USPS Package Not Moving – why and what to do?

Is your USPS Package Not Moving, and you’re wondering what has happened to your package and whether it will get delivered or not? Read the entire post to know all about Why Hasn’t your Package Moved USPS.

Every day, the United States Postal Service (USPS) transports hundreds of millions of pieces of mail and parcels throughout the country to their final destination.

And while this company performs an excellent job 99 percent of the time, something occasionally goes wrong, resulting in the shipment becoming caught in the middle.

I’ve discussed everything that will assist you in understanding why your USPS shipment isn’t moving. So let’s get started.

Why Is My USPS Package Not Moving?

The USPS package isn’t moving due to several factors, including the holiday rush, bad weather conditions, and missorted packages. Most stuck packages continue moving after a few days without any consumer participation; however, taking additional actions might speed up the process.

Why Hasn’t My Package Moved USPS?

As previously stated, there are several causes for a delay that results in a USPS package not moving. Let’s take a closer look at it so you can learn more about it.

A USPS tracking system failure:

There is a possibility that tracking is not working but that the package is actually on the way to its destination, but the USPS is experiencing a tracking system failure leading to tracking not updating errors.

In this situation, you’ll have to wait 20-48 hours for your package to be updated. You can also contact the customer service department for further information.

incorrect or an incomplete address:

There have been chances that the package has an incomplete or incorrect address, causing the delay in moving forward.

The fact that packages are delayed and then don’t move on to the next destination due to address problems is a very common problem, primarily because the next destination is unclear, to begin with.

In light of this, it is so important that you take your time when filling in your address information.

Customs Issues:

The USPS usually has less friction when it comes to handling domestic packages, but shipments coming in from overseas – or shipments going abroad – can sometimes be held up and delayed in Customs.

Weather and Traffic Delays:

Weak weather conditions, such as severe storms, typhoons, floods, etc., can delay your delivery. When it comes to bad weather, there is no shortage of issues that can cause your packages to be delayed.

Package Was Lost in the Shipping Infrastructure:

Of course, this is one of the most dreaded scenarios. The good news is that this is a relatively uncommon situation that most people will never have to worry about.

There is no doubt that the USPS does everything it can to make sure that every package they are entrusted with finds its way to its destination. 

However, there can be occasions when things go a little off course, and packages get lost in the shuffle, misplaced, or merely mishandled.

Package Was Oversized or Overweight:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) may encounter unexpected delays after receiving packages that are heavier, bulkier, or larger than they are used to handling – or that are heavier than they expect.

These packages sometimes require some extra help to get them through the USPS, and sometimes that help is required from more than one person. 

There’s a pretty good chance that’s going to slow things down quite a bit for that package, too, and there will be a lot of slowdowns along the way in terms of what’s happening.

What To Do If A USPS Package Isn’t Moving?

It’s very frustrating when the package gets stuck and isn’t moving to the next facility. However, there are many things you can do in order to make the process faster.

Wait: If you’re sending a package that isn’t required immediately, the best thing you can do is wait patiently. Most packages’ tracking information would update within a few days, and the item will be on its way.

Be proactive: If you are mailing a time-sensitive item or something that is part of your business, it may not be possible to wait for things to work out.

This is why being proactive about customer satisfaction is the best way to keep them satisfied. First, ensure that you get in touch with the recipient to apologize and let them know you are doing your best to locate the package.

Next, contact your local post office or customer support so they can investigate the problem. The USPS website allows users to submit search queries, or you can get in touch with USPS customer support at 1-800-275-8777 to know about it.

Hopefully, you’ll hear anything regarding your deliveries within a day or two.

If the package isn’t located, make sure to notify the receiver as soon as possible and do all you can to resolve the issue (e.g., offering a refund or sending a replacement).

Your last option is to make a claim online, although this could take several weeks to get compensation. However, you’ll get a full refund of the package if it is insured.

Should I Be Worried If USPS Tracking Hasn’t Been Updated In Days?

No, you should not worry about your package as this is in safe hands, and there is a higher possibility that it will be back on track, and you’ll get to see all future updates.

Sometimes, when the package starts moving toward its destination, it must be scanned in every facility before reaching the destination.

When it gets scanned, the tracking will get updated. However, there are times when the post office doesn’t scan packages and send them to package to the next facility.

In this case, the tracking shows one tracking status for more than a day. However, there can be other reasons, as I have mentioned (Holiday rush, Weather conditions, etc.) above behind the package isn’t moving.

Thus, it is recommended you wait for some time before your tracking has been updated, as it may take some time for it to update.

USPS could have an issue if your package has not been updated beyond the estimated delivery date. If the package has not been updated beyond the estimated delivery date, contact USPS to know about it.

When Should I Expect a USPS Package That Isn’t Moving?

In order to figure out how long you should wait for a package that is stuck, there is no hard and fast rule.

The decision will ultimately be determined by what you are sending, who you are sending it to, which shipping method you use, and your personal preferences.

If you feel your delivery has been stolen and are looking for reimbursement, it’s essential that you meet these dates to ensure you receive your money back.

It is important to note that USPS does have a deadline for filing lost-package claims.

Mail Type of ServiceWhen to File (from mailing date)
No Sooner ThanNo Later Than
Priority Mail Express7 days60 days
Priority Mail ExpressCollect on Delivery15 days60 days
Registered Mail15 days60 days
Registered MailCollect on Delivery15 days60 days
Priority Mail and Other Insured Mail15 days60 days


The answer depends on what the current status message says. If you feel there is a problem with your package, you can get in touch with the USPS to know about it.

When USPS delivery delays or your package is not moving, you generally will not hear from them. USPS might not realize the package is stuck somewhere for a couple of weeks. Monitoring the package’s tracking updates and contacting USPS if the package has not moved after a week is recommended.


That’s it for USPS Package Not Moving, I hope now you have understood why your package isn’t moving and know what you have to do now.

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