Audible – Who Owns It?

Amazon has a diverse portfolio of companies that cater to various niches. Some examples include Whole Foods Market, Kindle Books and Book Depository among others. These subsidiaries play an important role in Amazon’s overall strategy for growth and expansion.

Audible is a popular audiobook platform that has been around for years. Some customers may wonder if Amazon owns it or not. To find out more about this topic keep reading! I’ve gathered some information on the matter and will share it with you in this article.

Is Audible Owned By Amazon?

Amazon’s acquisition of Audible in 2008 for $300 million has proven to be a wise investment. Since then Amazon has made it an integral part of their consumer experience by leveraging its potential as one of the largest audiobook sellers and creators worldwide – offering both original works from Audibles own stable alongside those penned by top authors across genres alike. This move helped bolster sales figures significantly while also cementing Amazon’s position within this niche market segment globally!

Are you curious about why Amazon purchased Audible? Or perhaps when it was released and how exactly does Amazon generate revenue through this platform? Keep reading for valuable insights into these topics!

Audible – Did Amazon Own It From The Start?

Audible was not created by Amazon but rather by Donald Katz who established the company in 1995 as an audiobook and audio tech enterprise. Despite this fact, Amazon has since acquired ownership of Audibles operations making it one of their most successful subsidiaries today. With its roots firmly planted in providing high quality listening experiences for all types of audiences worldwide – from classic literature to modern day bestsellers- Audible remains a top choice among book lovers everywhere!

Audible introduced the Audible Player in 1997, which enabled customers to download audiobooks directly from their internet connection onto the device. This innovative technology transformed how people accessed and consumed literature on-the-go. With this groundbreaking product audiences could enjoy books while commuting or during other activities without needing physical copies of printed materials. The convenience offered by the Audible Player revolutionized reading habits for many individuals around the world.

Audible remained independent until 2003 when they entered discussions with Apple to become the primary audiobook distributor for their iTunes store. This move cemented Audibles position as a leader in digital media distribution.

Amazon acquired the company in 2008 after their initial agreement with Apple fell through. The purchase price was set at $300 million. This acquisition marked a significant milestone for both companies and helped shape the future of e-commerce as we know it today.

The History of Audible – When It Was Released

Audible was established in 1995 but it wasn’t until two years later that the company released its technology to consumers with the launch of their first media player – The Audible Player. This groundbreaking device revolutionized how people listened to audiobooks and paved the way for future innovations within this industry. With its sleek design and advanced features such as bookmarking capabilities and variable playback speeds, users could now enjoy listening to books on-the-go like never before! It remains a testament to how far we have come since those early days when listening to an entire novel meant carrying around heavy cassettes or CDs.

Audible’s launch of its technology proved to be a success as they sold over 3,000 media players and served more than 5,000 customers by September 1998. This achievement demonstrated the company’s potential in providing quality services that catered to customer needs. With this milestone under their belt Audibles future looked promising indeed!

1999 saw Audible’s valuation skyrocket to $538 million, cementing its place as one of the most successful digital media companies. Its meteoric rise was nothing short of impressive and continues to inspire others in the industry today.Audible’s subscription service was launched in 2000, and it resulted in a significant increase of $4.5 million in total annual sales for the company. This achievement is noteworthy as it demonstrates their ability to adapt and innovate within an evolving marketplace.

Amazon’s Acquisition of Audible – The Reasoning

Amazon’s acquisition of Audible was driven by their desire to broaden the scope of their digital library beyond just music downloads and delve into audiobook sales. The move proved successful as it allowed them access to a new market segment that had previously been untapped. With this strategic decision Amazon cemented its position in both markets.

Amazon had already launched the Kindle a year before acquiring Audible. The eBook platform was successful but Amazon saw an opportunity to integrate audiobooks into their offering as well. They recognized that by doing so they could create a more immersive reading experience for users who might prefer listening over traditional text based books.

Amazon recognized the potential of audiobooks and spoken word media as a means to expand their digital library while also increasing book sales. They struck an exclusive deal with Audible that allowed them access to both eBooks and audiobooks for Kindle owners – boosting their overall offerings significantly. This strategic move has proven successful in driving up revenue from this sector within Amazon’s business model.

Audible’s Profitability for Amazon

Amazon generates revenue from Audible through various means such as monthly subscription fees, advertisements displayed within the app and audiobooks available for purchase on the platform. These strategies enable Amazon to monetize their services effectively while providing customers with an enjoyable listening experience.

Amazon’s Audible app has amassed millions of loyal subscribers annually, which translates into a steady stream of revenue for the company. The regular use by customers ensures that Amazon can continue to generate profits from this popular platform year after year.

Audible Originals are often backed by prominent authors, actors and other public figures. This partnership allows Amazon to generate revenue through royalty payments. The association with high profile individuals adds credibility to the platform making it an attractive option for listeners looking for quality content.

Amazon Devices and Audible Compatibility

Amazon’s acquisition of Audible has made it possible for customers to access the app on most Amazon brand devices. Currently available download options include:

Audible app users can enjoy their audiobooks on a variety of devices thanks to its compatibility with Amazon gadgets as well as the Kindle Keyboard and Audibles software for PCs or Mac computers. Additionally MP3 players that support Audibles file format are also included in this list making it easy for listeners to access their favorite titles wherever they go!

Audible can also be accessed through for those who don’t own a compatible device when using either PC or Mac computers. This feature allows users to listen without any hassle.

Amazon Prime Members – Is Audible Free?

Although the Prime membership offers many benefits, it does not include an Audible subscription. Customers who want to take advantage of this service must purchase a separate membership from their regular account. This means that those looking for frequent access will need to make additional arrangements beyond what is included in their standard plan.

Audible offers a monthly membership for just $15.00 that includes one free audiobook credit each month. This allows members to save up their credits and use them as currency when purchasing additional titles from the platform’s vast selection of options.

While Audible is not a free service for Prime Members it does offer several benefits that customers may find valuable enough to justify paying monthly membership fees. With these perks in mind its worth considering whether or not this audiobook platform could be right for you.

Is Audible Worth It?

For those who frequently indulge in audiobooks, an Audible membership is a worthwhile investment. With its vast selection of titles and user-friendly interface it offers unparalleled convenience for avid listeners. So why wait? Sign up today!

Audible customers have the privilege of accessing exclusive audiobooks and are gifted with one free Credit for an audiobook each month. This credit can be used in lieu of purchasing books.

Customers who only listen to audiobooks occasionally may not find value in purchasing an audible membership. With the $15 fee and already having access through Prime or infrequent usage it could be considered too much of a financial commitment for some users.

Customers should be aware that Audible offers a complimentary 30 day trial period during which they can purchase and download audiobooks permanently. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are curious about the service but hesitant to commit without trying it firsthand. Take advantage of this chance today!

Customers who choose to cancel their membership can still hold onto any audiobooks they’ve purchased.

For those who love reading but struggle with finding the time, Audible is a must have app. With its 30 day free trial period customers can purchase any desired audiobooks without committing to anything long term! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – give it a try today!

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