Walmart Point System – all you need to know

Have you ever wondered how the Walmart point system works? Walmart engages millions of people as one of the world’s leading retailers. Walmart uses a point tracking system for their employees’ progress.

This technique is intended to encourage punctuality and absenteeism while discouraging lateness. Some detractors, however, argue that the point system is unjust and punishes employees for circumstances beyond their control.

This policy is in place to ensure the proper functioning of Walmart’s operations and provide several employee benefits.

If you’re a new employee at Walmart, you should be familiar with the company’s policies. So, let’s look at this article to learn more about it!

What is Walmart Point Systems?

The Walmart point system, a mechanism to decrease tardiness and unavoidable absenteeism, is part of Walmart’s attendance policy. As a result of the Walmart points, any employee who misses a day or arrives late at work without any apparent reason may be terminated from his/her position.

Employees are given one point for each absence which is not justified under this method. After a certain amount of issues have been accrued, the employee is liable to enforcement procedures, including firing.

If a worker is late for work, he will be docked one point. Employees can receive anywhere from 1 to 9 points.

As a result of the Walmart point system chart, workers were all on schedule for their shifts, eliminating lateness. If an employee intended to be late for work or miss their growth, they may be sure the system would have profound implications.

The point system chart at Walmart is intended to assist management in determining when dismissal is the only option for employees who are routinely late and call in.

It’s one thing to be late or missing due to an emergency, but employees may face serious consequences when there’s no valid reason. When assessing disciplinary measures needed, the Walmart Point System Chart is vital.

One key factor to remember is that if an employee receives five points, he can be terminated from work.

When an employee leaves a shift early, it is also implemented. Employees that leave changes early may receive half a point. When an employee misses work during the holidays, he will be docked one to three points.

How Do We Report An Absence or Lateness at Walmart?

If you arrive late to work, you must go to the OneWalmart website and register your absence to report your absence. You can also call 1-800-775-5944 or go to your local Walmart to inform the store manager or supervisor that you are running late.

If an employee does not call in to report an absence at a minimum of an hour in advance, they may be docked one to four points, as per the regular session.

When you get to Walmart, you’ll need to figure out a better way to let them know you’ve arrived. At Walmart, you can report an absence or lateness in three ways: through the mobile app, online, or in person.

What Are Walmart’s Attendance Reward Programs?

Walmart rewards better attendance with points that may be used to purchase various things from the store’s online catalog.

The employee who has perfect attendance will get a 25% bonus, while the employee with one or two points may still be able to qualify for a higher bonus even if they have perfect attendance.

Walmart’s point system and late policy are intended to encourage high attendance while discouraging tardiness. Employees that come late well over three times in six months are usually let go.

Walmart ensures high employee performance by developing a strict code of conduct and penalties. This target has been achieved attributable to the company’s point system and late policy.

How Can You Check Out How Many Points You Have At Walmart?

You can check your points by visiting the Walmart profile and selecting GTA. Once you visit there, you’ll get to see your points as well as your attendance.

Checking the six-month report is a very important part of the audit process. Because of this fact, if you have worked at Walmart for fewer than six months as well as have received four points during that time, you can be fired. 

Another way to get the points report is by calling Walmart’s customer service department. (800-492-5678) They will get in touch with you as soon as possible with the details you require.

How Long Do Walmart Points Last?

While working at Walmart, one thing is certain – points do not accumulate continuously over an extended period of time. An employee who gets three points in a six-month rolling attendance period will have the points erased after two months or three months. 

In the event that you are absent or late for more than two hours within six months, you will be penalized with a new point.

Additionally, approved absences are not counted when calculating points. The company does not penalize employees who miss five or more shifts in a six-month period for reasons such as pregnancy, bereavement, FMLA leave, or medical reasons.


To keep track of staff absences, Walmart employs a point-based attendance system. Employees are given one point for each leave which is not justified under this method. After a certain amount of issues have been accrued, the worker is liable to disciplinary proceedings, including removal.

On average, Walmart employees can call in sick four or five times in six months. If an employee has been with the company for less than six months and becomes ill, their leave will ultimately result in alert scores.

Yes, Walmart employees cannot check out ahead of schedule without prior approval. Employees will score points if they clock out more than 9 minutes before their shift ends.

Employees are limited to five occurrences per six-month period. Every month, you are allowed to have one occurrence at work. Any more can result in your termination.


As a result, if you work at Walmart, you should be familiar with the attendance point system. You don’t want to lose your job by accumulating too many points! 

On the other side, avoid getting any issues to receive a bonus. This is something to consider as you enter the new year.

To summarize, enforcing this policy aids in the disciplining of employees who accrue too many points above the set limit. Please note that the issue is unfavorable, not favorable. 

As a result, your position may be terminated. If you have fewer points or none, you will receive a bonus.

That’s what I had to say about the Walmart Point System and how the Walmart Point System works, so I hope you liked it and found it useful.

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