What Is Click And Ship USPS – All You Need To Know

You may have come off Click and Send USPS if you’re a company owner seeking a quick method to ship goods. However, precisely what is it? 

Everything you need to learn about Click and Ship USPS is provided in this article. This is the explanation you’ll require if you’ve been considering utilizing the Click and Ship software but are unsure what it does, how it functions, or why it’s advantageous.

By integrating the significant digital transition of the 2000s and incorporating digital technology into its offerings, the United States Postal Service has followed up with this development. 

With the help of USPS’s Click-N-Ship service, users may print prepaid Priority Mail shipping labels on regular printer paper.

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What Is Click And Ship USPS

USPS Click n Ship: What is it?

The United States Postal Service’s Click-N-Ship service enables users to print prepaid Priority Mail shipping labels on regular printer paper. To trace the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery, the labels carry delivery confirmation numbers. 

Suppose the sender chooses USPS Flat Rate envelopes or boxes. In that case, there is no additional charge to generate labels for Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Global Priority Mail, or Global Express Mail. It functions essentially as an online shipping platform. 

The USPS launched its “Click and Ship” initiative early in the new millennium. Clearly, throughout the past 20 years, the Click and Ship program has undergone a significant transformation. 

It’s now more enhanced, better, and simpler to use. Furthermore, it is a significant chance to be enhanced in the following years. 

The service seeks to simplify package delivery regardless of the organization’s size. Business owners may print shipping labels using this service from their homes or places of employment. 

Everything they require is a laser printer or an inkjet printer with excellent printability. Additionally, you may arrange for the package’s pickup, order the free shipment packages, and purchase postage.   

You are free to use one credit card transaction to print up to ten domestic shipping labels.

What Steps Are Taken in the Click and Ship Process?

You must create an account on the USPS website to utilize the service. To generate your shipping label, input the destination address. If you often send to the same addresses, Click n Ship gives you the option to save and use a list of delivery locations. 

You may decide whether or not you wish to get email updates and tracking information. Indicate the time you want your package to be delivered. Make sure you enter a suitable date. 

Shipping costs are determined by weight or box size, whichever is greater, by USPS and other carriers. You may request scheduled pick-ups and any further customized delivery instructions there.

Several options are available, including Priority Mail, Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, and Global Express Mail. Until you discover a pricing and delivery date that meet your requirements, go through the available alternatives. 

Reviewing your shipment order and paying for the shipping label are the final steps. The last choice is whether you want to download the label, print the labels at the post office, or print them instantaneously.

Important Advantages of USPS Click and Ship

The USPS Click n Ship service is efficient and straightforward to use. Regular post office visits can add time and money costs to a small business. Online shipment management helps reduce your stress levels. 

One may arrange for your shipments to be picked up so they won’t need to go to the post office. 

Consumers may print labels that are appropriate for customs clearance and pre-fill customs paperwork. Customers benefit from less expensive shipping and postal costs—one account for managing all shipments, destination addresses, and tracking.

Negative aspects of USPS Click and Ship

Although the USPS Click and Ship service is very well-liked and practical, there are also some negative aspects to the program. 

Secondly, not all USPS shipping choices will be accessible or allowable for label printing with Click and Ship. More may be added later, but for now, your options are pretty limited. 

Sometimes the click and Ship program is unavailable, particularly when USPS.com’s technology is upgraded, redesigned, or otherwise unavailable. 

It might be problematic to utilize online platforms because of technical problems. There are no Click n Ship labels for First-Class or Ground services.


Compared to USPS retail rates, Click n Ship is a little less expensive. You are creating a mailing label on your own, not a USPS employee, so these savings are from you completing all the work.

You may access your local post office through USPS.com. Create a free USPS.com account by logging in or using the Click-N-Ship service. To enter your package information, purchase postage, and print your mailing label, simply follow the instructions. Pay, print, and ship in just a few simple steps.

Commercial Base Pricing was the name of the postal rate tier that Click-N-Ship employed initially. Some refer to them as “Online Prices” as they are sometimes contrasted with “Retail Prices” for postage, which are the costs associated with using an actual post office. In other words, using Click-N-Ship costs extra.


You can control all of your shipments through a straightforward account with USPS Click n Ship, a useful online program. Just three things are required: high-speed internet connectivity, a credit card, and a free USPS account. 

When free shipping supplies delivery and free package pickup are included, this free service becomes even more helpful to home shippers. I hope that you’ve found this article helpful.

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