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Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, employing over 1,335,000 people in the United States. The company has a late policy and point system for late or missing employees.

This policy is in place to ensure that Amazon’s operations work smoothly. So, whether you’re a new employee or want to apply for a job at, you should know all Amazon policies, including the Amazon point system. 

So you’ll be able to work smoothly, and there will be no stress about it. Read the post till the end to learn all about Amazon’s attendance policy point system, how Amazon point system work, etc.

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Amazon point system:

The Amazon point system is a method for reducing delinquency and unusual absences. Amazon’s attendance policy stipulates this. When employees arrive late, the point system is applied. 

If an employee at Amazon fails to arrive on time, he will be docked one point. Employees can get between four and eight points.

It’s important to note that if an employee obtains four or five points, he or they’ll be terminated. An employee will receive a half-point bonus if he leaves a shift early.

Employees that break a rule or a company policy are penalized by Amazon. It can fire employees who have accrued points up to a certain threshold. If an employee receives six points, he/she will be terminated. This system allows Amazon to control and enforce. 

Amazon is intelligent and thoughtful to think of something new like that, which could help to boost their brand’s reputation.

As a result, Amazon uses a point system. To an employee, everything is acceptable if they don’t get the maximum point limit.

How many points do you need to be fired from Amazon?

Employee reports indicate that in the event that an employee reaches 6 or 7 points without any reason, he or she can be terminated as this violates the Amazon policy on a continual basis.

Basically, When an Amazon employee is late, he will be docked one or half a point. Whenever an employee leaves a shift early, he earns the same issues.

You will get 1 or 2 points if you are not present at Amazon. You will lose 2 or 3 points if you are missing during the holidays.

In this manner, if an employee obtains 6 or 7 points in 90 days, he or she will be terminated.

Yet, you will not gain points if you cannot come on time for medical reasons. However, you must notify the retail or warehouse administrators.

How Does Amazon’s Point System Work for Sick Days?

You can only take 80 hours per year leave for health reasons. Employees at Amazon take 80 hours off every year due to illness. For full-time employees, this time equates to around ten sick days per year.

Within 90 days, Amazon employees are entitled to 20 hours of sick leave. An employee can take 20 hours off for a sick day without being penalized.

If an employee takes leave for more than 20 hours in three months, he will be penalized with a point or a mark for violating business policy.

However, in rare circumstances, such as when an employee received 6 points, Amazon considered this. Whenever workers receive more than 6 points, Amazon overlooks it.

Does Amazon really fire me after 6 points?

No, but if you continuously receive 6 points like three months, you can be fired. However, there is a limit of 20 hours that Amazon considers an illness within 90 days. In this scenario, you will not be rewarded with any points if you take leave for 20 hours within a 90-day period. 

What happens if an employee misses a shift at Amazon?

You will receive 1.5 points for missing a shift without any reason at all. In the case of sickness, you will lose your earning time for the remaining UPT as every employee can use 20 hours for illness within 90 days. 

However, If your point balance is sufficient to cover your shift, you can use it for missing shifts. Amazon has a unique attendance policy that the company helps to control employees’ lateness and absences.

If you happen to earn 6 points, then you can be terminated. Amazon has a clear, concise, and strict attendance policy to ensure the smooth running of the company. 

Amazon employees are obligated to follow certain rules at Amazon. Particularly, they need to come to work on time. The point system allows them to manage lateness and absences.

Can Employees Get Fired From Amazon for Taking Sick Leave?

Taking sick leave within the allotted time will not result in repercussions for Amazon employees. However, Overstepping their 80-hour limit may result in a written warning and a point.

When Amazon employees have used up their 80-hour sick leave within the same year but subsequently become ill again within the same year, they are advised to speak with their team leader or supervisor about this subject.

Employees may be able to stay at home if they are too ill to work, but they will not be paid for the time they miss. Some Amazon divisions may be less strict than others, but this will vary from manager to manager.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Amazon’s employee-related policies, you can also read Amazon’s transfer and break policies to know more about them.


You can also refer to Amazon’s employee handbook, which has all the details about their attendance policy. You have to follow a few simple rules if you want to keep your job.

Amazon has a point system for each problem. When an employee is late for a shift, he will receive one or half a point. If an employee is absent from his or her shift without good reason, he or she will receive 1.5 points.

Yes, Amazon gives employees a warning if they receive six points. They can be fired if they receive seven or eight points. If an employee gets six points, it is strongly recommended that he or she should speak to his supervisor or team leader about the problem. 

An employee can take 80 hours off due to illness. Basically, 24 hours in every 90 days.

Amazon employees can miss shifts, but they have to explain themselves when they do so. Missing shifts without a good reason will lead the company to penalize you with points. If you accumulated six points, it is likely that you will be fired from your job at Amazon.

You will gain 1.5 points if you miss a shift without a reasonable excuse. You will miss your earning period for your limited UPT balance if you are sick. Within 90 days, each employee receives 20 hours that can be used for illness.

At Amazon, an employee can be 5 to 7 minutes late. They provide your point or score when it is frequent. Some causes may cause an employee to be 5 or 7 minutes late, but if you are more than 7 minutes late, it will be considered a policy infringement.

If a person obtains 6 to 8 points in 90 days, he will be fired. Any employee receiving four to five points will be terminated. You will not be awarded points if you cannot appear on time due to illness. You must, however, inform the company or operational managers.


Amazon is another example of a company that has a clear policy in place for attendance. The company emphasizes productivity as opposed to attendance. If an employee is not productive, it will lead to a loss of production. 

You should make sure you take care of your health and avoid taking excess leave if it impacts your performance at work. You should take into account the amount of time you can take off and use it wisely.

Amazon’s attendance policy makes it easy for employees to stay healthy, keep track of their work hours, and be productive. 

As a result, anyone who works at Amazon should be familiar with the attendance point system. You wouldn’t like to lose your job due to a maximum number of points.

To conclude, enforcing this policy aids in penalizing employees who accumulate too many points over the stipulated limit. Please remember that this is a negative, not a favorable, condition.

Your job may be terminated as a result. You will be given a bonus if you have fewer points or none.

So this was all about the Amazon point system and how the amazon point system works. I hope the post was useful to you. If you have any queries, comment down below. I would be happy to answer that further.

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