Pre Hire List USPS – Secret that nobody tells you

The USPS Pre Hire List is one of the most acceptable methods to begin if you’re seeking a position with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Of all the companies out there, USPS has one of the most meticulous recruiting procedures. 

They must choose the appropriate people because of the nature of the position and the fact that they are a government body. 

You may have many queries if you submit an application and receive a notification that your name has been included in the USPS pre-hiring list. 

Everything that is possibly uncovered to explain this list and its significance for you has been provided in this post. So continue reading this post.

Pre Hire List Usps

USPS Pre-Hire List

Several interviews are held to assess further candidates who appear to be perfect candidates for the position during this timeframe. 

There are many more details on the pre-hire process, including how long it lasts, the general strategies in the USPS recruiting process, and when you may anticipate hearing from USPS about whether you were hired or not.

The USPS doesn’t just recruit anyone since it is a separate executive branch agency of the federal government of the United States. To work in your local office, you must fulfill prerequisites and undergo a particular application procedure. 

To guarantee that you would be qualified to take a test at a nearby Post Office, the pre-hire list was created. 

There are scheduled examinations that call for USPS pre-hires. Without first being pre-hired by the Post Office, you cannot pre-register for tests. 

USPS has hiring procedures that might take a few days to a few weeks to process applicants. The length of the wait is based on the testing dates, application volume, and recruiting needs of each location.

What Steps Make Up The USPS Pre-Hire Process?

Filling out an application and taking the postal test 473 are the initial steps in the total recruiting process with the United States Postal Service. Candidates are eliminated by the exam, which is reportedly considerably more challenging than most expect, but those still standing start the pre-hire process. 

You will receive a call from a hiring representative inviting you to an interview, screening, and testing process. You may be asked to the pre-employment session if your interviews went smoothly and your test results were acceptable. 

The USPS will check to see whether you’re conveying the truth, so don’t state talents on your application that you don’t truly possess. However, potential workers are also included in this phase of the pre-hire process.

The candidate must complete the pre-hire orientation before HR makes a hiring decision. The recruiting team will next review the report they have created for you and compare it to the reports they have created for other candidates. 

The person who seems to fit in best will then be removed from the pre-hire list and given an offer.


Pre-hire can occasionally refer to the process of looking for work. You have submitted an application, agreed to an interview, provided all other necessary information, such as references or consent to a background or credit check, and filled out the application form.

The pre-hire stage is a phase in United States Postal Services’ hiring procedure (USPS). The lengthy employment procedure for the Postal Service begins with the USPS Pre-Hire List. In essence, it signals that you are still in the field for the job for which you have applied. 

It may take weeks or months to complete the hiring process, including the pre-hire list phase. As you might expect, there is fierce competition for USPS employment, and it takes time to assess every applicant.

Yes, drug testing is conducted by the USPS. According to their pre-employment policy, all new recruits must submit to a drug test as part of the recruiting process, although this requirement isn’t always followed.

Pre-hire List status on your application does not guarantee that you will be hired for the position. However, it does imply that you are qualified to move on to the following stage of the employment procedure.


The USPS Pre Hire List is a first step in the lengthy recruiting process used by the Postal Service, and it indicates your candidacy for the job for which you have applied. In essence, it is a signal that you are still in the running for the job for which you have applied. 

The status of applicants’ applications changes to the “Pre Hire list” once they complete the online Virtual Entry Assessment administered by the United States Postal Service. 

The hiring process then moves forward. Candidates are interviewed and required to attend pre-hire orientation, which helps the recruiting staff evaluate their qualifications and identify the best match. 

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