Can UPS Print A Label For Me – yes, but….

The opportunity to print your labels at home is one of the numerous new conveniences that contemporary shipping businesses have given their clients.


What will happen if you are unable or unwilling to print your label? What knowledge is needed before you inquire to UPS to print your label

Continue reading to learn everything about how you can print out your labels from UPS.

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Does UPS Print Labels?

Yes. You’ll get assistance from UPS in printing your label. But you’ll have to pay UPS $5 to print your label; this amount is extra. When the courier picks up your shipment and helps you dispatch your label door to door if you are unable to visit UPS.

It costs nothing to create a UPS shipping label on the UPS website. You must, however, budget for the cost of postage and any other extras, such as delivery signatures, that you could have included on your box.

Most UPS facilities charge a minor cost of about $5 if you want UPS to print the shipping label for you rather than doing it yourself.

If you want to avoid paying this cost but don’t have a method to print off a label at home, you can still use the printers in nearby libraries or office supply stores. 


Steps For Creating A UPS Shipping Label:

A UPS shipping label can be created quickly and easily. Take the steps listed below:

  • Start by opening a browser on your PC.
  • Visit right away and wait for the entire page to load.
  • The “Create a Shipment” option can then be seen at the top of
  • The shipping tab should be selected, then click “Create a Shipment.”
  • Go ahead and fill out the “Ship From” field with your name and address.
  • Next, fill out the “Ship To” form with the recipient’s name and address.
  • Then, give any additional details that are needed regarding the cargo you are mailing.
  • Next, decide which service options best suit your delivery requirements.
  • Select your desired payment option, then print your label.

How Do I Print a Tracking Number on a UPS Label?

The tracking number for a parcel is automatically printed by UPS on the label, above the larger barcode, and beneath the shipping method selected, i.e., UPS, Ground, or UPS 3 Day Select.

Here are specific directions on how to accomplish it:

  • To reprint labels, open Shipment History and choose the package. If you select the shipment, you may also reprint labels for the complete cargo.
  • Type the desired print label into the Printing Activities window.
  • If you select a shipment with a customized label, enter how many copies you require when The Number of Copies to Print prompt comes and click OK. 
  • The label is then printed. Even without a customized addressee label, the label can still be printed.
  • Click on the Label Printer tab if you set up more label printers. The shipment-related information will be shown on this tab.
  • By pressing the down arrow, choose several Printer IDs. In the sections labeled “Printer Name,” “Extended Area Usage,” and “Label Stock Dimensions,” information about the printer is given.
  • Press the OK button to print the label.

The short answer to your question is yes, but only in specific situations, you can print or reprint a UPS label using the tracking number.

What is the cost of printing a label through UPS?

On the UPS website, you can create a UPS shipping label for free. You must, however, budget for the cost of postage or any other extras, such as delivery signatures, that you could have included in your box.

Most UPS facilities charge a minor cost of about $5 if you want UPS to print the shipping label for you rather than doing it yourself.

Use the printers at your neighborhood libraries or office supply stores if you want to avoid paying this cost but don’t have an option to print out a label at home.



Does UPS charge for printing labels?

Although UPS offers free shipping label generation, you will still have to pay for postage and any other services, such as tracking and shipment protection options.

Can UPS create a label for me?

Any internet-connected device can be used to conveniently create UPS shipping labels for both domestic and international shipments.

Does UPS Offer Shipping Label Printing?

When you visit a UPS Store, you can bring the label saved on a USB or email it to them, and they will print and attach it to your item. This is primarily attributable to UPS Printing Services.

How long are UPS return labels valid?

You can add UPS prepaid shipping labels with your clients’ orders because they never expire. Add your address as a sender and your customer’s address as a recipient before designing your prepaid shipping label. 

Why can't I print a return label?

If a client refuses to print the return label, give them your address and explain that this is the return address and that you cannot execute a refund until the client returns the items.


In summary, Will UPS Print My Label? Customers who are unable or unwilling to print their personalized labels at home do have options through UPS. 

You have two options: either go to your nearby UPS location and pay a nominal $5 fee to have staff assist you with printing your label, or ask your UPS driver to bring your shipping documents with them when they come to pick up your box.

If you already have a UPS My Choice account or create one, you can use your tracking number to print or reprint a UPS label. 

So this was all about the do UPS print labels or not. If you have any queries related to it, comment down below.

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