delivery delays. When you try to monitor your package, you will get an exception notification if there has been a delay.

Why wasn’t a delivery attempt made?

When you receive a message that “delivery not attempted,” it might be one of the more annoying aspects of a delivery exception. In certain situations, a delivery exception prevents the carrier from even attempting the delivery, which results in a minimum one-day delay for your shipment.

The more frequent delivery statuses are brought on by more general problems, such as a national holiday or a local occurrence like extreme weather.

In addition, if the driver is late, delivery and receiving a signature may not be possible because the establishment may have already closed.

Factors that Cause Delivery Exceptions

Customs Hold-Ups

If you are accustomed to exporting internationally, you know the numerous difficulties. For instance, packages could be kept at customs longer than anticipated. eCommerce companies need to have the appropriate standardized codes and paperwork to enable smooth shipment to prevent this.

Missing and damaged labels

It is also possible for there to be an exception if the courier is unable to locate the delivery address or scan the barcode due to a damaged or missing cargo label. This may result in lengthy delays.

No one receives the package

Most carriers have policies stating that customers must sign for packages when delivered. As a result, an exception notice would need to be given if no one is available to accept the delivery and sign for it. In most cases, delivery is postponed until the next day.

Drastic weather

Naturally, bad weather can be a concern, but unforeseen events like wildfires, floods, and tornadoes can block delivery routes, resulting in significant delivery delays. Courier firms may provide exception notes due to these uncontrollable, unforeseen events.


Owners of eCommerce businesses should be prepared for the unexpected regarding delivery exceptions. Many things may go wrong, including natural disasters, damaged goods, delays at customs, and other problems.

However, if you know what to expect from various carriers and how to deal with delivery exceptions when they arise, they won’t ultimately cause significant harm to your company.

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