Understanding Publix’s Bereavement Policy

If you work at Publix and have experienced the loss of a loved one or friend, it is natural to wonder about what provisions are available under their bereavement policy. Does this allow for time off from work so that individuals can cope with grief? To find out more information on this topic contact your … Read more

Walmart PTO Policy – All You Need To Know

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Amazon’s Acquisition of Chewy – What You Need To Know

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Amazon’s CRM – All You Need To Know

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Amazon Delivered to Safe Place – What You Need To Know

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Writing a Target Market Analysis

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Amazon Bereavement Policy

Amazon recognizes the importance of supporting employees during difficult times by offering three days paid bereavement leave upon losing an immediate family member. This benefit extends to both full time and part time staff members across all Amazon subsidiaries including Whole Foods. However policies may vary depending on state laws mandating additional time off work … Read more