Aldi Competitors – The Biggest Names

Aldi is a renowned discount supermarket chain that boasts over 10,000 stores worldwide. Its impressive U.S revenue of $15 billion speaks volumes about its success in the industry. The company’s roots can be traced back to Germany where it first began operations. With such an extensive reach across different regions globally Aldi has become one of the most recognized names among shoppers looking for affordable yet high quality groceries.

Aldi may be one of the most popular discount supermarkets but have you ever pondered who their competitors are? Don’t worry! I will reveal all by sharing with you an extensive list of 23 top contenders. which should provide some insight into this industrys landscape. So keep reading and discover more about these rivals today!

Aldi has several competitors vying for market share in the extreme value supermarket segment. Among them are Lidl, Walmart, Woolworths, Coles, Tesco and SuperValu – all offering quality products at affordable prices. However some of these rivals outperform Aldi when it comes to product variety. As consumers continue seeking ways to save money while still enjoying high-quality goods, more stores will focus on making this possible by providing accessible options across different budgets.

Curious about Aldi’s competitors? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading to discover fascinating details like the number of stores they have and their revenue. Recent developments in this area are also included for your convenience.

Lidl is often considered a formidable competitor to Aldi due in part to its shared German heritage and commitment to providing affordable products for consumers. With both companies founded by the same family it seems that price wars are an ongoing battle between these two retail giants.

Aldi’s reach extends beyond just one country – it has locations in various parts of the world including America.

1. Lidl

Lidl is a popular choice among shoppers thanks to its regular weekly specials and extensive selection of company owned brands. The German locations also boasted impressive revenue figures in 2020 with over €28 billion generated. This makes Lidl an attractive option for those looking for quality products at competitive prices.

Lidl boasts an impressive inventory of over 10,000 locations worldwide. With its extensive selection ranging from meat and poultry to kitchen essentials like canned goods – theres something for everyone at Lidl! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore their offerings today!

2. Walmart 

Aldi faces stiff competition from Walmart as it offers groceries and similar items such as canned goods at unbeatable prices. This makes them one of the leading competitors in this space.

While Walmart offers a wider selection of products compared to Aldi, it comes at a higher cost. If you’re working with limited funds and want to save money on groceries without sacrificing quality or variety then Aldi is the better choice for you!

Walmart continues to dominate the retail industry with over 10,000 stores worldwide and a staggering $559 billion in revenue for last year alone. This makes them unquestionably one of the most successful companies globally today. Their success is due not only their vast network but also their ability to adapt quickly to changing consumer needs while maintaining competitive prices across all product categories. As such Walmart remains atop its game as an undisputed leader among global retail chains.

3. Amazon

Amazon has established a global presence with over 175 fulfillment centers worldwide. If you’re searching for consumer goods and food products they are definitely worth considering as an alternative to Aldi. With their vast network of facilities Amazon is capable of delivering your purchases quickly no matter where in the world you may be located. Don’t hesitate – give them a try today!

Amazon offers a unique opportunity to purchase household food items from all over the world. However this comes at a higher cost compared to Aldi. Nonetheless Amazon remains an attractive option for those seeking variety in their grocery shopping experience.

Amazon’s 2020 revenue of $386 billion is a testament to their success as an e-commerce giant. This figure is truly remarkable considering that they primarily operate online. The company has clearly found ways to thrive in today’s digital age and continues to impress with its growth year after year. It will be interesting to see what new milestones Amazon reaches next!

4. Dollar Tree 

Aldi faces stiff competition from Dollar Tree, which offers an unbeatable price point of $1 for all products (with some stores now carrying items up to $1.50). This makes it a formidable opponent in the retail industry.

While Dollar Tree offers a range of products at an affordable price point not all items are created equal. Some may be lower in quality compared to Aldi’s offerings. Nonetheless the store provides customers with generic brand canned goods, household supplies and kitchen essentials that meet their needs without breaking the bank.

Dollar Tree has become a household name in the United States thanks to its extreme value retail stores. With an impressive revenue of $23.611 billion for 2020 and over 15,000 locations across America this company is truly unstoppable! So if you’re looking for affordability without compromising on quality then look no further than Dollar Tree – they have everything under one roof!

5. SuperValue

SuperValue is a top competitor to Aldi due to its exceptionally low prices. Its reputation as an affordable option has made it popular among shoppers looking for value without compromising on quality.

SuperValue is a company that offers supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacy services. With these options available at your fingertips shopping has never been easier!

SuperValue is a wholesaler and retailer that carries generic brand grocery items, household goods, and much more similar to Aldi. With an extensive range of products available at competitive prices this store has become increasingly popular among budget conscious shoppers looking for high quality yet affordable options.

