USPS delivery instructions

It’s amazing that the United States Postal Service can provide such customized and focused service to its clients, considering the millions of mailpieces that are sent daily.

To ensure that receivers don’t lose anything crucial, they include elements in their package delivery, such as Delivery Instructions. For more information, keep reading.

USPS delivery instructions

What do you mean by USPS delivery instructions?

With the help of the free USPS Delivery Instructions tool, recipients may decide where their parcels will be left for pickup. This can be done at particular spots on your property, at their neighborhood post office, or even at a completely other address.

The parcel tracking page has a feature called USPS Delivery Instructions. The online instructions must be included. The items will be delivered to a designated spot at your house, a separate domestic address.

The alternatives are all available online. Selecting the one you believe will be most convenient for you is all that is required. You may also include Extra Services or even increase the mail class if your item qualifies.

You should be aware that the delivery instructions set up are sometimes a costly service, though.

Make careful you review the setup alternatives, both free and paid, before choosing this option. Your USPS account will allow you to view Delivery Instructions.

Requests For Updates Of USPS Delivery Instructions

You will receive one of the following emails depending on the parameters you choose when setting up Delivery Instructions. Upon receiving your request for Delivery Instructions, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your request was successful and informing you that your cargo has been delivered. 

If you paid for a request and the actual postage was more than the estimate that was given to you when you submitted the request, you will receive an email.

You will receive an email from them along with a new USPS Tracking Number if your cargo has to be repackaged.

You will receive an email if your package cannot be delivered, along with an explanation.

Not Working USPS Delivery Instructions

The consumer may occasionally run into the issue when USPS Delivery Instructions don’t function. The occurrence of such mistakes is quite aggravating. Here are the causes of it as well as solutions. The following are the most common causes of USPS Delivery Instructions failure:

Technical difficulties might arise.

It can be a result of any internet problems in your area, or perhaps there are technical issues with their system. You can fix this by signing out of your account, waiting for a little, and then logging back in.

Alternatively, you may examine your own internet service and correct any issues if they arise.

The delivery address does not accommodate this.

The package you bought is not capable of meeting any special delivery instructions. You can’t really do anything about this problem. To find out why it isn’t eligible and to ask them for a solution, you can phone the Post Office or the neighborhood carrier.

The order has already been dispatched.

The order may have already been sent and scanned at a unit, which is another possibility for this problem. The practical course of action in that situation is to get in touch with the Post Office.

Explain the situation you are having over the phone to the supervisor of the local post office, and ask them to deliver your parcel according to the precise specifications you have provided.

Why Should You Use USPS Delivery Instructions?

The USPS Delivery Instructions are the best option if you are facing a problem with packages that have been stolen, ruined by bad weather, or that you are trying to hide from your spouse.

USPS’s new parcel tracking service offers a way for the recipient to control where their deliveries are left after they are delivered, and I think it will be particularly helpful for those who have been disappointed with USPS deliveries in the past.

The last thing you would want is to receive a parcel that won’t fit in your mailbox, so instead, your package is left by the roadside – and it’s raining – so you are probably pretty angry when your package is wet when it arrives.

Delivery Instructions can make it possible for you to request the delivery team to leave the package between the front door and the storm door if it is going to be rainy on the delivery day and you are not going to be home.

In the event that you have experienced the problems of porch pirates (people who steal packages), you may wish to request that USPS hold the package at the post office for you so that you can come and retrieve it at your convenience.

What Are Some Examples Of USPS Delivery Instructions?

We know what it is like to experience writer’s block when it comes to writing Delivery Instructions. What will help? What will make sense?

Here are some examples of good delivery instructions for USPS:

  • The package should be placed in the garage, with the door open by using the code XXXX, and then closed by pressing “Enter.”
  • I would ask you to place the package inside the porch on the right-hand side, in a place where it will not be seen by the street.
  • The package can be left with the doorman, and I will give you my permission to leave it there. Thanks in advance.”
  • I would appreciate it if you brought the package to our front door. We are located on the second floor on the left.

How Do You Know If Your Package Is Eligible For USPS Delivery Instructions?

When you enter your tracking information on the USPS website, you are able to find out if your shipment is eligible for USPS Delivery Instructions.

As soon as the results appear, click on the heading that reads “Available Actions” on the right of the tracking progress bar. This will take you to an overview of the available actions.

In the subheadings below that, you will see a drop-down menu with subheadings such as Text Updates and Email Updates, each with a drop-down menu.

The Delivery Instructions option will be listed at the bottom of the page if you are eligible for it.

If you are not eligible for delivery instructions, you will not be able to see them at all.

Can You Cancel A USPS Delivery Instructions Request?

Upon finalizing a Delivery Instructions request on, you cannot cancel or edit it once the check-out process has been completed.

There is, however, another option – and it’s delightfully old-fashioned – that may be able to work around the problem.

You might want to leave a note on your mailbox for your mail carrier, which you can then tape to the front of the mailbox, according to a thread on r/USPS.

Deliveries that are still occurring on your property are the only ones that are affected by this.

The postal carrier will not be able to leave you a note if you would like them to leave the parcel at your neighbor’s house or take it to the post office with them.


Detailed delivery instructions for the freight forwarder or carrier specifying the precise location of the products to be delivered, the target delivery date, and the name, address, phone number, and email address of the person to contact in the event that delivery issues arise.

On occasion, you might want to include particular delivery instructions with some USPS mail or parcels. You can include instructions on how your shipment should be handled or delivered.

You can use the paid and unpaid USPS Delivery Instruction Services. Depending on the shipping choices you select, you will be charged.

Either a new receiver will get the box, it will be held at a nearby Post Office for pickup, or it will be shipped back to you so you may resend it with the right information.

If postage is completely prepaid or money equivalent to the necessary postage is placed in the mailbox, mailable content is often collected from that mailbox.


The receiver can select – in most situations, for free – where and how their postal carrier should deliver their parcels using the USPS Delivery Instructions tool. The online instructions must be included.

When you are finished, the items will be sent to a specified area at your address, a separate domestic address, or the Post Office. All of the options are available online. Simply choose the one that you believe will be most convenient for you.

Even though it doesn’t apply to all goods, it’s simple to determine if your box qualifies by going to the tracking page for your item. 

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