PayPal Pay In 4 – What It Means and How to Use It

In recent times buy now pay later (BNPL) services have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional credit card purchases. PayPal has recognized this trend by introducing two payment plan options for online shoppers – PayPal Pay in 4 and PayPal Pay Monthly. With millions of stores offering these plans at checkout, customers can easily … Read more

Creating a PayPal Payment Link

Are you searching for an efficient method of receiving payments on PayPal? Look no further than your unique PayPal link! With just a few clicks anyone can send funds directly into your account. In this article we’ll show how to locate and share your personalized link with ease so that friends, clients or others who … Read more

Hiding Your Real Name on PayPal With a Business Account

PayPal requires users to use their real names on personal accounts. However if you want more privacy when exchanging money through PayPal consider setting up a business account instead. Although your name will still need verification by the platform itself, this allows for greater flexibility in terms of what name appears publicly associated with transactions … Read more

PayPal Credit – The Basics

If you’re a frequent PayPal user then chances are high that at some point or another you may have come across information about their credit service called “PayPal Credit” (formerly known as Bill Me Later). This feature allows users to make purchases using a line of credit instead of paying upfront. The process is quite … Read more

Reporting PayPal Fraud – What You Need To Know

PayPal has become a popular choice for online money transfers due to its secure features. However fraudsters have also found ways to exploit this trustworthiness by scamming people out of their hard earned cash or items they’re selling on the internet. If you find yourself victimized by such an incident then reporting it both with … Read more

Adding Money to PayPal – The Easy Way

For those who rely on PayPal for financial transactions adding funds to their account is essential. Luckily geekzowns has got you covered with an extensive guide that covers all possible methods including online bank transfers through the mobile app or website; cash deposits at retail locations and check deposit options. The company also requires personal … Read more

Viewing PayPal Activity

To gain a comprehensive view of all your PayPal transactions at once simply sign into your account and navigate to the “Activity” section. This feature provides an up-to-date record detailing every penny you’ve sent or received along with any fees paid out plus refunds made – everything that matters! Plus there’s no need for manual … Read more

Find Your Own PayPal Username or Look Up Someone Else’s

If you’re struggling to locate your PayPal username don’t fret! Most users rely on their phone number or email address when signing in but if they have a URL then there is also an associated username available for use. Fortunately finding this information couldn’t be easier – simply navigate through the account settings tab … Read more

Changing or Resetting Your PayPal Password – A Simple Guide

If you’re struggling with accessing your PayPal account due to forgotten passwords or other security concerns there’s no need for alarm. Simply navigate through the login screen and select “reset password” from there; this will prompt a new one that can be used immediately upon completion of verification steps. If using mobile devices instead try … Read more

Canceling a PayPal Payment – It’s Easy

Are you struggling with canceling recurring or subscription payments on PayPal? Or perhaps dealing with pending unclaimed funds has become a headache for your business? Geekzowns is here to help! Our expert advice will guide you through the process of cancelling these types of transactions quickly and efficiently. ensuring that you never miss out on … Read more