SuperValue’s revenue for 2018 was an impressive $14.16 billion and it operates over three thousand stores across the United States. This makes them a major player in their industry with significant reach throughout the country. With such extensive operations they are able to provide customers with unparalleled accessibility while also maintaining high standards of quality control. Their success is testament to their commitment towards excellence at every level. Its no wonder why so many people choose SuperValue as their go-to grocery store!

6. Whole Foods

Whole Foods has established itself as a prominent grocery store with over 500 locations across the United States, Canada and UK. Its commitment to selling organic and healthy food products is unwavering making it an excellent choice for those looking for wholesome options. With such widespread availability it’s easy to see why so many people trust Whole Foods when shopping for their daily needs.

In 2020 Whole Foods generated an impressive revenue of $385.6 billion making it a formidable competitor to Aldi in the grocery department. With both companies vying for market share its clear that customers have plenty of options when choosing where they shop for their food needs.

Aldi may be cheaper but Whole Foods offers a higher quality product. If you’re willing to pay more for better ingredients then it’s worth considering shopping at Whole Foods instead of Aldi.

7. Costco

Costco is a major player in the wholesale retail club industry and competes with Aldi for market share on grocery products. However, Costco’s bulk buying options are what sets it apart from its rival by allowing customers to save money. With this approach shoppers can purchase larger quantities of goods at lower prices than they would elsewhere. This makes shopping at Costco an attractive option for those looking for value-for-money deals on their everyday essentials.

For those looking for a one stop shop experience Costco is the place to go. With an extensive range of products ranging from electronics and groceries to fresh foods, frozen goods clothing items as well as pet supplies – you’re sure to find what you need at this store! Don’t miss out on these exclusive offerings that are not available elsewhere. including Aldi stores.

Costco is a members only club with over 800 warehouses worldwide and revenue in excess of $2 billion for the year ending 2020. The company continues to grow as it offers its customers exceptional value on their purchases through bulk buying power. This has made Costco one of the most popular shopping destinations globally. With more than eight hundred locations across different countries, shoppers can find everything they need under one roof at competitive prices. Join today!

8. Target 

If you’re looking for affordable groceries that are of higher quality than what Aldi offers consider shopping elsewhere. There are plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget without sacrificing on quality.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to grocery chains then Target is definitely worth considering. Its competitive pricing makes it a formidable opponent against Aldi and proves why it’s such a popular choice among shoppers on a budget. With all these benefits in mind, choosing between the two may not be as straightforward as initially thought!

Target offers a one stop shop experience with its extensive range of products beyond groceries. From home goods to electronics, furniture and pet supplies – you’ll find everything under one roof at Target! Plus they also stock lawn garden items as well as small appliances for added convenience. With such an impressive selection available, why go anywhere else? Shop smart by shopping at Target today!

Target revenue in 2020 amounted to an impressive $93 billion across over 1,800 stores located throughout the United States and internationally. This demonstrates their continued success as a leading retailer. The company has proven its ability to adapt to changing market conditions while still delivering exceptional value for customers worldwide. With such strong financial performance Target remains well positioned for future growth opportunities within this competitive industry.

9. Asda (England)

Asda is a supermarket chain located in England that offers an extensive range of products including food, music, household goods and books at competitive prices. It’s one of the top contenders against Aldi due to its ability to provide quality items without breaking the bank. With such great value for money Asda has become a popular choice among shoppers looking for affordable options.

Asda has made significant strides in recent times with its expansion efforts resulting in an impressive 2020 revenue of $27 billion. Currently operating from a total of 633 locations across England alone, Asdas growth is certainly worth noting as it continues to cement itself within the retail industry at large. With such promising figures and continued investment into their operations there’s no doubt that this company will continue making waves for years to come!

10. Safeway

Safeway is a top contender in the US supermarket industry with over 2,200 locations and offers low priced food items similar to Aldi. This makes them direct competitors for customers seeking affordable groceries. The quality of their products remains uncompromised despite being reasonably priced making it an attractive option for budget conscious shoppers looking for value without sacrificing on taste or variety.

Safeways parent company Albertsons has contributed to its success as evidenced by the grocery store’s revenue of $62 billion in 2020. This is an impressive feat for any business and highlights Safeway’s continued growth within this competitive industry. As they continue to expand their reach across different regions it will be interesting to see how much further they can go with such strong backing from a major player like Albertsons behind them. With these resources at hand there seems no limit on what Safeway could achieve next!

11. Kroger

Kroger is a massive player in the US market. As one of America’s largest supermarket chains it poses stiff competition to Aldi when it comes to providing high quality food items at affordable prices.

