Canceling a PayPal Payment – It’s Easy

Are you struggling with canceling recurring or subscription payments on PayPal? Or perhaps dealing with pending unclaimed funds has become a headache for your business? Geekzowns is here to help! Our expert advice will guide you through the process of cancelling these types of transactions quickly and efficiently. ensuring that you never miss out on important financial opportunities again.

How to Cancel Recurring and Subscription Payments

Visit in your web browser for an easy and convenient experience.

If you’re not automatically logged in simply click on the Log In button located atop right corner of your screen and input your credentials. This will grant access to all necessary features without any hassle!

Android 7 Settings – Click Here

The Settings icon is located in the upper right corner of your window. Take advantage of this feature to customize and optimize your experience. With just a few clicks you can adjust settings that impact everything from display preferences to security features. Don’t miss out on these powerful tools!

Click on the Payments tab.

The location of the object is near the top-center part of the window.

Manage Pre-Approved Payments

The center of the window holds a prominent position.

To cancel your payment simply click on the option that best suits you.

If you have multiple recurring payments, it may be necessary to click on Next Page in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will allow you to locate and select the specific payment that meets your needs. Don’t forget! You can always contact customer support if you need further assistance with this process.

Click “Cancel” next to the word “Status” under “Billing Details.”

To cancel the recurring payment click Yes. This confirms your decision to do so.

Canceling Unclaimed Payments

Head over to in your web browser for an effortless experience.

If you’re having trouble accessing the system without being automatically logged in don’t fret! Simply click on Log In located atop right corner of your screen and enter your credentials. You’ll be granted access shortly thereafter.

Head over to the Activity section atop the window for easy navigation.

To cancel a payment simply click on the option that best suits your needs.

To ensure its status remains unchanged, it must be listed under the “Pending” section of the Activity tab.

If the payment you wish to cancel is listed under “Completed” in your Activity tab it means that the payee has already received their funds. Unfortunately this means that its impossible for us to reverse or refund such transactions at this point. However don’t despair! You can still try requesting a refund through our Resolution Center or by reaching out directly to them. With these options available we hope that we can help make things right again soon enough.

Confirm that the payment is indeed unclaimed.

When you view the transaction dialog box, a message will appear stating “[Username] hasn’t accepted yet” alongside an option to Cancel. This notification serves as a reminder that further action is required before proceeding with this particular transaction. Take note of its presence and act accordingly based on your needs at hand.

Click Cancel Payment.

Click “Yes” to confirm.

Your payment has been canceled.

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