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Everyone enjoys the simplicity of ordering some or all purchases online and having them delivered right to their door. However, people who work digitally in several towns are increasingly using PO boxes.

While many locations use regular mailboxes, some people expect to receive their mail and packages at PO boxes.

You possibly use the post office box if the postal service doesn’t deliver to your street or if you want more security for your mail.

It can occasionally be more difficult to receive packages at this type of location, though. 

Continue reading to learn about Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes. You might ask if it’s possible to have an Amazon package delivered to your PO box.

Whatever you require to learn about Amazon’s ability to deliver to PO boxes is provided below.

Can Amazon Ship to PO Boxes?

Certain items will be shipped to a post office box by and its marketplace sellers. The carriers they use often do not deliver to PO boxes, so many products are not available. The key to receiving Amazon packages is to use General Delivery addresses or other workarounds. 

There is still hope if your only mailing address is a post office box and you want to order something online. Amazon services PO boxes. There are restrictions, though. A PO box address is ineligible for Same-Day delivery.

You are not qualified for 2-Day delivery if your address is a PO box. Instead, if not sooner, you should expect your item to be there within the typical three to seven business days.

Even while Amazon may be able to deliver to your address, some sellers might not be able to. This is due to the carrier they use, which, for whatever reason, cannot deliver to a PO box.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see which of your Amazon Prime advantages can be delivered to your PO box. Although Amazon does ship to PO boxes, this service has significant restrictions.

How Do I Ship Packages From Amazon To A PO Box?

If you want your Amazon orders to be delivered to your PO Box, you might want to think about using General Delivery mail.

It lets you send your order to a nearby post office for pickup whenever it’s convenient. General Delivery is a mail service that can be used as a temporary mailing address for people without a permanent address.

Unfortunately, unless the local postmaster establishes restrictions, USPS has no time limit for how long a person may receive general delivery mail at a post office.

For instance, the US Postal Service provides free general delivery services and no additional charges for package pickup.

Some clients have discovered that after using General Delivery as a shipping address, their products were sent back or returned.

Consider contacting and inquiring if they need an ID to receive mail at their location if you’d like to take preventative precautions against having your package returned.

Does Amazon Prime offer PO Box delivery?

Of course, Amazon Prime offers delivery to PO boxes, and the Free Standard Shipping offer is still available. Unfortunately, PO boxes cannot be served by Amazon Day Delivery, Same-Day Delivery, or 2-Day Delivery.

It’ll be able to ascertain whether your purchases are eligible for Amazon Prime perks when you check out. You’ll be imposed shipping fees for the remainder of your order if only a portion of it qualifies.

Does Amazon deliver to PO Boxes for all packages?

You do not need to be concerned about shipping the package to a PO Box when you need to package your Amazon order.

Amazon will take care of the rest; all you need to do is provide the address for the street on your side of the box.

It makes no difference if the package you have is too big to fit in your PO Box. If the box you order from Amazon Prime is too large or too heavy, you will be notified in your USPS PO Box.

You will receive a message to pick up your packages at the post office counters.

Fifteen days before your delivery, you will receive notice of this information and be given the option to pick up the item from the specified post office. Still, there are a few kinds of products that can’t be delivered to PO boxes.


To have your item delivered to a post office, all you have to do is select your nearby post office or best suitable pickup address during the checkout process on Amazon’s website, and then show proof of identity when you go to the branch to pick up your package.

When the size of your stuff is larger than a PO box, signatures are required for several pricey items, like laptops, jewels, televisions, etc. A third delivery service’s exclusivity often prevents Amazon from delivering to PO boxes.

Sadly, the response is no. Only eligible street addresses are served by Amazon Fresh. This implies that getting your goods delivered to a PO box is not an option. If you live close to an Amazon Fresh Pickup site, there is a solution.


Although Amazon has been there for years and offers customers practically everything they need, some people wonder if it delivers to PO boxes. In 2022, Amazon will deliver goods to PO boxes, however. However, there are some product restrictions.

It is essential to notify the retailer that an Amazon product will be delivered to a PO box before it is shipped. The key is correctly entering your address during the checkout process.

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