Kroger offers a generic brand that is less expensive than name brands, making it comparable to Aldi. This allows customers to save money without sacrificing quality or variety in their shopping experience.

Kroger Private Selection brand offers an affordable yet high quality range of products that are worth trying out. This Krogers own line is sure to impress even the most discerning shoppers with its exceptional taste and value for money. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Kroger has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in the grocery industry by generating over one billion dollars worth of revenue for 2020 and maintaining more than two thousand eight hundred sixty eight locations across America.. With such impressive numbers under their belt Krogers position as an equal competitor against extreme value stores like Aldi is undeniable.

12. Giant Eagle

Aldi is a formidable competitor to Giant Eagle due to its lower prices on average. While both companies offer quality products and services Aldis pricing strategy gives it an edge over the competition.

Although Giant Eagle may not have the same level of prestige as other grocery stores it is worth considering due to its low priced products and ample variety at all locations. It’s definitely a contender in this competitive market!

Giant Eagle’s revenue was $9.7 billion in 2020, with over 460 stores across the US.

13. Dollar General

Dollar General is akin to Aldi in that it offers an array of household and grocery items under its own brand name at significantly lower prices than traditional high end products. This makes shopping more affordable for those on tight budgets or looking for value for money options. With Dollar General’s competitive pricing strategy customers can enjoy quality goods without breaking the bank.

Dollar General offers a wide range of products that cater to various needs. From canned goods and pop to clothing, makeup, pet supplies, cleaning supplies – you name it! With so much on offer there’s something for everyone at DG.

With an impressive revenue of over $27.754 billion in 2020 and more than 14,000 stores worldwide this extreme value retail store offers a vast selection at unbelievably low prices! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shop here for all your needs. from groceries to household items – everything is available under one roof with great savings! So why wait? Visit us today and experience our incredible deals firsthand!

14. Morrisons

If you’re shopping on a budget in England look no further than Morrisons – one of the best supermarket chains around. offering high quality groceries at affordable prices. With its competitive pricing strategy it poses an immediate threat to Aldi and other discount stores alike. Don’t miss out! Visit your nearest Morrisons today for all your essential needs.

Morrisons offers a higher quality product selection than Aldi with comparable prices. Its reputation for fresh foods is well deserved and sets it apart from other grocery stores in the area. If you’re looking for top notch products at reasonable rates look no further than Morrisons!

Morrisons has achieved remarkable success with over 500 stores spread across Wales, Scotland and England. The company generated an impressive revenue of .5 billion British Pounds in the last fiscal year. This achievement is a testament to their dedication towards providing exceptional service and quality products.

15. Independent Grocers of Australia 

IGA, or the Independent Grocers of Australia is a major competitor to Aldi as it holds fourth place among grocery store chains in Australia’s market. With its strong presence and commitment towards providing quality products at affordable prices IGA has become an integral part of many households across the country.

IGA offers a store brand known as Black and Gold that is comparable in quality to Aldi products but often less expensive. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for value without sacrificing on quality. Additionally IGA provides customers with more options than what can be found at Aldi. So if you’re seeking variety alongside affordability consider shopping here!

Australia boasts over 1,400 IGA locations that generated a staggering $8.3 billion in sales last year alone. This speaks volumes about the popularity of this retail chain among consumers across different regions within Australia. With such impressive figures its no surprise why so many people choose to shop at their local IGA store for all their grocery needs!

16. Kaufland

Kaufland poses a direct challenge to Aldi by expanding its operations beyond Germany into European countries such as Romania, Slovakia and Poland. This competitor has proven itself capable of providing stiff competition in the marketplace.

Kaufland’s sister store status under the Schwarz Group umbrella enables it to attract a wider range of customers. This strategic positioning has proven effective in driving sales and increasing brand recognition among shoppers who may not have otherwise considered shopping at Kaufland. With its affiliation with Lidl – another popular discount grocer owned by the same parent company- Kaufland is able to leverage this advantageous relationship for maximum impact on their bottom line.

Kaufland has established itself as a major player in the European market with over 1,400 stores generating more than 25.5 billion euros worth of revenue for last year alone. This speaks volumes about their ability to deliver high quality products and services across various regions while maintaining profitability at scale. The company’s success is undoubtedly impressive given today’s competitive retail landscape where many businesses struggle just to stay afloat let alone thrive like Kaufland has done so far.

17.Woolworths in Australia 

For those living in Australia Woolworths is a convenient option for shopping. With numerous stores scattered across the country, finding one shouldn’t be difficult at all!

Aldi has some stiff competition from this supermarket chain, which boasts a vast selection of private labels and generic brands. Its position as the biggest player in town makes it an attractive option for consumers looking to save money without sacrificing quality or variety. With so many options available under one roof shoppers can’t go wrong with this store!

