Does Costco Sell Emergency Contraception?

Costco has been providing Plan B One Step Emergency Contraceptive since 2013 without requiring a prescription or ID from customers. This means that both members and non members can purchase this medication through Costcos specialty, mail order or central fill pharmacies at an affordable price range of $7.99 -$40. With such ease in accessibility and cost effectiveness it is no wonder why many people turn to Costco for their emergency contraception needs.

The Cost of Plan B at Costco

We conducted an extensive investigation into the pricing of Plan B at Costco warehouses and discovered that it varies significantly between stores. Generally speaking though you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $7.99-$40 depending on where you live within your state.

When it comes to Plan B, the general rule of thumb is that you can expect a cost range between $30 and $65. The brand stocked by Costco – One Step Emergency Contraceptive – typically falls within this price bracket at around $48 per unit..

Can You Buy Plan B From Costco Without Membership?

Don’t let the thought of not being a Costco member stop you from purchasing Plan B at their pharmacies. Most Costcos allow access to non members as mandated by state law. Take advantage of this opportunity and get what you need without any hassle!

If you’re looking to purchase Plan B or other drugs, being a Costco member could have its advantages.

For those with a Costco membership card, showing it at participating pharmacies can result in reduced prices for prescription medications! This is just one more way that Costco helps its members save money.

Unfortunately, Costco pharmacies don’t require a prescription for Plan B purchases. Therefore it is unlikely that this offer will be available to you.

Is Costco Pharmacy Worth It?

The Costco pharmacy is often lauded for offering great value for money. This holds true even if you’re not a member of the store chain. When it comes to Plan B and prescription medications sold at their pharmacies they offer competitive pricing that makes them stand out from other retailers in the marketplace. The quality of these products matches up with what customers expect when shopping at this trustworthy establishment.

Costco has been named as one of the most affordable places to purchase drugs in America by Consumer Reports. They are second only to which is an online service provider. This makes it clear that Costco’s pricing strategy for medication is highly competitive and customer friendly.

To receive an accurate quote for Plan B and other medications, please consult with your local Costco pharmacy.

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