Does Target Take Apple Pay – All about it 2022

Do you wish to shop at Target but are unsure about the payment methods permitted by the store? Then this “Does Target Take Apple Pay or not” article will be beneficial to you.

Target is one of the largest well-known shops in the United States. Target stores provide everything from foodstuffs to daily basics to technology. 

However, you may be questioning if the simplicity of shopping at Target also extends to their approved payment methods for mobile payments.

You might be wondering if this convenience extends to mobile payment options and if Target accepts Apple Pay.

To clear up all confusion, read the complete article.

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Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Target accepts Apple Pay online as well as in the store. To Access the Apple Pay at Target, ensure your iPhone or Apple Watch is appropriately configured. Go to your iPhone’s Apple Pay Wallet app and add a debit or credit card.

On the checkout scanner, search for the RFID emblem, which shows that Apple pay is enabled.

Place your iPhone over the payment gateway and open Apple Wallet on your iPhone. If everything is set up successfully, your payment should go through immediately, and your Apple Wallet debit or credit card will be charged.

Set your iPhone over the mode of payment and launch Apple Wallet. If everything goes well, your payment should be processed right away, and your Apple Wallet debit or credit card will be debited.

Does Target accept Apple Pay in-Store?

Yes, Target takes Apple Pay payments in the store if you want to make a quick payment and do not have time to pull out your wallet, use Apple Pay in-store at the checkout counter of Target stores.

The reason why Target accepts Apple Pay is simple: convenience. The company wants to provide the best shopping experience for their customers. It also helps that they gain publicity while supporting the most popular payment choice.

How to Use Apple Pay at the Self-Checkout at Target?

You must scan your products first before using Apple Pay at Target self-checkout. When it’s time to pay, you’ll be presented with several options. “Wallet” is the option to choose.

After that, you must utilize the checkout processor to complete your Apple Pay transaction.

To do so, place your iPhone over the payment gateway and open Apple Wallet on your iPhone. If everything is set up successfully, your payment should go through immediately, and your Apple Wallet debit or credit card will be charged.

The most important thing to remember is that once you’ve checked all of your purchases and are ready to spend, you must choose to pay with your card.

After that, just double-click the Apple Pay side button of your device to access it and hold it over the payment gateway.

Your transaction should begin processing almost soon if all is completed effectively.

Is it possible to pay using Apple Pay on the Target online platform?

Apple Pay may be used to make purchases on the Target official site. Nevertheless, you should access the Target website using an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, and the Safari browser.

If you use Google Chrome to view the Target website, for example, the choice to utilize Apple Pay at the payment page will be inaccessible.

All Mastercard credit cards, including the Apple Card, are accepted at Target.

What Comes If You Can’t Use Apple Pay at Target?

If you’re having trouble utilizing Apple Pay at Target, the very first step you should do is ask a Target employee if they understand what the issue is. Maybe that particular payment gateway isn’t operating right.

However, if you manage to have issues, you should contact Apple Support to see if they can find out what the trouble is.

There may be a simple workaround if you tried to use Apple Pay at checkout and the system denied your payment. The first thing to look for is a connection between your Apple Pay account and the Target contactless payment scanner.

If you didn’t get your phone or Apple Watch near the device the first time, try again with better contact. It’s also possible that you positioned it extensively, too far away from the sensor.

The other scenario is that you took your phone out of your wallet too rapidly, preventing the contactless card from establishing a connection and registering the payment.

Before withdrawing your device from the screen, wait for the sound or thank-you message.

It’s also possible that you have terrible internet connectivity. Apple Pay is a smartphone app, unlike contactless debit and credit cards. As a result, it is dependent on internet access to function.

Eventually, the Target contactless payment device may malfunction. If you’re utilizing a self-checkout counter, ask the cashier for assistance or phone a customer service agent. They might be able to help you.

If you didn’t get your iPhone or Apple Watch to record contactless payments, you should ask the cashier for assistance. They may be able to help you.

Ultimately, you may have issues connecting to the Target website or Apple Pay payments. If you have questions regarding why your Apple Pay transactions failed or why they did not go through, contact the Target customer service phone number.

What Payment Forms Does Target Take?

There are several other payment options besides Apple Pay, so if your Apple Pay isn’t working, try one of the others.

  • Visa cards
  • Costco Citi credit card
  • MasterCard 
  • Discover cards
  • Target Red Cards
  • ATM cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Traveler’s checks
  • American Express cards
  • SNAP EBT cards
  • WIC


Clients with contactless payments enabled on their iPhone, Android phone, or wearable device will be able to finish their purchase by holding their smartphone near the card reader at checkout.

Yes, it is possible to pay with Apple Pay on the Target App. When you use the Target App on your Apple device purchase, you can use Apple Pay. By just clicking on the Apple Pay button at checkout, you will be able to utilize Apple Pay.

At Target, there are no restrictions on using Apple Pay. If your purchase totals more than $50, you may be asked to give a confirmation.

At Target or somewhere that accepts Apple Pay, there are no costs. If you’re charged fees, they’ll come from the bank linked to your Apple Pay accounts, and they’ll usually be related to inadequate funds or whatever comparable.

Using Apple Pay at Target is just as safe as it is. When using any payment method – including Apple Pay – you should always take necessary precautions and exercise your best judgment. It is, however, absolutely safe as a general rule of thumb.


In conclusion, it is evident that Target accepts Apple Pay in both stores and online. Additionally, Apple Pay can be used to make purchases at Target just like it can be used anyplace else.

You may use Apple Pay on the Target official site, but only if you’re to use the Safari browser; then, you can use Apple Pay on any device if you’re using the Target app.

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