Woolworths offers a range of generic but quality brands such as Woolworths Food Range, Essentials, Gold, The Odd Bunch and Delicious Nutritious. These are just some examples available at the store for customers to choose from.

Woolworths has established itself as a major player in the Australian retail industry with its 64 Woolworths Metro stores and over 987 supermarkets across Australia. offering high quality products at competitive prices. Their impressive financial performance from 2020 to 2021 saw them generate an outstanding net profit of more than $2.1 billion – demonstrating their continued success within this sector.

18. Coles

Aldi has a formidable competitor in Coles, which boasts over 807 locations across Australia and generated revenue of an impressive $38.56 billion AUD last year alone. This supermarket chain is certainly one to watch out for!

Coles offers consumers a diverse range of private label and generic brands, including more than eight options. These include popular choices such as [insert brand names]. With so many high quality products available shoppers can find something to suit their needs without breaking the bank.

Coles is a renowned name in the Australian retail, supermarket and consumer services industry. Its extensive range of grocery items and household products makes it an essential part of many peoples shopping routine. With its unwavering commitment to quality and affordability Coles continues to be one of Australia’s most trusted brands.

19. Tesco

Tesco is a massive retailer that poses as one of Aldis biggest competitors. With its global reach and extensive offerings it has become an industry leader in the marketplace. It’s no wonder why shoppers flock to both stores for their grocery needs!

Tesco is synonymous with exceptional quality products, outstanding customer service and unbeatable value. Additionally the brand offers a diverse range of groceries as well as general merchandise in each store location.

Tesco boasts a global presence with over 4,600 stores worldwide and an impressive revenue of 53 billion British pounds in 2020. This testifies to its unparalleled success as one of the most formidable players within this industry. The company’s extensive reach is further evidence that it remains committed towards delivering exceptional services across various regions around the globe. With such remarkable achievements under their belt Tescos future prospects look promising indeed!

20. Netto Marken

Netto Marken Discount is a prominent German supermarket chain that generated an impressive revenue of 14.6 billion euros in the year 2020. Its success can be attributed to its ability to provide quality products at affordable prices. This has made it one of the most popular choices for shoppers across Germany and beyond. With more than 50 years experience serving customers with excellence Netto continues to thrive as a leader in this competitive industry.

Netto Marken Discount is a great option for those seeking fresh foods and organic options without breaking the bank. Its significantly cheaper than pricier stores like Whole Foods making it an excellent choice for budget conscious shoppers who still want high quality products.

21. The Sailing Group

The Sailing Group has established itself as a formidable competitor to Aldi due to its strong brands available for customers. With stores located in Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Germany this Danish founded company is certainly one worth keeping an eye on.

The Sailing Group is a formidable opponent to Aldi in Europe with its supermarkets, coffee shops, department stores and restaurants. The competition between these two companies is fierce as they both strive for market dominance.

The Sailing Group’s commitment to enhancing the daily lives of customers has positioned it as a formidable competitor for Aldi. As such, its growth potential remains strong and promising in years ahead.

22. The Schwarz Group

Aldi has a formidable competitor in the Schwarz Group which operates hypermarkets, food stores, supermarkets and discount stores offering quality items at every location.

Lidl and Kaufland are the two biggest stores operated by this group that can be found in a staggering 26 countries. With such extensive reach these retail giants have become household names across continents. Their success is owed to their commitment towards providing quality products at affordable prices for all customers alike.

For those seeking affordable options without sacrificing quality Aldi and generic/private label brands are a great choice. With similar pricing structures its easy to see why they’re so popular among budget conscious shoppers.

23. Sainsbury’s – The UK Supermarket

Sainsbury’s is a formidable competitor in the UK supermarket industry ranking second only to Tesco. Its success lies in its ability to offer customers high quality products at lower prices than Aldi. With this strategy Sainsburys has managed to establish itself as an attractive option for budget conscious shoppers who still want premium groceries.

Sainsbury’s operates 45 stores and offers various customer services such as delivery and online ordering. Its exceptional reputation for outstanding service is well known among shoppers. With its focus on providing top notch assistance Sainsburys continues to be a popular choice for many customers looking for convenience and quality products under one roof.

Sainsbury has proven its staying power by generating revenue of 32.3 billion British pounds during the challenging years of 2020 and 2021. With this impressive track record behind them they are sure to remain a successful supermarket chain for many more years ahead!

Aldi is a fascinating topic that many people are curious about. To gain more insight into this grocery store chain we’ve compiled information on Aldi statistics & facts, how to shop at Aldi and whether or not they buy food from China. Our posts provide valuable insights for anyone interested in learning more about this retailer. Check them out today!

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