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You might be wondering, What is the Home Depot dress code? If you’re a new employee or applying for a job at Home Depot. Or, If you’ve come to this page because you got an offer letter from Home Depot, congratulations! 

One of the significant home development stores in the United States is Home Depot. It is well known for selling home maintenance equipment, building materials, and expertise.

We’re here to give you everything you need to know about the Home Depot dress code for 2022, so read this article to learn about it.

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Home Depot Dress Code:

Home Depot’s dress code requires a shirt with color, an orange apron, and pants. The type of pants you wear may be slacks, jeans, or shorts that are cut just above the knee. Your comfortable shorts may need to be changed if they rise above 4 inches from your knee. 

Closed-toed shoes are required. It would be good if you chose comfy shoes with excellent support because of the hard flooring and overall surroundings. Most of your work will be spent on your feet on hard flooring with no give. So make wise footwear selections.

Everything else about your outfit is entirely up to you, as Home Depot is pretty lenient regarding accessories, tattoos, and other concerns. You can wear whatever you choose as a worker as long as it doesn’t endanger your safety.

Home Depot dresses also allow for unconventional outfit choices such as piercings. They won’t let you wear a hat since it goes against the dress code.

You may dress in any type of casual attire appropriate to the situation, as long as your nails and hair are clean and you are wearing suitable footwear. You are not allowed to wear clothing that suggests anything vulgar.

Employees need to ensure that their clothing is clean and well-maintained, with no holes or stains. Employees are also advised to dress comfortably and brightly while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Some employees may be wearing t-shirts because Home Depot has a pretty informal dress code. This is dependent on their position within the firm and the decision of your shop supervisor.

Although Home Depot does not have a uniform for employees, it encourages them to look professional.

What Is Home Depot’s Dress Code?

Home Depot has no defined uniform except for the orange apron mandated to be carried by practically all employees. The Merchandise Execution Team, whose members wear a collared orange / black shirt with the Home Depot icon, is the single exemption.

Until you see an orange apron in the store, it’s not a day at Home Depot. So this is just because it is the primary way for clients to recognize Home Depot employees or coworkers on the shift to know one another.

Home Depot seems to be the only place where you can wear the orange apron if you work there.

The aprons will be distributed by your store manager, who will also take them once the duty time is finished.

They are in charge of keeping track of, providing, and replenishing these essential items. If your orange apron has become stained, torn, or somehow damaged, speak with your shop manager.

Is There Anything You Can’t Wear At Home Depot?

Except for the business emblem, it is advised that you avoid wearing designer products at Home Depot. To promote yourself as a neat employee, your work clothing for Home Depot must be excellent, sophisticated, and not torn.

Furthermore, the Home Depot dress code prohibits any apparel that supports economic, religious, or cultural convictions.

While Home Depot supports the liberty to say oneself, it doesn’t genuinely think it is acceptable to do so at the workplace.

Consider that failing to observe the Home Depot dress code may lead to dismissal.

What Should You Wear To Home Depot Orientation?

Since Home Depot orientation is frequently conducted in an instructional setting, it is recommended to dress appropriately and decently.

According to the company’s website, staff undergoing Home Depot orientation are advised to dress in business casual apparel. Khakis, pants, and a polo shirt or shirt, as well as decent shoes, are all appropriate outfit items.

If you are dealing with inventory on the sales floor, ask your supervisor or manager what they advise dressing so you’re prepared.

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Can I Have Piercings At Home Depot?

The Home Depot store may allow you to have piercings, such as earrings and nose rings, as long as they are not a safety hazard or do not overshadow those around you.

Can I Have Tattoos At Home Depot?

At Home Depot, you are allowed to have tattoos as long as they are not offensive or contain any upsetting or offensive content. You can find out more about what is allowed from your manager or supervisor.

Can I Wear A Hat At Home Depot?

As long as the hat displays the Home Depot brand, then you are permitted to wear a hat at work while working at Home Depot.

Home Depot sells this product directly, or you can purchase it from licensed vendors who are authorized to sell it. Any of its employees are allowed to wear any other style, brand, or type of hat in their workplaces.

What should I wear on my first day at Home Depot?

Clothing that is casually appropriate is fine, as long as your nails and hair are clean and you are wearing comfortable shoes. Clothing that promotes something obscene isn’t allowed. 

It is very important for you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes during your shift as There will be a lot of walking during your shift.

Does Home Depot have uniforms?

There is an orange apron that the employees of Home Depot wear as their uniforms. Aprons are available only to employees of the company. Whenever the apron is dirty enough that the employee cannot use it, then a new apron can be taken.


Home Depot employees must wear collared shirts, an orange apron, trousers, jeans, or shorts no less than 4 inches above the knee. Piercings, tattoos, and dyed hair are tolerated at Home Depot as long as they are not objectionable and do not represent a potential hazard.

A formal or semi-formal dress is appropriate. Men should wear a suit or a button-up shirt with khaki pants. Skirts, slacks, and a button-up shirt are suitable for women. Interviewees do not need to dress up, but they should look neat and clean.

Jeans are acceptable, but not ripped jeans. The Home Depot, on the other hand, recommends that you dress comfortably and in bright colors.

Natural hair colors are acceptable. Individual store managers have the final say on unusual hair colors. If your store’s management thinks it’s okay, you can wear it; else, you’ll have to cover that up. Your store manager has the final say on odd hair colors.


Generally, the dress code at Home Depot is relaxed, allowing staff to wear almost everything business casual. Since operating at Home Depot entails a lot of walking, comfortable pants, closed-toe shoes, and collared shirts or blouses are strongly suggested.

Colored hair, piercing, and tattoos are permitted in many Home Depot shops as they are not obnoxious or overtly visible. Consult your Home Depot manager if you’re unclear about what to wear to work.

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