How To Use Shein Points – get Full Discounts!

Have you ever thought about how to spend Shein points after purchasing Shein? This post will explain Shein’s points and how you can utilize them to save money on your next order.

Shein is one of the highly successful, widely utilized clothing stores right now, a site where we can discover unique outfits. Shein’s point system, which allows us to get discounts, is one of its most essential features. 

However, were you even aware that the company offers a point system focused on engagement that allows you to purchase products at a discounted price?

Shein points enable you to turn your points into reductions that you can use for your orders, saving you a lot of money on your purchases.

Today, I’ll discuss all you need to learn regarding Shein’s points, including –

How to use points on Shein?

How do you use Shein points?

What can Shein points be used for?

Let’s get started!

How to use points on Shein?

Shein points are a reward system that allows shoppers to earn discounts when they perform specific actions on Shein’s website. The points earned can then be redeemed for a discount on future purchases by redeeming them for points. 

You can only obtain a max of 70% off the sale price with Shien points, not the total amount. To purchase with your points, first, add items to your cart, then proceed to the payment page.

You may use your points on both the website and the app, so you don’t have to bother logging onto a particular device to use them. 

The coupon code box will be on the checkout page, and the Shein points box will be directly near it. After entering the number of points you want to spend, click Apply.

The product’s value will drop, and you’ll be able to finish the checkout procedure by paying only the reduced amount.

How do you get points in Shein?

There are numerous methods to earn points in Shein, so you’re bound to discover something that appeals to you. You can earn points without too much effort by shopping at the store or using the app on your phone. 

You won’t have to do anything unusual to accumulate points in your account, which you may use to make purchases later. We explain the many strategies for obtaining points straightforwardly.

Make a User Account

Customers who create an account with Shein receive 100 points. It’s their way of greeting customers and informing them about special deals and trends. Customers will also receive a 10% discount on their very first order.

All you have to do now is fill in your basic information and click the Register button. You will receive a confirmation email along with the completion of your registration.


You will earn points every time you purchase from Shein. The standard procedure is for the store to award one point for each euro or dollar invested in any purchase.

By placing your order, you can earn points. Yeah, you read that correctly. When purchasing Shein, you can save money. This point will assist you in lowering the price of an item during your future purchase. You get one point for every dollar you spend.

The points are promptly added to your account as you confirm the delivery. You can monitor your delivery once you’ve placed your order, and it’s completely free. So when delivery of the order is guaranteed, these points are credited to the account.

Open the app every day. 

You can earn points by logging into your app account daily. We can gain 37 points on the app in a week without cost. We’ve made those points by opening the app and logging in to our account.

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Polls and events by Shein

You can earn points by completing surveys on the Shein app for Android and iOS. These surveys are quick, and you meet them in less than five minutes, even though they usually state what time is required to begin. 

Some polls provide all the 20 points. If we need a specific number of points and don’t have enough, answering a few surveys is promoted as a straightforward way to earn them.

Creating Reviews

Shein is an e-commerce platform that rewards customers who provide evaluations after utilizing their purchases. Written reviews should be no more than 20 words long and no more than 1000 words long.

You can get up to 5 points simply by leaving a remark, but if you include a picture, you can earn up to 10 points. You might get up to 50 points if your review is accepted as genuine and valued by the firm.

Live-streaming Shein

Another option to get points is to participate in Shein’s live sessions. It informs shoppers about new collections and fashion trends. It simply tells the clients what they may expect.

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How to use Shein Points at Checkout? 

You can use your points by selecting the “Apply Points” option on the checkout page. Your discount will be applied to your purchase from there. 

It is very important that you enter the correct number of points that you wish to use to be able to receive the correct discount. 

To make it easier for you to use Shein points at checkout, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Log in with your existing account.
  • Make your purchases as usual.
  • Use your points at the checkout by clicking the “Use Points” button.
  • Choose the number of points you would like to redeem (the number of points you want to use may vary depending on the number of points you have).
  • You will be prompted to click “Apply,” and you will be asked to finish checking out as usual.

Do the points have an expiry?

Many Shein users are unsure if the points they have obtained will expire. It indicates that points earned through comments have a separate expiration time than points earned through an in-app survey on Android or iOS.

In the application’s points section, we have a record in which we can see all of the points we’ve earned, the method by which we made them, and their expiry date. So we’ll realize when to apply it to future orders.

It’s a good idea to maintain track of your point balance so you don’t squander or forget to use any.



Points from all SHEIN web pages are no longer transferable after upgrading. All points earned on the current site must be utilized only on the existing site. Points earned before can be used throughout all SHEIN web pages.

If your review is an excellent guideline for other customers, it will be displayed on the relevant product page after being verified by their associated team. In exchange for sharing, SHEIN will reward you with points that can be used on any SHEIN product.

You can always utilize the points you earned on Shein to make purchases. While purchasing the goods, you will be given the choice of using a coupon, points, or gift card. You can select the point option by clicking on it. It will display the number of issues you have, which you can then spend on your order.


Shein is currently one of the most prominent online clothing stores, a platform on which we can discover unique apparel.

Shein’s point system, which allows us to get discounts, is one of its most important features.

Such points can be acquired in a variety of ways and will be generated in the user’s account. The user can then determine whether or not to use them when placing an order, lowering the price to be paid.

The company features a variety of ways for customers to earn points, so someone who is focused will always be able to get points to use on their expenditures.

So this was all about How To Use Shein Points; I hope the post was awful for you. If you have any queries, comment down below, and if you liked the post, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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