Verizon Equipment Return Policy

If you’ve made the decision to part ways with Verizon or have purchased equipment that is no longer necessary, returning it may be on your mind. The question then becomes – where can I return my Verizon gear? Are you someone who needs to return Verizon equipment? Then continue reading as I share insights on … Read more

Resolving Complaints With Verizon Wireless

Are you tired of voicing your concerns to Verizon Wireless without any progress? The following process will lead you directly to the executive level where decisions are made that can benefit both parties (if justified). Its best to try resolving your issue through the standard channels before resorting to using 611 from a wireless phone. … Read more

Unlocking an iPhone from Verizon – Any Network

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Activating Your Verizon SIM Card

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Unlocking a Verizon Phone – The Process

made significant strides towards providing greater flexibility for their customers by allowing them to unlock their mobile phones and use them on other networks. This means that if you own a Verizon phone purchased after July 2019 then it will automatically become eligible for unlocking once the initial lock period of sixty days has passed … Read more

Activating a Verizon Cell Phone

Activating your smartphone on Verizon is a straightforward process that occurs during initial setup when powering up the device. To complete this step successfully you will need either access to password for billing account associated with plan or last four digits of social security number linked with it. If switching from previous carrier accounts or … Read more

Activating a Replacement Verizon Wireless Phone

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Verizon Upgrades – What You Need To Know

Verizon offers a convenient way to keep up with the latest technology by providing an option for device upgrades every 24 months. However, if you’re eager enough and willing to pay full retail price at any time during your contract period of two years or less than that – say around twenty months in- then … Read more

Apple Vs. Verizon – Which Phone to Buy?

Choosing between Apple and Verizon when purchasing a phone can be challenging since both have their own unique advantages. While Verizon’s deals are often more competitive than Apple’s offerings they lack some of the same level of quality such as helpful staff members who will assist you with any issues that may arise during your … Read more